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Member Since 08 Jan 2006
Offline Last Active Aug 13 2011 11:16 PM

Dragonstones and dragon bolts

12 August 2011 - 08:08 PM

I bought a few dragonstones, made them into dragon bolts and sold them. Why do I lose around 30k per dragonstone? There is nothing special to see in the GE charts :S
I had to buy the dragonstones around 20% above med and had to sell the bolts around 50% below med...

Why do dragon bolts not rise in price?

30 June 2011 - 01:12 PM

Making dragon bolts by cutting dragonstone and add the tips to runite bolts is about 3.7k loss per dragonstone (it used to be profit per dragonstone). How is this possible. I mean, when the loss is this much per dragonstone, you should expect that everyone stops making dragon bolts. This should result in a higher price of dragon bolts (basic economics). Why isnt this happening?? (also diamond bolts at the moment).

What to spend money on

13 June 2011 - 09:57 AM

At the moment I have 37.5 mill and not really an idea what to do in rs so I thought that it would be a good idea to spend it. I'm thinking about getting herblore up to around 90 for extremes wich I can use when slaying, but I have no clue about how to get herblore up. Will 37.5mill get me anywhere near 90 herblore, and if not, how can I increase my cashpile quickly because at the moment it only grows with 500-1mill a day. (or should I raise something totally different from herblore?)
I tried to acces grimy's herblore spreadsheets but the dont seem to work anymore.

Dungeoneering Firemaking

02 June 2011 - 04:17 PM

To me it seems that you cant light fires at random places, like in the middle of a room. Is there a 'rule' for spots where you cant light a fire (close to doors or something?).

Item lending / borrowing

25 February 2011 - 08:15 PM

Is there a website/forum where I can see what the 'normal' prices are for lending / borrowing items?

I heard that lending D claws is 200k / 24h but others tell me 20k / 1h (= 480k / 24h).