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In Topic: Original level 100's

24 July 2011 - 05:02 AM

Heh, whoa. Nostalgia.

Dark_yeng, nice to see a CoD/BK sig still :D

In Topic: RSN_Lead here

03 March 2011 - 12:15 AM

Heh, I still remember you by that avatar way more than by your user name.

Ha, me too :D That is one distinctive avatar.

In Topic: RSN_Lead here

20 February 2011 - 02:19 PM

P.S. You know if you gave Das and Merc a party hat each, you'd definitely have one left for me ;)

Here here :P We know you have plenty enough lol.

Loving the old names coming out the woodwork. Have we all just been here silent all along thinking we were along without realising everyone else was here silent too?

Not me... Adam (who I also haven't talked to in forever) messaged me in game alerting me to this thread. Its been far too long since I've frequented these boards, but maybe I will try to get back into it some time.

I'm Exeggutor for the time being. ;)
I think it's the reverse this time. Oldies who have been posting regularly on TIF have started checking out runescape again because free trade/wildy is back. And we've been talking to oldies who still occasionally play runescape, bringing them back to check things out. At least in my case that's what happened.

For me it was just pretty random. I got nostalgic, came to check out tip.it, and happened to see this thread!

Pker dude, which schools are you applying to? And did you already get in somewhere? if so, congrats!! :D

In Topic: RSN_Lead here

10 February 2011 - 02:54 PM

@Lead: Wow, remind me to never be a customs officer. That sounds like a pain to deal with... mad shady :P I could totally see you being a small business owner, though. I can't imagine doing it myself... sounds stressful, and yeah, up and down. I like just sitting at a computer desk all day, fairly regular hours, for my job, just getting a salary :P Don't be too impressed with my future-PhDness... I haven't gotten there yet, heh :D Dusqi, on the other hand, is almost finished with his... hopefully he'll come onto this thread and brag about himself soon. (He also has an extremely successful facebook app). Right now I'm still working as a research assistant for a research center at Columbia University that studies community colleges and programs that might improve them. Unrelated, but also, I became a total beer drinker in college. What are your favorites? I'm mostly an IPA girl myself.

@Oergg: Haha, I'm so sorry I never responded on twitter! I never read my @ messages because, well, I've usually seen them all in my twitter feed... not many people follow me or tweet at me without me following them :P But working for a liberal talk show, that's awesome! Where are you syndicated? I'm kind of addicted to liberal politics now (mostly blogs... I don't really listen to radio) so that's super exciting :D I just followed you on Twitter, fyi. It tells me we both follow @attackerman. Good times... he likes good music AND good liberal politics. (Well, although actually some of his foreign policy stuff these days isn't actually all that liberal, but, ah, well... still think he's a smart guy). Also it's also going to be my 10 year anniversary either this month or the next (I forget which), too, and that feels crazy weird. Time flies, I guess.

@indy500fan: I don't think people really post on the darkwebz forums anymore, but there are still a couple of troopers using the #darkwebz IRC chatroom regularly... mostly dusqi, Tanya, landon, and rba! I think Jasper (aka Necro) and Ami (aka ForsakenMage I think) still stop in occasionally, too. (as do I).

Re: party hats: I've still been signing on about once a year to parade my party hats and make people around me jealous. "Wait, is that a party hat?!" I used to have a full set, but then one time I went into the Wilderness with 3 items (mithril body, legs, and blue party hat). (I don't know how the Wilderness works these days, but then, if you hadn't killed anyone you would keep your 3 best items). But then somehow while someone was attacking me I accidentally picked up some bones on the ground just before I died - and Runescape kept the bones instead of the party hat. So now I lost my favorite party hat! It was very sad. Oh well, still 5 left. To be honest, I'd probably try to sell them for real life money if they hadn't made it so hard to do :x I'm also tempted to just go into a crowded area in RS and drop them and watch the chaos that ensues.

PKer Dude Jr and Vaseline! Haven't thought about them in ages. Wonder what they're up to nowadays. Oh, vas... he was a funny guy.


09 February 2011 - 11:06 PM

Also worth noting that all med schools are very different in their acceptance policies.

Some put a lot more emphasis on GPA (and as far as I can tell, you should have at least a 3.7 to be competitive - lots of people applying have 4.0).
Most have different MCAT requirements (some put a weight on your score, some have a strict cutoff that you only need to get above, some put more emphasis on verbal reasoning, etc.)

Essentially - apply to a lot of them.

I went to a little presentation on med school acceptance that was given by a med student, and he said that he applied to every school in the province, and got accepted to only one.

I applied to 28 schools.
Got secondaries back from about 20.
Sent my secondaries back to about 15.
Heard back from about 8.
Interviewed at 3 (I have one more interview coming up next week). Got into 2.
Still waiting to hear back from about 7 more schools.

My biggest advice? Take the MCAT early (end of May). Apply early. That's one of the biggest factors for getting into med schools.

Dude, so true. Anecdotally, some of my friends who have great stats (high GPA and MCAT) but applied later got only a few interviews and didn't get in anywhere. My friends who applied early (that is, send in the primaries right when they come out at the beginning of the summer, and when you get the secondaries, do them asap while still having high-quality school-personalized essays) had much better luck even with lower stats.

That said, yeah - they applied to ~30 schools (and didn't apply to the most competitive ones) and have each gotten into only one med school each so far (though with more interviews coming up). (They both had above average grades at a top liberal arts college and MCAT scores in the mid-30s).

Also, make sure to apply to local/state schools!! It will often be easier to get in there with the same stats than comparable schools.