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Offline Last Active Jul 15 2012 12:47 PM

Been gone for almost a year.

15 July 2012 - 12:42 PM

And, when I logged in, I did not see anything that's changed. The graphics the same, though the interface is different. There's still a lot of players yelling "tripling/doubling money!" and so on.

The map looks the same, nothing really caught my eyes.

I see some items have crashed, especially Spirit shields. They are nowhere near what they used to be.

There's also a King Black Dragon Queen, or so I've heard. But the little I've noticed when I logged on and checked back, is.. little. IT feels like the game hasn't actually changed a lot. Has there been any significant changes?

I'm most likely not going to start again now anyway, unless there's something really interesting going on. Although I do think I might never be able to fully quit RuneScape unless it changes completely...

Well, this one I don't really understand myself a lot.

28 February 2011 - 09:12 PM

But my modem, decides to shut off when I have my screen on. (Only if it is the screen that the stationary uses, not the one for the laptop(which is built in obviously))

I would not call it bad luck. Since every time I have the stationary turned on, with the screen, it usually affects the modem, and it stops giving net. (It says the DSL connection is down, though it obviously isn't)

I have changed about everything about the stationary except the screen and it's still happening (Mainly because I got a new one just today.)

The modem and screen gets their power from two completely different outputs.

The screen I have is... Well, all it says is "Black View"

The modem, a Speedtouch.

If it makes a difference, I think it is an LCD screen.

I have tested, and more or less the moment I take away the power for the screen, I get net back. (Even if the stationary computer is still on)

Now. If anyone has a reasonable explanation to this, other than it being cursed, or possessed by a ghost/demon/leprechaun, then I would like to hear it. And if there is an easy way to fix this. (For example, change a setting on the modem)

God Pages.

18 February 2011 - 04:38 PM

I remember that, for some reason, God Pages were removed once from Treasure Trails and became exclusive for Vyrewatches. Does anyone else remember this, or am I just remembering something which did not happen?

24-Nov-2010 – Herblore Habitat

24 November 2010 - 03:52 PM

Way down in the Kharazi Jungle, a witchdoctor going by the name of Papa Mambo has been combining his strange magical powers with a spot of gardening. His unique brand of 'juju magic' has infused a jade vine offshoot with an abundance of life, causing it to sprout new strains of flowers, bushes and herbs, and he's inviting players to try their hand at farming these new plants.

If this weren't enough, the flora is attracting strange, plant-like creatures called jadinkos to the area. You will need to experiment with various combinations of flowers, bushes and herbs native to this habitat to find out what attracts the many different breeds of jadinkos to the area.

Papa Mambo has discovered that plant trapping and tracking these jadinkos can earn you secondary ingredients to be mixed with the vine herbs, in order to create special juju potions. These juju potions are untradeable, and offer a variety of benefits, including increased herb yields, attracting spirits to transport logs and ores to your bank, and the ability to fish the elusive baron shark.

Finally, if you hunt all of the basic jadinko breeds in any given week, Papa Mambo will give you an experience reward (in Farming, Herblore or Hunter) as well as garments from the ever-fashionable witchdoctor collection. There are also three special jadinko breeds – the enigmatic Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak jadinkos. Catching these will prove difficult, as the habitat they are drawn to changes on a weekly basis. If you manage to find the right combination of flora, though, you will not only get a further experience boost, you'll also receive the much sought after witchdoctor mask AND a 30-minute XP boost to all your Farming, Herblore and Hunter activities within the habitat area.

Mod Raven
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start using the Herblore Habitat:
Speak to Papa Mambo in the south-east of the Kharazi Jungle (you can teleport there with a juju spiritbag, purchased from Bettamax in north Taverley for 2,000 coins)

Requirements to use the Herblore Habitat:
54 Farming is essential to start using the Herblore Habitat and farm juju plants
70 Hunter is required if you wish to start hunting jadinkos
54 Herblore is required is you wish to start mixing juju potions
56 Construction would also be useful, but is not required

In other news...

The Thanksgiving turkeys have made a reappearance in Lumbridge! Pay a visit to the cook's brother in Lumbridge and help to prepare his Thanksgiving feast.

The ogre chefs of the Feldip Hills have branched out a little. You will now be able to access spit-roasting spots in a number of new locations around the area.

We’ve upgraded the ‘Software’ graphics mode to allow use by players with Macs and Linux. We’ve also made changes to our other graphics modes, allowing them to all look the same as ‘Safe mode’, should you want your game to look that way. As such, there’s no longer any need for anyone to use ‘Safe mode’ - unless there is a problem with the game client - as every other mode performs significantly better! We have, therefore, removed the option to enter ‘Safe mode’ from the options screen; it will instead only be activated when a problem with the other modes has been detected. Players currently in ‘Safe mode’ will be asked to re-run the automatic setup when they load their client.

We’ve added a new system to allow us to message every single online player with update warnings and other information. We will be trialling this with the next game update.

The right-click menu can now handle a situation where there are more options than can fit on your screen. It will now try to bunch options into categories to conserve space.

The Dungeoneering coal bag now has a handy fill option for use within the bank screen.

The XP counter is now comma-separated for ease of reading.

Finally, those who have completed Dealing With Scabaras and Missing My Mummy (and have restored Senliten to 100%) may wish to pay Leela a visit in Draynor Village, as she’d like escorting down to Senliten’s mastaba. After that, you may also want to take a carpet over to Sophanem to chat with Jex and the Sphinx about the desert pantheon’s lesser gods (don’t forget your cat!)...

Need dire help, now.

11 October 2010 - 08:21 AM

I can't go on "Runescape.com" anyone got an IP that would work?

If not, can someone add me, check my adventure log, and take a picture of whatever I've done lately? Would be great, thanks. (add me on Runescape I mean)'

I hate school network, I'm going to kill myself if I actually got 3rd age, but didn't get it due to no space left.

Or I'll kill my friend for kidding with me.