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Cheating and Exploits - 02 March 2010

02 March 2010 - 05:12 PM

The recent cheating that occurred and the abuse of an exploit has been dealt with very seriously. We have excellent systems in place to catch and detect players who abuse bugs and have taken appropriate measures.

We have now banned 68 accounts PERMANENTLY, with another 48 receiving temporary bans. There are a further 117 accounts which have been temporarily banned while undergoing further investigation. These will be dealt with very shortly.
  • To give you some idea of the players involved, here are the ten highest-level players banned so far (based on total skill level):
  • 2,376 total level (520 days of in-game time)
  • 2,308 total level (477 days of in-game time)
  • 2,210 total level (365 days of in-game time)
  • 2,179 total level (1,004 days of in-game time)
  • 2,131 total level (394 days of in-game time)
  • 2,105 total level (202 days of in-game time)
  • 2,102 total level (274 days of in-game time)
  • 2,096 total level (448 days of in-game time)
  • 2,022 total level (337 days of in-game time)
  • 2,021 total level (275 days of in-game time)

We’d like to remind everyone that using macros and abusing bugs is NOT tolerated under any circumstances, and we will ban ANY accounts that have been cheating.

Mod DC
Investigations into the Community Team


It is nice to have Jagex publicize one of these, it has been a while since they made it clear what was going on to punish these glitchers. Although I am surprised to see that these are the top 10 (I was expected a few more higher players), it is nice for them to have given us numbers. The most shocking one as most people will probably find is Player #4 with a huge 1004 days of play time, this is over 3 years ingame, assuming they played regularily that is still atleast a 6/7 year old account with over 24,000 hours of in-game play, was it really worth it to lose your account over a few million gp in bolts that were unsellable? I know personally even though I have quit my main I would not want it to be banned with the 275 days of play time I have on it (1/4 of what this other player had).

TzHaar City - The Rebirth?

16 February 2010 - 08:23 AM

Released September 19th, 2005, the TzHaar City was instantly a huge hit, starting with the drops of Obsidian Capes and Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian Shield) the first day we were presented with a new best cape in the game, and the first shield with a strength bonus. We next had the fire cape and amulet of fury, again an even better cape was released, instantly made into one of the top status symbols in the game, and this rare onyx amulet was the new best amulet in the game. Over the years we got a new way to train strength, new types of pures and a new range of good weapons with the berserker necklace. The Ring of Stone, allowing Runescape video makers to more stealthy film other people. The Bracelet of Regeneration, a new best gloves spot for many pures, and a helpful item for people doing agility and rc. Lastly with the Mobilising armies update we were given the onyx ring (i), the best ring in the game.

You would figure a city like this would be bursting for these items that would surely be worth millions right? I mean these are some of the top items in the game, they should be difficult to get, take paitence and have a pretty price tag for anyone willing to take all the time to get them. This isn't the way it went though, tokkul became a useless item in peoples bank, the monster drops were camped out and the capes and shields were soon worth under 1M each. The onyx remained strong though, it took tons of drops to add up to one amulet of fury, this didn't last long. Soon people were buying up all the Tzhaar-ket-om (Obsidian maul) and chaos runes as they were a quick way to get tokkul by selling the items to the shops in Tzhaar. Soon the amulet of fury was directly tied to the price of chaos runes, and collecting tokkul in tzhaar became useless, why get small drops of 60 at a time when you could simply kill a normal monster, get 3 times the money and buy chaos runes to trade in. With the introduction of the amulet of fury into the pvp drop tables for a short while they instantly plummeted down to prices of 1.5M at times. The best amulet in the game, the best ring in the game, both grossly underpriced, especially considering the effort it would take to get one the proper way.

All this changed though, September 2nd, 2009, with the personalized shop update the uncut onyx gem in the shop went from 300,000 tokkul (260,000 with Karamja Gloves) up to 2,700,000 tokkul. The effect wasn't felt yet though, there were plenty of furies in the market to sustain the price for a while, more and more coming in every minute from PvP worlds, but soon they were removed from the drop tables aswell. Furies began to rise, no one wanted to get that much tokkul, it would take years for an average player to accumulate that much with the small amounts each creature dropped. The rare onyx gem began its rise, rising for over 200 days now it is becoming the same status as a rare item, topping the street price of many of our current rares under 100M. However, with the update of December 15th, 2009, players could no longer sell their drops to the stores at all, the only way to get tokkul now was by killing the NPC's in TzHaar City, attempting the Fight Caves, or participating in the Fight Pits. This only added to the pressure, and many people gave up on ever trying to collect the 2.7M tokkul. In this update though, the amount of tokkul dropped by monsters was greatly increased, also Fight Caves and Fight Pits were giving a tokkul boost, sparking the currency to life again.

Checking the forums today, you will see onyx gems are going for 2 Staffs of Light, or for people who have junk, up to 100M cash. This is mainly due to people thinking it would take way too long to collect the 2.7M tokkul needed for the gem, so they predict a non-stop rise until either the gem becomes way too valueble on the ge to not get your own from TzHaar, or until Jagex fixes the drops/shop prices. The item which has been going non-stop for over 200 days and impossible for an average player to buy on the GE still doesn't have an end in the forseeable future, but is it really broken?

At an average training spot where you are getting about average training speeds (lets say around 50k/hr on a melee skill), you would hope to get maybe 200k-250k per hour if you are a medium-high leveled player. This is on par with many slayer monsters requiring 70+ slayer to kill them, seems like a reasonable line to set. Now if you consider tokkul as a currency which at the moment is just as strong or stronger than gp for those who can set a goal and go for it, we can see that maybe all this updating to the Tzhaar region is actually very well adjusted. Here I will do a breakdown of what you can expect to get at TzHaar per hour in the way of wealth gained.

From my experiences lately I have found that it took me just over 1.8M range exp in order to get 2.2M tokkul. This means that for every 1 xp you do in a melee or range stat you would get 1.2 tokkul on average. So at 50k xp/hr you would be gaining 60k tokkul/hr. At current prices you could make an uncut onyx gem into an amulet of fury and sell on the ge for 10M flat (assuming you didn't want to junk trade or trade for other items). One fury would cost 2.7M tokkul, so you would have 10M gp, for 2.7M tokkul or 3.7 gp/tokkul. If we bring this back up to our 60k tokkul/hr we get 220k gp/hr off the tokkul alone. But wait, that isn't all you will be getting in the way of drops. You can also expect about 1 weapon/shield drop per hour from my experience and others I have trained with. Capes, Mauls and Shields being the most common you get an average of about 130k gp/hr off those aswell. We are up to 350k gp/hr. Anyone who has trained in TzHaar since the update will tell you though that you are still missing a good part of the drops (which some people still ignore). The little drop which is impossible to see, the onyx bolt tips, valued at 7.8k each and you can expect about 5 an hour, depending greatly on the number of level 133 NPCs you kill, so we add on another 39k, up to 389k gp/hr. Lastly we add on one thing which many people neglect in TzHaar (and I capitalize on it when possible) is the gems. I bank around 15 gems/hr, they add up quick especially with uncut gems being worth a minimum of 2k now we are looking at another 45k+ per hour (even more if you get lucky with some diamonds). Adding this all up we are looking at 434k gp/hr, wow.

So what does this all mean? Jagex doesn't need to nerf TzHaar again, it is the players with paitence who are going to benefit in here and soon the market will reach an equilibrium when people can justify the price of an item which takes 45 hours to obtain (2.7M tokkul / 60k tokkul/hr). These items made from the onyx gem should be valueble, they are some of the best items in the game, you will be hard pressed to find the elite players in the game not wearing atleast 1 onyx item. The people will pay the price, or they can fork over 45 hours of their time and leave with an uncut onyx gem and 9.63M additional gp from other drops along the way. Throw in decent training speeds, the ability to safespot the monsters and the size of the dungeon and it only makes sense that the items rise this high. TzHaar is home for many people now who have already realized this, and with the TzHaar NPCs now being assigned as slayer tasks it may spark some of those players to try themselves for 2.7M tokkul after they have a few hundred thousand in the bank from tasks. The updates keeping the ge out of TzHaar weren't to try and nerf it again since it was too easy, it was to balance it, put it where it belongs, and give it a new life as the independent civilization that the TzHaar people are.

Onyx Gem/Ring

12 February 2010 - 06:12 PM

Lately I have been ranging a bit on my pure in tzhaar, originally I was just going to get 2.7M tokkul and craft a fury and sell it for the 8.5M or whatever it is on ge. Then today I found out that the onyx gem and onyx ring are worth upwards of 90M street. Unfortunately I do not have any junk, and very little extra cash to upgrade it to anything. I was wondering what the best thing would be to do, get the gem and hold onto it for a while, sell it when I get it (only about 10M if I do this), or if there was other items out that are guarenteed risers that are more frequently updated than onyx that I could trade for. All input is appreciated, thanks.

Finally Lost Interest

27 October 2009 - 04:55 PM

After playing Runescape since July 2004 I have finally lost interest in the game to play. In the 5+ years I have been playing this game I have had 3 accounts which I played, CampbellMC, Pure Campy and Skillz Ftw. CampbellMC was used for the first 2.5 years or so, I got it to maxxed melee and was quite a fan of slayer and pking, after releasing a very successful pking video I lost interest in the account though and started a new account (Skillz Ftw). Skillz Ftw started out as a tank account, at 106 combat I had maxxed tank stats + 70 prayer and 90 slayer, I kept these stats until summoning was released, which I instantly fell in love with and got 99 quite quickly (#136 to 99 summoning). After 99 slayer + summoning on the account I had over 600M cash, and started buying stats and quickly got up to 2200 total, with help from farming and fishing I got enough to finish off all the buyable stats. In the past summer I was not playing nearly as much due to work, but I set small goals of 20M fish and 20M wc experience, I recently achieved both of these and bought 3rd age melee plate and legs to finish off my account. Over the last few weeks I have only done a little bit of fishing, and then was working on buying 3rd age plate and legs, once I finally got the plate today I decided it was time to quit.

I really cba to upload all my 99's like most people do, but here are some pictures:

20M fishing experience:
Posted Image

20M woodcutting experience:
Posted Image

3rd Age Platebody finally buying:
Posted Image

Finishing Bank + Some Untradable Items:
Posted Image

Finishing Outfit (Never really completed it):
Posted Image

Thanks to all my friends who over the years have made this a very fun game to play, without them I would have quit years ago. At this time I do not plan on coming back, but when a new skill is released I may try it again. Goodbye Runescape :)

Display Names [MOD PLEASE LOCK]

13 September 2009 - 10:20 PM

I am writing this article to discuss the future update of "Display Names", the time spent developing the system, and the amount of people who this will effect positively and negatively.


Over the last several months, we have gotten word of a massive new system being introduced into Runescape in the near future. This update will be integrated into all of the previous modules that Runescape has at the moment and has caused them to have to re-write thousands of lines of previous code, and of course write the new code for the update. This update will give players the chance to change their name as it appears ingame, into something they desire more. Once they released that they were in fact working on Display Names, and close to releasing them, a developers blog was released to explain some of the system, and some of the problems they have encountered. That article can be read here:
Changing Names by Mod Duncan

Tip.it's current poll:

Tip.it's current poll asks the public whether they will change their names, along with a few variations on the question. Since Tip.it is a very diverse community, I have decided to use these results as a good approximation of what the Runescape community would like. Here are the current results:

Posted Image

Looking at these results quickly, it seems like it says 38% of people would change their name when the update comes out, and only 32% wouldn't change their name. If you look at it from the standpoint of if the update was not released though, 53% would be happy with their current name, and only 17% wouldn't be happy. Based on this information, it looks as if this major update is really only benefiting 17% of the community.

Compared to previous updates:

Many people would argue that 17% of the community is still a very large percentage, but in an update of this magnitude, it should effect a larger amount of players. This update is on the scale of a new minigame in my opinion, it has required tons of bug testing, re-writing many of their old systems, and of course the writing of the actual update. New minigame are usually open to atleast 90% of the P2P players, and give some kind of reward that will benefit you for playing it. This however is only going to benefit people who couldn't think ahead of select a good name when they started. Using this update will not give them any better edge in training skills, fighting monsters, or playing the game, it will simply just make their name not have numbers, or correct a spelling mistake they made. Many of these people already know what they want as their new name aswell, so 10 minutes after they log in, they will be done with the update forever, making it only good for a very very small percent of the population which will want to change their names as frequently as possible, usually trying to make funny names, get around censors, or just try to break it. So as compared to previous updates, I guess you could compare this maybe to duel tournaments. Highly used for first few days by the part of the community who liked combat, then quickly faded off and died. This would follow the same pattern, except much quicker death.

"If you don't like it, don't use it!:

Where this holds true for many updates, and even in this case no one is forcing you to change your name, but it isn't hard to predict that this will cause a lot of confusion the first day, along with the countless bugs that will invevitably be found and exploited, and the strain on the system where you have thousands of plays making different names on their accounts. Many of the bugs found from this update will probably end up effecting all players, not just the ones changing their name. Although this is one of my major concerns with this update, it is a temporary one that will last just the first few days until they get all the bugs sorted. My main concern however is something that many long time players have agreed with me on, and even some of the luckier new players who got the name that they wanted.


Many long term players (including myself) have been fortunate enough to get the name they wanted right from the start. A name untainted by the normal Xx ____ xX, _____1993, Ii ___ iI or other frequent combinations people have used to get close to a name they wanted. Many players have commented on my name "Skillz Ftw" for it's rarity and originality, and other players with their preferred names also have gotten praise from others about their names. With millions of accounts created each year, the names remaining that are still original and clever are dwindling quickly. With this new update, people will get a second chance, and then a third, and a fourth and so on. People will be able to keep changing their name around, just hoping they can end up with a decent name instead of "Pk3r m4n 2131xx" or something along those lines. With the introduction of symbols into display names you will of course see even more imposter names, and people won't be able to assume by seeing a clever name that the person has been playing for a long time. Previous names that people have treasured since account creation will become less impressive.

The Abusers:

Undoubtedly there will be the players who see a new update, and try to break it, or find "funny" and vulgar names which have slipped past the system with the introduction of symbols into the naming system. They will also look for ways to possibly break the system, hopefully not finding a way as bad as the "mu bug". Look forward to seeing glitched names on your friends list, or them finding ways to constantly change their names and so on. They could make their names similar to others to attempt to scam someone with a case of mistaken identity, and the list goes on of what they can and will try to do.


In the end, this write up does not change anything, the update will go ahead as planned, it is nearly complete already, so the time has already been wasted writing and re-writing tons of modules. The 17% of the community who really wanted this update will get what they wanted, and the other 83% of us will have to sit back and deal with the bugs and barrage of stupid names for the week afterwards. We will miss a week of updates, since they will class this as a mega update, and who knows, they might make this one count for 2 weeks since it is so big. It is just another useless update by Jagex, and all we have to look forward to is maybe some names that are easier to type when you have to report them.