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Veteran, nearly maxed, looking for laid-back (dg) clan

02 October 2012 - 09:30 AM

I recently came back to RS after a 2 year break. I guess I'm a veteran by today's standards and I used to be pretty active on this forum, so maybe the HYT clan is an option? Do the HYT'ers dg?

I've been doing dg solo up till now but I'm getting really lonely in those huge dungeons. I'd like to be part of a clan that dg's, but is not dedicated to it, or at least, not completely filled with pro's. I still have to learn about dging in group and I have cold feet about it. All the guides are scaring me off rather than making me excited about it. Preferably, I'd just like to learn together with a few like-minded souls. I want good xp, of course, but I don't want people to go into a hissy fit when a team member, be it me or someone else, makes a mistake or isn't fast enough. I can't be the only one to feel this way, right?

I've been a member of a very elitist clan before and that didn't work out at all. I may have (had) the stats, but I'm not up for joining the clan chat every single second that I'm online and I'd prefer not to get slammed for this if I happen to run into a fellow clan member on a farm run, for example. I'm an adult, I work long hours during the day, so yeah, sometimes I'll be relaxing and reading or watching tv while getting some skilling done. RS in not my main occupation.

Aside from this, I'm happy to contribute where I can and I'll help maintain the citadel (once I figure out how it works :-)).

Oldie back from the dead

10 September 2012 - 10:39 AM

Hi guys. Yes, another "I'm back. HELP!" topic.

I quit RS two years ago, because I'd achieved everything I'd wanted to and because I didn't feel very happy about the direction the game was headed for. I know RS is a MMORPG, but I've always been a "lone wolf". I like doing things by myself, so dungeoneering was a bit of a miss for me. Clans were tough for me as well. While I liked the idea of joining a clan, I just wasn't able to meet the participation requirements most clans set.

On a whim, I renewed my membership for a month last Friday. I've been roaming around during the weekend, starting on the new quests and the new tasks, getting lost in Taverley and reading up a bit on the tip.it website :-). Not that much seems to have changed, but I'd like to know about the major stuff if there is any.

A few concrete questions:
- what are the dungeoneering happenings? Did they make changes to the skill? It's my only non-99 stat, but I hated the skill a lot back in the day. Any advice to train it as painlessly as possible would be very welcome. I did some solo dungeoneering, the rest of my levels were reached by lamps and pengs.

- did slayer change in any way? I was still around for the new dungeon etc. Any combat gear changes I need to get on top of? Right now, my standard gear is my old combo of bandos + berserker + fury + neit + whip + dragon defender + dragon boots. Did slayer lose popularity? I found many empty spots this weekend...

- any news on farming, herblore and agility is welcome too. As is anything else anyone would like to add.

P.S. Not to tear open old wounds, but wth was Jagex thinking when they introduced that spin wheel?

Level 138 (nearly maxed) | DG clan or DG team mates

05 January 2011 - 10:36 AM

Hi there, I'm looking for a DG clan or a clan that also DG's, or a set of people that are looking for a new DG team mate.

- Account: La_Sumpta, total 2457, all skills maxed except for DG (currently 81).
- As for DG, I haven't teamed yet. I'd solo if the exp wasn't so terrible. I can't stand the DG worlds. I know all the basics of DG and have read up on the tactics in teaming. Still, I will have to go through a small learning curve and will probably need a bit of guidance the first few runs. I am a fast learner though, mature and sensible, and my levels should be an asset to any team.

I seek:
- A GMT-based clan. (I'm Belgian. And a girl, should that matter. An all-girl clan might be funny, not sure if they exist?)
- A mature, friendly clan.
- I don't care about the requirements and I'm not elitist, I'll join a lower level clan too. Important to me is that
1) You don't have absurd "participate 15 times/week or you're out" rules
2) I don't have to hang around in your clan chat every minute I'm online
3) Specifically for DG: I am not the type to rush rush rush. I'd prefer a sensible group that seeks a good balance between exp and fun to a "pro" group that frowns on not having a hood, for example. I don't intend to wander around aimlessly and cut every tree and mine every single rock in DG, but I'm not a fan of being pressured into rushing like a madman either.

Like-minded souls may contact me!

High level agility

09 October 2008 - 08:44 AM

I'm going for a higher agility level before I start training skills that require a lot of running (prayer, RC, pyramid plunder...) and I'm kind of wondering where to stop for a good time investment/result balance.

I am now 87 agility and I had 90 agility in mind, and I'll get there faster than I had planned. Is it worth the effort and time to aim higher? Does anyone know if the restore rate is really very much higher at say 95 agility?

And before anyone tells me about super energy pots, the explorer ring etc, I know all about them. I just figured that I might as well train agility before doing the running skills for a maximum enjoyment of my agility level.

Hoping someone can help me out :<img src=:' />.

What does one do with dragonstones?

15 July 2008 - 03:09 PM

I've got more than 100 cut dragonstones in my bank, and I'm wondering what to do with them. I've got all the glories, wealths, bracelets,... that I need. I don't BH, so I'm not sure about the bolts.

So. Do I just toss them onto the GE like that or turn them into something else? What would be best?