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In Topic: Today...

03 October 2015 - 02:01 PM

I've heard that just means the hangover's gonna catch up to you later in the day, though I've always been spared of that when I got into that situation. 

In Topic: Today...

28 September 2015 - 01:58 AM

Hi guys, been ages. 


Came back from my trip to Norway over a week ago. It was completely amazing. The Fjordruta was way more into the wild than I thought it would be, and on the second day we ended up getting lost on the way up a mountain. We decided to just climb the thing since it was in our way, ended up spending almost the entire day climbing off the trail till we ended up finding the trail again and climbing the rest from there. It was tough but to get to the top and see the view, it just made it all worth it. We set up our tents there and ended up seeing the northern lights on the top of that mountain. Unforgettable experience. The last few days we spent in a wonderful house we rented, which had a lake in its backyard among other perks. All in all, good times were had. 


Other than that, bought a new laptop last week. It's way too good for me and I love it. Last laptop kinda stopped working, since it just randomly shuts down constantly. Only thing I'm still really worried about right now is my iTunes library, since I haven't been able to back it up properly on a drive before my laptop died.

In Topic: Today...

13 August 2015 - 08:28 PM

Winter is coming? Oh shit. 


Seriously though, we're going towards the Fjordruta, starting in Kristiansund. I'm just gonna be sure to get me some good hiking boots in a few days and try to walk in them a bit to get used to it. Other than that I'm pretty dependant on my friends to do some research since I'll be gone till the day we leave, but I'm pretty confident in their preparation skills. 

In Topic: Today...

11 August 2015 - 12:01 AM

meh, great apes get to be lazy all day. great apes don't give a [bleep]. 


On a somewhat related note, got a box of crazy delicious chocolates from work. Still happy to have my last day of work for a while on Saturday though. After that it's a trip to my relatives in Egypt (meh) and the hiking trip through Norway with my friends (holy shit I'm still totally unprepared but it'll still be awesome). After that it's about 2-3 months of flat rest before heading to Switzerland for the winter. 

In Topic: Today...

06 August 2015 - 12:49 AM

It seems to me that the effect that a single person can have on history can't be underestimated at all. Yeah sure, you could analyze the demographics, the economy, the political climate and all those other things and predict where things will start to unfurl. But after the chaos of transition passes, someone will have the power and who that person is can determine a lot. If someone other than August had grabbed power in Rome, we might not have had a Pax Augusta like we've had now. August was known as a good ruler, and that was part of the reason the Roman state could remain relatively peaceful. Had he been a maniac (and we all know a bunch of those went on to become emperor afterwards), perhaps the state would've remained in a state of unrest, changing the course of history in a pretty significant way.


But that's the thing though, you can't know what would've happened if those pivotal people didn't make those pivotal decisions that they've made. For example, Einstein wrote a letter to president Roosevelt in 1939 to warn him about a new nuclear technology that the Germans were tinkering with. This would cause the Americans to look into splitting uranium themselves, leading to the invention of the nuclear bomb. If he hadn't written that letter, who knows what might've happened. The war with Japan might've dragged on for years. Maybe there could've been a genius German scientist who had discovered how to make an atomic bomb before the US did. Then what? Who knows? No one does. But all those things are influenced by the actions of single people, and since it's impossible for us to know what would've happened if someone else was put in their place somehow it seems to me like we can't ignore what they meant for the course of history. 


Uh onto how my day went I guess. Worked two shifts today. The evening shift I did was the busiest evening I'd ever seen and we only had 6 employees to deal with the kind of crowd we usually have double the amount of people for. Ended up working a bit longer than usual since it kept being busy till closing time, but I still felt pretty good when I was done work. But then when I wanted to ride my bicycle back home I noticed a pretty significant problem: my steering wheel had literally just disconnected from the rest of my bike. Had to walk home since it was too late to take any buses or anything. Meh.