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#5290853 I love you, Wongtong.

Posted by l0rd on 03 August 2012 - 08:53 PM

Back in 09, freshly retired from RuneScape, I used to frequent OT quite a bit. In fact, I used to own and run the unofficial TIF community channel (I've taken down all the vids I made, but the ones others made are still up).

Anywhoo, in August of 09, forestfrolic made a thread where we could share funny chat logs from Omegle (seen here). And on page 16 of that thread, Wongtong let us know about a new site she found which was basically like Omegle, but with video too. It was called head-to-head.org, and there were basically just TIFers on the site at the time, since it was so new. Fun was had, and we were all posting pictures of the fellow TIFers we chatted with. A few days later, the owner of head-to-head.org changed his domain the Chatroulette.com.

As a 10th grader, I hadn't had too much experience with making money on the internet, but I thought the website was gonna be big, and saw this domain switch as a possible way to capitalize on being one of the first people to know of the site. So, I bought some variations of the site (miss-spelled and related).

Fast forward a couple months, and Chatroulette was the new craze. It had its bit on all major news networks, and pretty much anyone who used the internet a lot become fast familiar with the fallice-filled fun that could be had on the site.

The more popular the site got, the more money I made from the traffic to my domains (I parked my domains for adspace, and sold a few to developers who wanted to make forums/niche sites relating to Chatroulette). Soon enough, I was (and continue) making a few hundred dollars a month from people clicking on adspace (like adsense) on my chatroulette domains/sites that I no longer do any maintenance on.

It's just such a random life-changing chain of events that started in the strangest of places, I just thought I'd share (even if a few years late). Also, I'm wondering how Wongtong was one of the first people to hear about head-to-head. :o

Also, I'm not going to share the domain names or further specifics for privacy and security purposes.

Here's Wongtong's post: http://forum.tip.it/...00#entry3966583

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