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Mining Coal Effiency

26 April 2011 - 01:35 PM

I have been inactive for 3 years so some of these questions may seem naive. I've been out of the loop. I also gave all my items away when I left so I have low working capital.

My goal is to mine 17000 coal for a specific smithing goal, whilst also raising my mining lvl (currently 76).
I use a coal bag and mining urns at the lvl 15 dung dwarf mine, with Varrock armour 1+Glory+Wealth+Rune Pick. I believe this to be a very efficient and short coal route to deposit box.

I have made 300 mining urns so my xp is multiplied by 1.2x so far.
The Volatile clay tool is a 2.2x mining multiplier but only when it is a pickaxe. I assume it will not last as a pickaxe for long enough to be useful for 17k coal so unless anybody can tell me how much xp/time it can be a pickaxe for that would be appreciated.
The sacred clay tool is a 2.0x mining multiplier and has a certain limit on use. What is this limit? Is it a certain number of xp?
The Penance horn is a 2.0x mining multiplier. how much xp/time does this last for?
The Master Penance horn is a 2.0x multiplier, how much xp/time does it last for? Timewise, it is efficient to spend more time in the BA minigame to upgrade to Masters or does upgrading take longer than the extra multiplier time I would gain.
Also how does a penance horn work? Must it be equipped? Which slot does it take if so?

Another question about the multipliers, can they stack up. E.g. If i used a sacred clay tool with a penance horn (+urns) is that a (2.0x2.0x1.2) 4.8x xp multiplier bonus?

In order to work out whether I should try to gain more multipliers by acquiring A volatile/sacred clay tool and/or the (Master?) Penance Horn, I would need to work out the rough time it would take to gain any of these items.

What is the approximate time taken and cost to gain: A sacred clay tool, a Penance horn/Master Penance Horn?

Barrage of questions!

Impling spawn mechanics.

14 April 2011 - 11:45 AM

Hi, I'm back, for what it matters to you guys, and I have a question about impling spawnings outside the Puro Puro maze.

I understand that within the maze, rarer implings have specific spawns such for dragon, kingly etc but outside the maze is the spawning mechanic different? can any impling spawn at an impling spawn in the wider world?

I know of the impling spawn by Varrock (Earth altar side, near guards) and often it spawns as baby, young, essence, earth implings (low level) but if I repeatedly catch that impling, will it ever randomly spawn as a rarer impling?

If anybody has seen a rare impling spawn at this Varrock location this would answer the question. (and please don't just tell me to go to Puro Puro)

I also caught afew in the draynor woods area and then a pirate impling appeared which would suggest that rarer implings can spawn on normally low level spawn locations but as I've been away for several years i'm not sure how rare the pirate impling is so it does not confirm my observation.

Any body clear this up for me?

also on a slightly more casual note, I'm pretty awesome and no-one from my earlier years still plays this game. Add me: Petercassell :D

Gears of War 2

07 October 2008 - 08:43 AM

Gears of War 2 is predicted to be the hottest seller this christmas,

but apart from it being a sequel to Gears (1); what else do we know about it?

I was a big fan of Gears 1, and i played and won several competitions along with my doubles partner and clan. But I never buy games based on hype ever since R6V2.

So what can you tell me about Gears 2?

Are you going to get it?

What are the main changes to multiplayer?

Do you care about the storyline (what little there is of one)?

Discuss :<img src=:' />

Pros and Cons of Summoning? Explain please

15 January 2008 - 11:32 PM

Well i'm not a member anymore ( i quit), and from what i've seen just by looking at the guides, it looks quite well thought out and almost as good as what i could have done if i were making summoning... :).

But in reallity, how does it pan out?

What good aspects are there?

What let downs are there? (interface or technology or glitches or unbalance issues, but please don't just say they didn't include your dragon idea in there)

Does it feel fun?

Does it work well as a support for other skills (with its bonuses and boosts and stuff)? From what i've seen on this aspect, it does mediocre but nothing special. I was hoping it would see more high lvl hunting introduced.



Does it have much of an impact on other game economy, or the game in general? (are mining spots all empty or are essence prices through the roof?)

Don't bother answering all the questions, just the ones you know about. They're just prompts really :D

What do you think is the most contraversial act/thread 2007?

05 January 2008 - 12:23 AM

Well i thought i'd stop fuming about updates for a minute and post one of these annoying semi-spam threads, which occassionally raise vaguely interesting discussions.


What Runescape Community act or thread do you think had the most impact on life in general?

A recent example of something that could be suggested was the 'Raise money for Malaria' Thread that went by, and raised $3000 for charity.

Or maybe it was swift switch demonstrations, which changed Jagex's policies.

Etc... You get the picture.

Its community acts that had an impact that we're discussing.