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#5519361 Bazzaminxer - Blog!

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 19 September 2014 - 12:56 AM



Mostly long term investments and in past I did many frost dragons. Previous that in earliest days I had mined alot of rune ore (more than I will admit to.) and later on with my character I used more clever smithing choices in regards to market. Though not exactly much money I made approx 200m profit doing 200m smithing, (Instead spending billions that I hear people do??!!!!) not including the profits I made selling items to stakers that went approx 400-500m mills (They made TRILLIONS obviously...Or lost everything.) or around 100m making those rune warhammers in profit (Around 10m xp) during that elite clue scroll age. Probably around 200m+ cannonball profit too.


I really did earn my master smithing cape in my day. =p None of it was -good- or -smart- money making gameplay but I actively enjoyed playing that style at the time. It was slow to manage and I was stuck with tons of things for a long time. Wasnt easy to sell that stuff and had competition etc. It was fun at the time though. Then jagex decided to destroy staking so that indirectly also ruined the best enjoyment I ever had. Had to switch to doing more rune items. Which ultimately, as I already stated, I made around 200m further profit.


Other than that I used skilling methods for some gp. Did a ton of double nats and herb growing. Throughout the time I have played runescape, next to smithing, I used to really enjoy runecrafting by making double nats. Though again..Jagex eventually kinda made that pointless LOL. Oh well. Cant say I have much love or hate for it anymore since runespan. Neither do I feel like it makes sense to craft runes anymore due to it.


However essentially long term investments is where make gp. Buy things and wait double xp weekends or useful updates for like 5000% profit. I dont really like merchanting...Occasionally do it properly on and off. I find it easier to horde, wait, sell. Keep gp in items help.


The way I play the game has continuously evolved/changed over the years. Jagex seem biased towards making many boss monsters lately that give over powered profits imo while skilling is essentially dead. However it didnt always use to be that way if you were clever about it. Im not so sure how possible it is anymore to do that and unfortunately I hate bossing so I tend to just horde and hope to be lucky on updates.




Master Agility Cape! - 18th August 2014




Master Agility Cape Front:




Master Agility Cape Back:




80m Summoning XP! - 31st August 2014




60m Range XP! - 31st August 2014




60m Farming XP! - 31st August 2014



#5503384 Bazzaminxer - Blog!

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 28 June 2014 - 04:21 PM

Impressive. I like the 50M XP base. :).


Why do you only play with PM off, and do you run through wilderness to get to the chaos tunnels? Hope not, especially with dual ascs.


Enjoy Runecrafting.


Afk runecrafting as I write this. =p


Well I do play with it both on and off. Though I play largely with it off because runescape for me is to relax. With general life talking to people and spending considerable time talking to my gf constantly I need to recharge my introverted side while I play. People I prefer to talk to dont play runescape so its outside the game. I am also frequently a massive multi-tasker - I pay attention to world events. Aka I am doing stuff outside the game that I dont really pay enough attention to chat in the game. Such as right now im essentially ignoring ingame chat because im browsing forums/replying here currently. Might as well simply turn it off.


That said - I kinda make sure its off for screenshots anyway. Became a habit many many years ago because it kinda made it seem messy to me when people had ton stuff on my screen. Less fussy with the login/logout stuff. Its more subtle. Those black boxes are webcam feeds I forgot to take off at the time so I have to censor them. (Im meant to temp disable them for screeny.) I dont usually keep it to 'public' both because of advert spam - And truth be told, as strange as it seems, I get random people talking to me due to my stats/presumed wealth/whatever. Even people who want 'help' which is more fair game.. I rarely know the answers because their questions are vague or asking me how much did 200m smith cost etc. (I made profit because it was a long time ago lol - Whole different space and time when I did that.) I cant offer any advice on how to train smithing anymore because its practically a new game. I had to train artisons workshop /after/ 200m smith for the trim requirement - My knowledge is it annoyed me because it cost me money for no xp lol.


I just want to play to have fun/relax. Im not a pmod community oriented type player. I login for my own game without wanting to worry about much ingame besides whatever it is I am currently doing myself at that moment. But yes for who want help/advice specifically its not like I mind it its just I dont know the answers besides directing them to a wiki. Either way 50% are rude to me and im grateful for those who are polite. Me personally.. If I am unsure about how to train something in a style I want. I train something else I know to be good xp but afk and take the time to research it a bit. Obviously I have good knowledge of the game.. as well as a good understanding of its history but idk I still research constantly too. Then try to find a balance with enjoyment. Which includes researching in itself tbh. Its fun to figure things out like that and understand different methods/styles to training things.


As for chaos tunnels lol. I have slayer masks, which offers me in total 4 teleports a day. However for the times I travel there more frequently within a day I take that varrock route. Its rare I take the risk. (Sometimes lol.) Just never take the risk on world 48 because I known it to be camped occasionally.


The riskier stuff was the virtus stuff in abyss. I had wand/book/full gear. Not sure what that cost but wasnt cheap. Went to a quiet world to get to abyss then hopped into a crowded world for spawns. I used abyss method because it was afk, so more efficient for me as an afk option.

#5476910 Legacy Mode

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 31 January 2014 - 07:49 PM

I dont even really care that much either way however I have to agree that jagex as a company have shown they cannot handle one single combat system. I find it highly dubious that they could manage two simultaneously. It makes me concerned for the stability of essentially core game combat mechanics as time passes and updates are developed.


What I will add though..I dont really hate eoc but I also dramatically reduced my combat involvement once it came out. Its taken me a year of gradual forced updates that required some combat for me to start to become comfortable with it and even then I seem to still avoid it. Too much button mashing. Legacy mode might help with that but I just dont think they are competent enough...Its a nice gesture sure but they simply dont have the maturity as a company to handle this project imo. Sure they will proceed regardless...but doesnt change that they havnt shown good understanding towards what players want in regards their single combat system thats ingame now. This is someone speaking that doesnt even care that much either way as it was never a big part of my gameplay. Obviously theres a ton of people that do care because combat was a big part of their gameplay. Its certainly ambitious..Maybe they trying to bite off more than they can chew imo.


Hopefully they do tons of testing through beta and ask more questions...but this is jagex so.. Development costs and deadlines etc. Gotta rush it out and if its too large a bite just choke and pretend its ok. Idk tbh. We shaw see.

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#5444306 20-Aug-2013 - Divination

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 24 August 2013 - 06:50 PM

Imo the skill came out pretty near perfect. It allowed people to semi-afk at near best xp/hr, while those who wanted best xp or just less afk style, could use methods to speed up their xp. However that increase in xp wasnt that big a deal, pretty damn tiny gain over the semi-afk methods. Yet it involved alot more attention and imo made it incredibly more fun because it wasnt really afk anymore. Plus it usually involved some afk so you still had time to 'socialise' as jagex wants us to do during those times.

With the nerfs removing that emergent gameplay that gave something to the players that needed something more than afk and watch a tv series or playing another game, aka alt tabbing or watching their secondary monitors/whatever. Imo its alot less interesting of a skill. There really wasnt that much of a gain anyway! Just made it much more interactive/fun while anyone who wished to could continue to just afk as jagex have seemingly designed it.

I have to agree that the 'afk to socialise' is actually a poor choice within this skill imo. It involves moderate attention as the nodes are so random, makes it tricky to talk to other people if your wanting to get max xp rates. I dont care that much either way but I bring this point up as I think they originally had a near perfect skill for everyone before the nerfs. (Though obviously some nerfs were needed, repeatedly clicking etc.) If the skill was released with slightly slower nodes there would of been the option to afk-socialise or get a slightly higher xp rate that involved more attention, aka being rewarded for more effort. Having a choice --- Both are quite valid methods for playing the game/training this skill. I would of done both, active gameplay for when I wanted more than to afk or the times when I did want to afk I had that option. Jagex disagree unfortunately with the continuous nerfs to the emergent gameplay that the players created.

#5443986 Bazzaminxer - Blog!

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 23 August 2013 - 10:23 PM

Bye Cape! - Could be a while till I am able to wear you again.

Posted Image

Level 2 Divination! - 19th August 2013

Posted Image

Level 83 Divination! - 22nd/23rd August 2013

Posted Image


Temp Record - Rank 10 - 22nd/23rd August 2013

This is more beyond the initial rush that happened on the first day. I felt I could of grabbed the number one spot for
'total level' temporarily, (No desire to get number one in divination longterm, nor could I. Nor did I have any wish to get 99 first, I dont have the time.) however jagex kept continually nerfing the skill. I have to say I was most definitely enjoying the grindy aspect because there are were various methods to slightly speed it up, which made it quite fun to keep ahead of everyone else. I didnt agree with double clicking, tapping multiple spheres etc. However there were other more legit methods, emergent gameplay, that I feel that should of been left alone. It had a bit of a spark to the whole experience, old school grind. I could of easily stayed logged in for long enough to achieve the number one spot temporarily, (Those above me were no-lifing very hard, but had to rest eventually - Which I already had. Just for the sake of a screenshot - Not to hold it.) but the last nerf (and jagex usual attitude that we MUST enjoy the game the way THEY say.....) just really put a downer on the whole experience for me. Anyway, im wrong, others are wrong, they are correct, its their game, whatever.

However I reckon that with a brief step back, I can go back to the skill for what it is. A skill that I will essentially afk, barely pay attention, probably watch tv series.. Whatever afk type things I usually do. Which is a shame but it is what it is. I think I can learn to re-enjoy it for what it now is, but I need to shake off the disappointment first. Jagex jagex... Oh jagex. Lol... Ruined my fun. The last few days I had a skill that required alot of my attention, I wasnt really able to do much else besides be focused, it was fantastic while it lasted. Maybe they expect me to buy spins. ^.^ Ah well. =p Short lived fun new experience.

Ganna go for 85 and simply pause/slow down at that spot I think. I am still happy to get into the top 10 temporarily beyond the initial rush. Couldnt be arsed with their usual superior attitude that the customer is always wrong though. Essentially a big 'FU' you stupid customer. You play the way we say. Loved the emergent gameplay that the players discovered. Now I predict alot of t.v series, films, to train this skill. =s Lol. >.< Thats fun too I suppose but I reckon we already have quite a few of those types of skills. Personally speaking I really dont care that much to talk to a continuous wave of new people I do not know, thats not relaxing for me. That isnt the reason why I play runescape. Its not club penguin where I go talk to everyone constantly.... Plenty of skills or whatever for that type of thing if I desired it too.

Anyway. I rate the skill 4/10 in its current state. On release I think it was maybe a 9/10. I will plod along training it and hopefully get 99 in the future sooner or later. I reckon there is a very good chance that I will enjoy the skill once I dont feel as annoyed with the companies attitude. It isnt all that bad a skill. I most like the grind and slow xp it gives.

Front Page HS - Rank 10 - 22nd/23rd August 2013

Posted Image

Front Page Divination - 22nd/23rd August 2013

(I was higher but this is the screenshot I have got.)

Posted Image

#5331105 20-Nov-2012 - Evolution of Combat: Now Live!

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 20 November 2012 - 10:11 PM

could you elaborate on how exactly you do that with just law runes? haha im a DG noob, so im curious on how you do that quickly.

Well at this point im really not playing in any particular style as im learning the new abilities. However with this update most things die before they do any particular damage, so that helps out alot as I dont need food. I have also found its not uncommon to 1 hit things through the occult floors. Certainly most of them arnt 1 hits but even those that arnt die very quickly if you use the special abilities. The special abilities just destroy anything and everything in their path usually with 1-2 use. If it wasnt for the fact I got to hit them first before I can use a special attack, I would just be KO'ing most things. With the occasional monster that needs a few extra attacks to successfully hit.

With this in mind, aswell as being maxed combat and such, im not using any tactics as its unnecessary at this point. Just a smithed 2hand (Not had a primal drop) and primal plate, aswell as the shadow silk hood. I prepared lots of other gear pre-update but atm its unnecessary. Its pure melee for the most part, but I also carry a bow with me for the boss if necessary. If its convenient I tele to beginning and switch bind gear to something more appropriate.. but its not necessary. Before this update I would have to use tactics to speed things up but now im just experimenting with how much damage I can take, and still kill the boss without picking up food lol. >.<

As a newbie experimenting with the eoc, (Never bothered with the beta much) I just find that crafting my laws and then sprinting and dropping my teleport thing with me along the way, its much quicker as I dont need to pay attention to my health. I barely even remember which abilities im using just yet as im a newbie to them. The better I get with them the better the floors will become. Im also figuring that I could use the jump/tele ability thing to maybe move about quicker but atm I just experimenting with my health.

The funny thing is, due to the adrenaline having more time to stack up during a boss fight, the bosses come across as being easier than some of other baddies on the floor. I can use harder hitting special abilities on the boss.

#5305099 9th of September: Live Q&A with CEO Mark Gerhard & VP Daniel Clough

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 10 September 2012 - 07:17 PM

"90% of players utilise sof" I wonder why... Possibly something to do with fact it wont bugger off until you do.

Since we are semi-forced to spin to get rid of the spam, advertise in there might just be a good idea! - They like suggesting. Remove spam elsewhere..

End of the day I aint that impressed by the q/a as I still have to deal with the things that are negatively effecting the game/my gameplay.

A minor example. I dont have an actual photo of some of the stuff so I just quickly put this together. Its alot like the real thing for when I log in nowadays.

Posted Image

#5303064 Post all RS Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 05 September 2012 - 08:04 PM

Logged in to be confronted by this. o_0

Posted Image

#5300226 Mod MMG on RuneScape Micro-Payments

Posted by Bazzaminxer on 29 August 2012 - 07:57 PM

I cant say I believe in what I read and know imo that we will be able buy xp and useful abilities.

Oh wait.. We already can? Maybe thats why I dont believe what I read. o_0

He didnt go far enough. Just pretending they havnt done these things and saying they wont do the next extreme step isnt admitting to fact they already doing these things. Unless he takes that extra step to explain to the community that he understands this. He can pretty much get lost, as its just a mixture of PR, damage control, lies, etc.

That and fact they said they wouldnt do these things, which even their own rules worked against them so they had to change them, and did them anyway. I dont believe you and not admitting the full truth doesnt make me believe you either. Gotta go all the way or its meaningless. He is admitting half the truth. Why the hell should anyone listen to a known lier who only tells half truths. Its not even on an emotional level.. Its just common sense not to believe such a person.

I probably would have a completely different opinion of this whole situation if they just were upfront, stopped lying, hiding stuff.. If they just told us what was happening without this nonsense. I would probably think.. Ok.. Yeah.. Bot nuke has hit them hard financially.. They been truthful and upfront.. I trust them that they wont sell xp and such.. I will trust them. BUT NOPE. They seem just be chucking flammable liquid on everything, setting it alight, all the while laughing and dancing around as the community get royally peed off.