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25 March 2011 - 07:06 PM

I want to get 95 prayer eventually. I just invested a lot in Herblore, so I just want to train it as I get money. What method should I use?

- Dbones at POH
- Ashes at Ecto
- Ashes at POH
- Frosties at POH

POH: 1K bones per hour

If you have it, mention the amount of bones/ashes I could do per hour. That way I can calc the better option.

Mobilizing Armies rings

07 March 2011 - 06:55 AM

Ok, so I've decided to get my rings imbued at Mobil Armies. I'm rank 6.

First of all, tell me if I got something wrong:
When playing games, you get 1 or 2 rank and reward credits, if you last at least 4 minutes and issue at least 10 commands. Once you have 300 rank, you can spend these credits on imbuing rings (206K each). There is a max limit of 12 rank per hour. You also need to exchange stuff for invest creds to be able to play. Fire runes cost 3 gp and give 4 invest creds; one of the best items to use.

Secondly, some questions:

1) What's the best strategy? How much time will it take to get 12 rank?
2) What items are worth getting?
3) By rank 300, how many reward creds will I have?
4) Are Fire runes the best item to exchange?
5) How much gp will it cost to get to rank 300 (assuming best item is used)?
6) What should be my betting strategy?

Some answers i got in-game:
1) Suicide siege = all forces except one to castle, keep one back until minute 4 (in case someone wants to kill you at minutes 3) ==> [48 minutes for 12 rank]
2) all rings, quest kit, locator
3) depends on wages. (start off bidding minimum, until you know people won't kill you at minute 3)
4) Probably
5) 200k creds (= 150k gp in fire runes)

Need 5 minutes of your time

21 January 2011 - 05:15 AM

EDIT: Going to sleep now. I'll be on later.

I'm currently alching for 99 Magic. I'm alching elemental battlestaves, but I haven't found a supplier yet, and I can only buy 100 of each type every 4 hours.
how fast they sell: air > water > earth > fire

So, if you feel like helping me out:
1) Go to GE
2) Put in offers for 100 air battlestaves and 100 water battlestaves for 9108 each.
3) Pm me when you get them (waters might not sell very good)
4) Wait for me to hop over
5) Trade me to get your money back instantly

All you need is 910.8k or 1821.6k and 5 minutes.

If you want to help even more, you can stock up every 4 hours and sell them all at once when I get on.

Pm me ingame or on Youtube (DeLilleD) if I'm offline.

PS: I buy at 9108 gp each; no more, no less.

Magic exp (Hati gloves)

21 January 2011 - 12:32 AM

EDIT: Decided to alch. Any good items for me to alch?

I want to use my gloves to get me (close to) 99 Magic. As of now, I'm 1.159 mill exp away and my gloves have 90% charge.
I calced that for att level, I would get about 1 mill combined exp for using 100% of the gloves. The gloves wont last until 99 Magic, but they'll get me close.

So, how should I train Magic?

- RCing at ZMI (you tele ourania every minute or so) - I don't think it's feasible, because I would need 11k teles
- Barrows (Combat magic; probably red salamander) - is this any good exp?
- Alching?
- Plank make?

- I'm in college, and only play on weekends, so it can't take too long
- My definition of "best method" = the method that would take me the least total time ingame (including making money back at 1M/h); Total time = training time + money making time
If I made money from the method (let's say 3 Mill), you can subtract time from the training time (in that case 3 hours).
- I got a 20Mill cash pile, so I shouldn't have to make money before training
- Obviously, I need to use up my gloves before May 10th.
- I won't ice burst Rock lobsters, monkey zombies or mummies.

Herblore Habitat guide

19 December 2010 - 11:12 PM

In the first table of the Hunting the Jadinkos-section, the column for Catching method is unclear IMO. It can either be "Trapping" or "Tracking"; these words look alike and I've found myself reading it multiple times to make sure I was right. I suggest replacing the words with a picture of a Marasamaw (the plant box trap) or a noose wand.

Also, a little mistake: in the Common Jadinkos row, there's " - " instead of "Trapping".