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Remember me, anyone?

13 August 2012 - 06:12 AM

I mean, I dunno, I kinda wanted to play RuneScape again, but I can't recover my account (which was totally rad and also sweet) so I made a new one and it's sort of fun so I guess I'll keep playing.

Just wondering if anyone around here remembers me, it's been like years I guess? None of these names seem familiar to me...

Welcome back, me. Oh, hey, thanks me. Sure thing.



Shadow of the Storm, aka How to Be Evil

13 June 2011 - 04:19 PM

Yeah, so I've tried black armour, black Mystic robes, and black desert robes and Evil Dave still insists that I don't look evil. I've already dyed Silverlight. Am I missing something here or what?

(Shadow of the Storm quest)

(Sort of) Contest Essay - Need Ideas, Please!

06 August 2009 - 06:54 AM

This is an essay I'm writing for our local newspaper. The text of the newspaper article:


I want to be a reader judge, so I'm writing in. Trying to be funny, casual, yet not stupid and desperate. Yes, all of the article is true. Please critique it, give ideas, etc.!


When I was a young boy, I was appalled by the idea of chicken fingers. What right as people do we have, cutting off that poor chicken's fingers, frying them, and enjoying them, while those miserable chickens walk around unable to pick up their things?

I have since realized that I am an idiot. Chickens don't have fingers!

I have also come to an absolute and unarguable truth: chicken fingers are - not possibly, they simply are - the greatest food we can find on this earth. Except for cheesesteaks. But that's another story.

Seriously, don't say I'm wrong. I'm not. Everyone likes chicken fingers!

Well, maybe your aunt Ruth doesn't. But she's old and stuffy anyways, always makes meatloaf when you come to visit, but it's the dry, crusty kind, not the juicy, tender, flavorful kind your mom used to make. Plus, your mom never painfully pinched your cheeks and commented on how BIG you got from the last time she saw you!

Where was I? Oh yes. Chicken fingers are, without a doubt, the greatest food on this planet. (Except for cheesesteaks.)

My father has always agreed with me that I am a connoisseur of fingers. It's been a favorite food of mind, ever since I realized that not only do chickens not lose their fingers to my stomach, but they simply do not have fingers. Wings, on the other hand... sigh. Those poor, flightless birds.

But I digress.

I have eaten chicken fingers in many places, in many styles, and with many people. Although I am young, I believe I am (or at least, could be) a Finger Master. I just may truly know the difference between what is "finger lickin'" good... and what is not.

Please forgive me for the pun.

When I read the article about a chicken finger contest, my jaw dropped. Cannons detonated. Birds sang. I leaped to my feet and danced the happiest jig you've ever seen. Well, I guess you didn't see it. But you should have. It was impressive.

The opportunity to become a judge in a chicken finger contest? Unreal! This is something only my dreams could have brought me.

Naturally, I pinched myself after reading it. Hard. Then again, to make sure. Nope. Real.

I'll share a dream I have with you. I've wanted my very own Food Network show for some time now. I'm sure you've seen them: a charismatic guy, traveling around, finding all the greatest spots to eat. I have a desire to be that guy, but with one major focus: chicken. Whether it be wings, fried chicken... and of course, chicken fingers.

This opportunity to be a reader judge? It's only the first step! A very important step, but it could be a trampoline to the stars! Or at least, the top floor of Food Network headquarters. Maybe they'll notice the kid jumping up and down right outside their window with a plate of chicken and a big smile on his face.

So hear me, Birmingham News. You need someone to tell you what chicken is the best. You'll find that someone in me,

Plus, I'd never pass up the opportunity to eat delicious chicken. Who would?

Never mind, lock/delete.

03 August 2009 - 10:50 PM

Never mind, lock/delete it.


01 August 2009 - 06:03 AM


Posted Image

Can't live without it. Necessary to our survival. But while water and air always remains the same, food is a vast, ever-changing experience. It's hard to really enjoy breathing or a glass of water (unless it's a really hot day) but one thing everyone can love and bond over is food. Whether it's an elaborate dish prepared by the finest chefs, or you and a friend eating a burger, we all find enjoyment and comfort from food.

So why not discuss food? Go nuts (no pun intended) about it! Talk about what you just ate, what you want to eat, eating "challenges" you've won (or lost, I've done my share of losing)... share recipes, ideas, experiences... weird foods you've eaten, the best (and maybe worst) places and foods to eat... the possibilities are endless.

Why discuss it? Name me one person who doesn't enjoy eating at least one certain food.

Myself, I invented a sandwich today: peanut butter (crunchy, though creamy might be better), marshmallow cream, honey, and cinnamon on white bread. Tomorrow I think I'll make another, and add some banana slices and chocolate chips to it. Can anyone help me give it a name? :P

And while watching my dad make BBQ beans today (the best I've ever had, no lie) I had an idea: doesn't matter if you're a trained chef or just a regular joe, there is one food you can make that gets people saying "wow". You may not know what it is yet (I don't know mine) but it's there. I have a friend who makes some of the best burgers I've ever had - and that's basically the extent of his cooking ability, haha.

Disclaimer: Just because I play RuneScape and love to eat does not make me 350+ lbs.