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Is a Macbook a good college laptop?

31 March 2009 - 09:48 PM

I'm going to be starting college this fall and I'm in need of a new laptop. I'm told the hot item at UGA are Macbooks and I'm starting to like them after doing a bit of research. Would the $1300 aluminum Macbook be a good laptop for me to purchase. I don't plan on majoring in anything that would require really a really nice computer. It would mainly be used for school work and entertainment.

Should I purchase a Macbook or should I just go for a PC that I could potentially get the same specs for cheaper? Thanks.

Warped tour 2009

19 February 2009 - 12:55 AM

Is anyone else going to be there. It will be my first time and I'm stoked. There is a pretty impressive lineup as well. I already have a good idea of bands I'll see, but I need to do some listening to get a complete list of can't miss bands.

Here's the current list.


F2P mining 62-70

07 February 2009 - 06:10 PM

Hey, I'm currently f2p and would like to raise my mining. Where's the best spot and best method to do it?

Right now I'm just mining a full load of iron west of Varrock and dropping it after I'm full.

Is the exp for mining coal in the guild and banking it worse or is it worth the profit?

So how can a level 104 make money now?

04 February 2009 - 12:24 AM

Before you come in here thinking I'm a huge noob, I'd like to inform you I haven't played RS in about 15 months. I'm trying to decide if I want to give RS another chance.

So many things have changed since I was a player, it seems all my money making methods have been destroyed. My methods when I took a break(October 2007) were:

1) RC natures via the abyss. I could get like 400k an hour doing this. Nats have dropped and ess has risen due to the anti-pk'ing update.

2) DK/KQ. I made close to 20m in a couple of months by killing these creatures. It was excellent money. However, I was going through the GE thing on the site today and I am shocked on how the rewards have dropped.

3) Barrows. Same as above. I was shocked to see how my complete barrows collection(all 6 sets) have decreased in value.

4) Merchanting. Pretty much dead with the removal of unbalanced trade. I could pull in over a million on a good hour merchanting yews.

Now here are my stats.

Posted Image


RIAA done with lawsuits.

26 December 2008 - 05:11 AM


After years of suing thousands of people for allegedly stealing music via the Internet, the recording industry is set to drop its legal assault as it searches for more effective ways to combat online music piracy.

The decision represents an abrupt shift of strategy for the industry, which has opened legal proceedings against about 35,000 people since 2003.

Critics say the legal offensive ultimately did little to stem the tide of illegally downloaded music. And it created a public-relations disaster for the industry, whose lawsuits targeted, among others, several single mothers, a dead person and a 13-year-old girl.

Instead, the Recording Industry Association of America said it plans to try an approach that relies on the cooperation of Internet service providers.

The trade group said it has hashed out preliminary agreements with major ISPs under which it will send an e-mail to the provider when it finds a provider's customers making music available online for others to take.

Depending on the agreement, the ISP will either forward the note to customers, or alert customers that they appear to be uploading music illegally, and ask them to stop.

If the customers continue the file-sharing, they will get one or two more e-mails, perhaps accompanied by slower service from the provider.

Finally, the ISP may cut off their access altogether.


What do you guys think about this? I've found it all over of the web so I'm feeling it's legit. Is it safe to file share now?