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#4204950 200M in all Skills

Posted by langer on 08 April 2010 - 07:16 PM

One more factor if we look at gertjaars' XP, his summoning right now is deflated because of the fact he hasn't used any of his charms from slayer, magic or ranged training. I'm pretty sure there's a 20-30 mil XP sleeping somewhere that could be had within a week only with blue charms.

I predict he will break 2 bil XP before the next skill is released.

Looks like my prediction came true... but it wasn't that difficult to predict.

Making that thread up to date, a player getting 1Mil xp / day and that has already 2Bil xp overall will need 3000 more days to max out at 5 Bil xp (only taking into account 1 more skill will be added only). That's 8,2 more years starting today. Double that XP rate and you get 4,1 years till the first player "maxes out". I'd say that 8 years figure is most likely if you include more than one more skill and declining XP rates due to the fact these high profile players are running out of high XP rates skills sooner or later (RC, slayer, agility, fishing... compared to cooking, herblore, construction, fletching, crafting and other incredibly fast skills if you have the funds to burn).

#3878442 200M in all Skills

Posted by langer on 10 September 2009 - 03:24 PM

200 mil though still very difficult (and pointless) is very attainable if you have the dedication

A lot of people didn't have 200M Stats a few years ago so the Top 21 Ranks were available to get :<img src=:' /> \<img src=/' /> 8-)

*Points to my sig* I'll be playing for the next 15+ years since I enjoy this game & play at a decent pace.

Hey weren't you the first or second to 2 and 3 skills with 200M xp?

I was following your progress last year and thought you had quit. What are you training these days?