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Graphics/Gameplay Issues

14 July 2010 - 03:08 AM

I recently picked scape back up, and I've noticed some really bad issues while playing. First and foremost, my specs (generally)

Newest version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Newest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. [Note that Chrome won't even let me see the login screen for whatever reason, so that one doesn't apply as much.]

Secondly, the issues. When dungeoneering, I clicked on a door (thus prompting the game to generate a room) and my computer went irrecoverably wack. The bottom half of the screen went black and the top half had flickering black bars across it, although the RS sound continued to play just fine. I had to restart the computer to end the issue but it still occurs every time I try to do dungeoneering. Next, random black patches have taken place of my inventory items and a larger black patch occupies the lower half of the inventory and remains there no matter which tab of it I click (friend list, spellbook, etc). Then, on my way to Camelot, large random patches of the ground turned black (as well as the trees - the area looks like it was burnt to the ground but the structures remain standing.) I quit Firefox at that point, and loaded up Safari (which I used to play RS on before it started having whitescreens every time I switched tabs.) Upon logging in and running about 5 squares, all of my armor went pitch black. I was in rune, neitiznot helm, str cape, etc. and all of it was pitch black save for the wings on the helm, the trim on the cape, and my weapon (a Saradomin Sword, if it matters): those remained their normal colors.

I have restarted my computer numerous times and made sure my OS and browsers are all up to date. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on? :/

Rapier vs Longsword

12 July 2010 - 02:15 AM

Why do most people like the rapier over the longsword? When I first saw the weapons I was instantly attracted to the longsword because it was basically a Vesta's Longsword that degraded at a tenth of the normal rate - the rapier looked like a decent stab weapon but not much else. So what gives?

Bursting/Barraging Charms

28 May 2010 - 04:45 PM

I'm currently 86 summ, and I'd really like 88. I've slayed to 85 and don't have much interest in slaying further, so bursting/barraging sounded like a good idea. My questions are these:

1) Which is better? Speed-/cost-wise, XP can be left out.
2) How would one estimate how many bursts/barrages needed to get the necessary charm amount? I need ~2300 crimson charms.

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance!

Fastest Fletching XP

31 December 2009 - 04:17 AM

I'm 67 fletching and I need 77. I'm willing to spend pretty much any amount of money within reason (cap...1m losses I guess). What's fastest? I've heard addy arrows (tips to headless arrows) and yew longs - although I haven't tried the former and I've found the latter to be slow as dirt.

Thoughts and/or advice?

Fastest Method for 54-66 Runecrafting?

16 September 2009 - 12:53 AM

I've heard the optimal level for ZMI is 75 so wasn't sure if it's still worth doing at these low levels; just need it for the 196 air rune task of the hard Falador diary. Any info is appreciated