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Member Since 23 Apr 2006
Offline Last Active Feb 26 2013 11:26 PM

.:~Peterpan's Awesome Skilling Blog!~.:

18 January 2007 - 01:54 AM

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Hyt! This is my (peterpan's blog) and this is my first blog.I have many goals since my stats are low atm, so i will be doing alot of skilling soon, so thats why i have dieceded to make this blog! And also plz leave me a message if u read this, Hope u enjoy!

My Stats, When I Started This Blog

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My Stats, With a up to date sig.

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My Current Goals

68/75 strength

42/70 ranged

51/55 magic

43/52 prayer

38/44 runecrafting

21/30 construction

52/60 mining

13/30 farming

Goals Achieved

70/70 Attack

50/50 Firemaking

60/60 Fishing

My Level Ups

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Skilling Journal

Note: I will post my goals and achviements each day, i will not post if i didnt get on or i didnt do much that day.

January 20th 2007,Saturday

Levels Raised:32 slayer to 36,57 cooking to 64

Items Got:Just some herbs and stuff like that from slayer

Random Events:Giles,Miles,Swarm x2,Drunken Dwarf,Rick Turpentine,Cap'n hand x2, and a Genie.

Other: u might have noticed there is no pic for cooking for lvls 60-64 that is because i was on another computer so i need to transfer those over some time

January 19th 2007, Friday

Levels Raised:56 fishing up to 60

Items Got:517 salmon,833 trout

Random Events:Mysterious Old Man,Giles,and Mime

Other:Achieved my current fishing goal!

January 18th 2007, Thursday

Levels Raised:54 fishing up to 56, 9115 exp tell 57

Items Got: 431 trout,267 salmon

Random Events:Mysterious old man, and Rick Turpentine

Other:Got 50 pest control pts and spent them on hits.

January 17th 2007, Wenesday

Levels Raised:51 fishing up to 54

Items Got: 76 raw rainbow fish, 347 trout,250 salmon

Other:Killed the Security Gaurd (random event), made this blog :D, and played one game of castle wars with my friend maddenmaen1 (plz dont add him!!!)

My Freinds' Blogs

Mcginess Blog of fishing and cooking

Boy Power45's Blog for 99 fishing


To Boy Power45 for incouraging me to get my fishing lvl up!

To Attila36 and E Z A Y P K for talking to me when i was bored (sry for the anoyance guys <3: )

To Oreo9870, Rctycoon Fan and Wild Goat 14 for starting the GES clan, and letting me join it.

To Mcginess and Boy Power for keeping me company while fishing in shilo


06 August 2006 - 03:02 AM

i think all bumps should be deleted becuz they get the post to the top of the page and it is a waste of time to look at a post with alot bumps becuz no one wants there items they post for them self. so if no1 wants there item (s) neither do i!!!!! plz consider taking down most of the bumps :pray:

cowhides or air runes??

26 July 2006 - 02:25 AM

witch do u think is a better way to make money by runecraft ess witch i get 3 air per ess i sell air runes 18 ea since my runecrafting is 26(but if i keep runecrafting i can make 4 per ess) or kill cows to get cowhides and i sell those to my freind that i work for for 200 ea.And also if its cowhides witch is closer the cow farm in fally ( by mage makeover and crafting guild) or the one by al karid and lumby ( where most people go) ??