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#5339030 200M in all Skills

Posted by Suomi_Finland on 08 December 2012 - 10:44 PM

The new skills will be out before anyone even gets all 200ms I think.

Yeah exactly, I know I won't make it to 5B before new skill(s).

I might get 200M Hunter/Farming because they seem pretty close.

#5338950 200M in all Skills

Posted by Suomi_Finland on 08 December 2012 - 06:14 PM

Jake/Drumgun #1 to 200M all.

Suomi quit, you didn't see him gain any XP.

#5320591 200M in all Skills

Posted by Suomi_Finland on 23 October 2012 - 02:42 PM

Well keeping track of all the current contenders and upcoming prodigies is always fun. :) Also gives us a rough idea of who will max first and second, especially since Suomi is gone, more competition will ensue (look at Conezs).

Suomi has been holding the throne for too long, and all discussion has been about him and him alone. Although I admit this thread will never return to it's old pace for a long time, but hopefully tracking the top 10 will be more interesting now, as Jake isn't that far ahead of Elvis anyway.


I won't be posting here much anymore since don't want this thread to go off-topic and cause arguments but this wasn't easy decision for me at all. I know it's so weird how I wanted this for so long and did everything I could to make it to 5B XP and made it so close and then I lost almost all my motivation/love/interest for this game. I guess it just proves I am just a human like everyone else.

I know it was a huge surprise to so many people and it was to me too, ages ago I couldn't know this game would end up this way.

I remember I said this in my tip.it interview long time ago:

"It's nice that people think I might be first to 200M in all skills, but we have to remember that I am human just like everyone else, anything can happen. Anyway, 200M in all skills is just a goal, I am not saying I will get there for sure. I am going to take it one day at a time and see how far I get. It's nice that people believe in me though and want to help me. It feels great and makes me want to reach this goal even more. I really hope to see someone get 200M in all skills even if it's not me."

I really tried my best to get 200M all Skills and didn't want to let people down but I got so sick of seeing Sof/solomon promotions nonstop, they never going to stop. I don't want to be one of those people who quit RuneScape and then still come back on forums to complain how RS is waste of time and you shouldn't play it.

There was so many other reasons too, I couldn't handle all the attention. I tried to avoid maxing as long as I can but then Elias quit at 3B and people said it's impossible to get past it and my 200M all Skills goal is ruined so I trained all buyables and everything I could do to get past it and see if it was really true.

I knew I couldn't handle being Rank 1 for very long, always been lone wolf and tried to avoid attention as much as I can but in the same time I really wanted to reach 200M all Skills, always wanted to see someone get it.

Too many things changed and too fast, I thought quitting YouTube would help to get away from all the attention but it was too late now. People came to me everyday to ask to make more videos and said how I inspired them, always appreciated it so much but in the same time it made me really bothered because I wanted people to see me as another person just like them.

So many things changed after I got Rank 1, people started to treat me differently. I used to play Private On all the time and my ignore list was empty but I couldn't do it anymore of course because was getting so many messages. I got really frustrated and started playing Private Off all the time. I used to be friends with lots of people here on tip.it but of course I lost so many of them because I wasn't able to answer everyone like I used to in the past.

RS changed too so much in short time, I thought about quitting after Jagex released buyable spins but I was so close now and still had lots of hope Jagex would change direction. More and more sof/solomon promotions started coming and I was really starting to get sick of it but people had supported me so much, I didn't wanna let myself and other people down.

Then the hiscore glitch happened and I went back to Rank 2k overall, where I used to be for ages when I was getting 200M skills and loving it. I realised how much I missed it and knew it would never come back.

I guess you could say I played too much, the game changed too much, so many things changed and so fast. It wasn't just burnout or whatever you want to call it.

Of course it's natural if people do something for ages and for so many hours a day you will get bored/sick of it eventually but it isn't simple as that. I am going to take very long break from everything RS related and will try to come back someday. I want to do other things with my life now, missed IRL so much.

I am not trying to sound ungrateful or anything like that for all the support I have gotten. Or try to seek attention, now on I will make videos if I have something to say so people can choose if they read/watch it or not.

I thought about quitting without saying anyone anything but I thought posting here is the least I can do after all the support I have gotten and everything.

This isn't troll or anything like that, I guess people don't really know me since I never gave people a chance to know me. I would have gotten hacked/ddosed etc so many times if I would have been more open and would have never made this far.

I am done with school/work but still the way I played RuneScape is no way to live a life, part of me still wants to get 200M all Skills really bad but I know this is the right decision.

Also not looking for sympathy or anything like that, it was my decision and just gotta learn from your mistakes and try to be a better person in the future.

I understand all the hate/judgement towards me because I took advantage of free trade and some training methods. Sadly it was part of the game and I couldn't change it and in the same time I really wanted to see someone get 200M all Skills.

I really hope that someone who has never accepted donations/help from other people would make it to 200M all Skills first but that's impossible to prove.

Anyway this isn't farewell post or anything like that, getting 200M all Skills just isn't as simple as you could think.

Even if I made it to 5B XP first I know there would be no video or anything I could do to thank people enough for all the support and everything over these past 10 years.

Also when New skills coming it's going to be so much different when SOF/solomon is around, Jagex could use them to their advantage and I am pretty sure they will. Jagex is a company after all and they need to make money. Sadly this isn't the same game anymore for me.

I am not even blaming just Jagex for all this. Lots of people been sending messages on YouTube saying I should do something to save rs and I feel so helpless, I can't really do anything. I am just another player just like anyone else. I wish I could change rs but I can't. Jagex could do so much more for this game to make it better and I have tried to talk with some Jagex mods but they are busy with work of course and I am not blaming them. Those Jagex mods probably have no power over some of these updates anyway. Always appreciated people a lot for taking time to talk with me.

So many good things left in this game, just not the same game for me.

Also the community changed so much, I see people fighting everywhere about anything possible.

Sorry but I just couldn't take it anymore, gonna take long break and then see from there.

Not gonna hold grudges against anyone, all the hate/attention/judging is part of the game and being Rank 1.

Hopefully someone else will be better as Rank 1 since I know my time is pretty much over, I wasn't the right person for that. I know people keep talking about hours and my lead and whatever but new skills coming soon and things will change a lot then.

I know I won't and can't move on from RS 100%, I will still be around at some point and I am not saying I will NEVER EVER get 200M all Skills but just isn't very likely considering the current state of this game.

I really hope you can understand this and wish you all the best.

#5319417 200M in all Skills

Posted by Suomi_Finland on 20 October 2012 - 01:18 AM

I am pretty sure that I won't be getting 200M all Skills. Was going to upload video about it earlier but still need to think about it. Pretty sure though.

Main reasons: The game isn't anything like it was over 10 years ago when I started. I have no trust in Jagex anymore. I got pretty much everything and even more than I wanted from this game, it was amazing. So many great memories/moments, it was a pleasure reading this thread too long time ago. Of course it's a shame this game ended up this way but nothing I can do about it.

Also I don't wanna ruin it for other people, other people deserve a chance too to get 200M all Skills first.

This thread and RS was so much more interesting for me when I wasn't maxed yet and people didn't think I was going to be there first.

I still log in sometimes to do Farm runs when I feel like it but going to Lapland to skii soon so won't be doing those either.

Probably uploading video at some point explaining more reasons but I doubt I am going to change my mind.

But honestly it was amazing reading this thread long time ago. Thanks so much to everyone for all the support and everything, I never thought I could make it this far.

In my opinion it will be very interesting to see who will make it to 200M all Skills first if it wasn't me. Of course I will still be following RS updates and this thread like I have before.

Not going to disappear anywhere like Zarfot and many other people did when they quit. I understand why they did it though.

But honestly thank you so much, I still hope to see someone get 200M all Skills someday.

Might be hard to understand why I would stop like this when I am so close but just gotta do what feels the best for you.

#5101063 200M in all Skills

Posted by Suomi_Finland on 21 November 2011 - 02:46 AM

Me either, I ride on my exercise bicycle while playing.