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I have retired and came here to say Goodbyes! I AM BACK ! !

25 April 2007 - 04:07 PM

I started playing on 30.3.2003 and stopped playing on 30.3.2007. And btw, I didn't do it on purpose. I just noticed that today and that's the main reason why I posted. I had the dates on my calendar. Really funny in my opinion. Maybe it was ment to be like that.

I don't have posted here a lot and I bet that I am pretty unknown to most of you, but it's good and it will be that way since I am retired now. I enjoyed RuneScape a lot and I can really say that it changed my life. In my opinion it's still the best game ever made. And the reason is that RuneScape is full of nice people and that makes it worth playing. Without the people I would have never played RuneScape.

I have played RuneScape for 2 years and the other 2 years was the time I wasn't playing. Other break lasted for 1 year and it was my first break and before that I gave all my stuff away and got nothing back... nice people, eh? :P And I didn't play during any holidays, so 2 years I played RuneScape. I had the first break after my first month in members and I gave all my stuff away because I thought I was never going to be p2p again. But I got members for 5 months and in my opinion I did pretty well.

I was 1,5 years f2p and 0,5 years p2p. No lies and I am sure you can belive me because I was kind of nolifer. Didn't play too much thought since I play very effectively. I played about 2-4 hours during the week because I got school and like 4-8 during the weekend and sometimes during weekends I didn't play at all and I just chilled. I never played at holidays because we always went away from home and I don't have internet connection with me, so sad. :(

This is my story, I hope you read it all, I know I am boring. You can rate my stats if you want to. I don't have any pictures of my account anymore because I deleted them all since I am never going to play RuneScape again. But just look up my stats, I know you can do it. And just btw, I was 4. best f2p with 1224 skill total in RuneScape before joining members. Thank you all and


EDIT: I am back now. I have been back after 1.5.2007. Never say never. :wink: