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Member Since 12 Aug 2004
Offline Last Active Nov 14 2006 08:55 AM

Think about Buy World of Warcraft

26 April 2006 - 03:00 PM

Before I gonna buy World of Warcraft and I still don't make decide if I gonna buy WOW yet even I played Warcraft 3 before. I know there have monthly fee but £8.99 in my homeplace and I can afford it.

But main reason is "is this worth game?" Don't tell me like "IT'S OWNS", "BEST MMORPG EVER" etc. I just want to know how this good game is and why people claim it's great game. I don't want to waste my money to buy this game if I play it for a few days or weeks then don't play again.

Please post here. :wink:

PS. If you start notice something about me. Yes I don't play Runescape a lot as I did last year ago. You'll probably see my stats as one of reasons. But I play Runescape for fun at the moment.

Hidden Update = Fix Grinding Bones

04 January 2006 - 10:59 PM

Big big rant,

Grinding was superslow already, now I was about to grind to 99 prayer, bought all bones etc.

Well, I just started to grind a few bones, and notice a weird delay which I didnt see before. I was all exited about getting 99 prayer and I was happy I started.

Well that being happy was gone after about 5 bones. It was slow already, but no delays, those delays are so annoying that im not even gonna start with grinding now.

The delay is made like lag or something, and who likes lag? You use bone on it and it takes 2 seconds to put it in: HOW ANNOYING.

Im very disappointed about this, thanks alot for this.

First you made collecting slimes easier, well I can understand that, but I rather collect slimes slower as having delay while grinding. Sorry but this is one of the worsest updates ever.

Thanks for reading.

If you don't understand much then you should try grind more than 10 bones yourself. Also you might think extra 40 seconds per trip is just big deal then you should try more than a trip. It's three times painful than it was. I have more than 6500 dragon bones in my bank. It's worstest.

My goal has change to combat 123 instead of combat 124 that I would use bury method if Jagex don't fix this grind bones for up to two weeks. But Jagex ruin my goal and I can't afford to stay use ecto method for more time than it was.

From now... I hate hidden updates. Why Jagex always do like that without announce? It was happened a lot. Lots of people complained about it in the past. Are Jagex scared to announce?

Good job, Jagex. :roll:

P.S. Read this post before you make post.

Toy Horse Guy and Holiday Items

30 May 2005 - 05:40 PM

Do you know Toy Horse guy at Draynor Village who sale toy horses and spinning wheels?

I really think Jagex *SHOULD* add all party hats, halloweens, santa hats and other holiday items on Toy horse guy's sale. No I don't jealous because I don't have any holiday items but it's already ruining on Runescape money. For example, red partyhat was around 8 millions last Autumn 2004. Guess what? It's over 22 millions gp now. All three halloweens are over 1 million each now. Also santa hats are over 1 million. It's stupidest and I blame almost every merchant people for ruining this Runescape money.

If all holiday items on Toy Horse guy's sale and it would improve on Runescape money (of course there would always complain and never stop complain. It's just life). That's my dream and I really hope it would become true. Any thought?.

BTW! Please don't flaming on this topic. If you do flaming and you ruining this topic. Thank anyway.

Crazy Frog Advert is soo annoying...

20 May 2005 - 11:44 PM

That's when I watched some advert break on the television. Suddenly crazy frog advert appeared and I watched it for first time in a few days ago. I like what? What's hell with crazy frog ride motorcycle on the air and talked strange something... blah... blah. It's totally unfunny for me. Crazy frog advert is stupid and I don't need to download some ringtones for my mobile phone.

Next day later. It started appeared too much like two times per advert break. Wahhhhhh! It's most annoying television advert I had ever seen. The television would better if this advert put off. Any thought about Crazy Frog advert?

For people who don't know what Crazy Frog advert then click here.

EDIT - .com/GingeUK/petition.html]http://www.[ForbiddenSite].com/GingeUK/petition.html is proof but I don't like [ForbiddenSite].com. Oh well...

Friday 29th April 2005 is my bad day

30 April 2005 - 12:47 PM

1) I went to first lesson in the University... It was C# Programming (OMG I hate it). It was too boring.

2) After first lesson then over three hours I do nothing but just checked Internet. It was so boring...

3) Only three students instead of over 15 students in my second lesson. It was unfair for most students who skipped it and went home early. I stayed there for 2pm to 4pm. Another boring lesson...

4) I found my assignment was refer. I might blame my mate for less worked than mine and his report seem suck. I don't feel happy about it then went home.

5) My favourite shirt was accident cutted by door handle without I noticed it. Poor shirt... :cry:

6) I missed Exer meeting trip for installed new Norton AntiVirus 2005. I found it was crashed and cancelled also cancelled meeting tonight. Thanks to noob people who ruined it.

ARGHHHHHH!! God, you better make my good day today plz!!!