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Member Since 01 May 2006
Offline Last Active Feb 12 2011 07:09 AM

Is the Zaryte Bow the best at anything?

29 January 2011 - 04:56 AM

OK, the Zaryte Bow's probably been out long enough that someone will have found out where it truely shines. At the moment, I've heard that all it has going for it is it's an alternative to Chaotic Crossbow for the DG haters. It might also be good at TDs. Would be funny if Nex was weak to it, but that would mean no Divine/Ely/Spectral/DFS.

80 Agility, all 80s.

04 August 2010 - 12:13 AM

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I'm standing in the same place I got all 70s over 3 years ago. And Agility past 70 is still just as useless as it was back then. Where's a 90+ shortcut that cuts through the north wall of Shilo Village allowing for super fast RCing with Karamja Gloves? Where's a 95+ shortcut that allows direct access to GWD bosses without KC? It would take something like that, or me getting 99 in everything else for me to even consider training Agility that high without years of Penguin Points/Effigies.

Before Jagex increases the level caps to 120 ...

11 July 2010 - 02:49 AM

They need to make all skills like Summoning and Herblore, where they give you an actual reason(skillcapes don't count) to get into the upper 90s. Not like Woodcutting which stops at 75, or Agility where there's no useful shortcuts past 70. If I don't want to get 99 in a skill now, then why would I want to get 120 in it if the cap was raised? Also if they did raise the caps to 120, they would need to provide a reason for doing so, since 104m is a lot higher than 13m. This should put a stop to all the "OMG Dungeon goes up to 120, so other skills will too soon."

Edit: Just for fun, I wanted to see what level you would be with 120 in all combat stats. If RS Wiki's formula is accurate, you would be level 168.

Best way to catch Kinglys?

27 June 2010 - 06:21 AM

Just got 88 Hunter and can now pot for Kinglys. I was wondering what the best way to catch them is. Is it solo? duo? hopping worlds? staying on one world and catching all 5 over and over? I think the best way might be to get 5 people, 1 at each spawn. In theory, that should give each of the 5 more Kinglys than all 5 trying to solo. Of course I'm talking about Mos Le Harmless and not Puro Puro.

The death of making money by skilling.

10 June 2010 - 11:58 PM

In the beginning of RS, long before I played, skills were THE way to make money. I've read stories of how Bluerose13x, the first to 99 Smithing sold Rune 2hs for 1m each(100m+ by our standards today probably). Now let's fast forward to mid-late 2005 when I started playing. I made my money mostly by skills doing some combat on the side. By early-mid 2006 my main moneymakers were Barrows and Runecrafting. As I leveled my Runecrafting higher and higher, I dreamed of 91, where I could make a guaranteed 1m an hour, incredible money at the time. I also did more and more combat, getting 85 Slayer at level 112 January 2007.

My first 99 was Fletching, achieved at total level 1837, after getting 85 Mining in order to alch in the Heros Guild. Now for June 2007, I read behind the scenes and learn that Dark Bows are coming. I instantly start training Slayer like crazy to get my 88 Slayer to 90 before the update. I succeed, and end up getting 5 Dark Bow drops. Those drops, along with a solo D Chain from KQ, allowed me to buy 99 Prayer(D Bones ran about 1.3k ea). After getting 99 Prayer, I decided to chase level 126 via Slayer, since I had already knocked out the hardest part.

God Wars comes out about a week after I get 99 Str at level 124. I get owned trying to solo the bosses at first, but soon find a safespot for Zammy, and later Bandos. I made like 40m+ in 2 days at the Bandos safespot with 2 solo Bandos Plates, absolutely unimaginable before GWD was out. I get level 126 October, and eventually start fooling around with solo Arma. On December 13 2007, I see a Blue drop and think, oh 20 Rune Bolts probably. But much to my shock, I picked it up, saw the feathers, and the words "use Armadyl Hilt". I cannot describe the sheer emotion I felt as I realized I had just soloed a ONE HUNDRED TWENTY MILLION drop. Before GWD, 120m would have been 8 Dragon Chains, some major luck at Barrows, or a lot of Runecrafting. and I had just gotten it off one drop, killing 1-2 Armadyl bosses per trip.

Summoning comes out and I instantly want the new level 138 to become even more powerful. My PVM capabilities evolve over time until I'm easily soloing 15-20+ GWD bosses a trip. I eventually did get 91 Runecrafting, but it's almost pointless to use it for money, considering what I can do at GWD or TDs. My point after all of this, is that I think money making via skills is severely underpowered compared to making money via PVM. The only viable method I see right now of making good money with skills is Hunting for Kingly Implings. And that is honestly better at generating "street value" than real money. I could have rushed all my buyable skills to 99 a while ago, but I chose not to simply because I see those skills as almost pointless because they do nothing to help me in PVM. I felt that way about Herblore for a while, but as soon as I found out what Overloads did with Sara Brews, I happily dropped 80m+ powerleveling it to 95.

In conclusion, I don't feel that making money by PVM is "overpowered" or anything like that. What I do feel is that money making via skills is essentially obsolete.