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Member Since 13 Aug 2004
Offline Last Active Sep 29 2012 08:47 PM

In Topic: Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

28 September 2012 - 06:26 PM

Well, greetings again!

I'm gonna keep this blog alive, because somewhere in here is awesome instructions on how to post a pic, so...I'll need that. Hehe.

I had an interesting thing happen. *posts pic of level-up graphics, showing 98 slayer*

So, it hits me... wow, only one more level of combat. Unlike most of my fellow elders, its my favorite part of this silly game. I'm 99 hp, att, str, def, mag, range. 136 combat level, not 138, but its because of summoning and whatever other garbage they put in the combat level formula.

But after this slayer level, It'll just be wasted xp. Hmph!

Well, gotta finish it up with a bang.....

Gotta get 96 herblore for Overloads. Check. (Wow, that was a CHORE!)
Gotta get 95 prayer for that new prayer. Check. (Thanks, hacker, for burning my 4k dragon bones on my character! Was not looking forward to that!)
Gotta get Summoning for unicorn. Check.
Gotta get the best armor..... Uh... yeah... maybe not. Insane prices.
Gotta get the best weapons.....

Now, that's a little tricky. I really don't know much about new stuff. But it looks like the chaotic stuff is heads above, so I need the best stab weapon in the game, the best slash, and the best pound. 600k dungeoneering tokens later, and I have the crossbow, the rapier, and the CLS, I guess I still need the hammer, but I just might decline those tasks, as I'll have lots of slayer points.

The thought of getting another 200k dung tokens revolts my soul. I'll never get the completion cape. 120 dung levels? Like 8 times my current exp level? No thanks!

But I gotta get that hammer. Or do I?

Or.... is there a better crush weapon??

Slayer tour ahead. I am going to be seeing all the masters, and reliving ancient assignments. First one was abb spectres. Holy Herbville, Batman! Much better than before. Better bring a BoB! Clues galore!

I will be tracking how much money slayer makes me, and I killed some mith dragons for cash, but after one task, with all the clues, I'm at 3M gp profit.

Task 1 - Abberent Spectres, Slayer Tower: Weak to slash, requires slayer mask, deadly if forgotten. Drops herbs galore, lots of level 3 clues, and some lava battlestaffs.
Magic attack is much less wicked than it used to be, and can be managed without prayer for high level players. Still deadly for low to mid range level players. Can hunt without a task. Keep you clue finding gear on you.

In Topic: Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

27 January 2012 - 04:13 PM

SGS is only 23.4m :P
Let's go to Dag kingssssssss

What you say?? Gotta check that out!

In Topic: Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

27 January 2012 - 03:25 PM

The last time I went to Dag Kings was maybe 3 years ago. Have there been changes since I've been away? lol. I have a feeling its gonna be completely different, I trip over my noobie shoes, and leave a gravestone I am stressing to get back to, only to die again.

You know, I'll do a couple suicide trips.. just to get a feel of 3 years worth of changes, and let you know.

As for the SGS, I'm mining rune to make cash. TONS more rune miners. Back in my day it was pretty rare to have 85 mining, or whatever it takes to mine rune. But they're still great cash, at just over 10k per. A load with a turtle, over a million.

But what a daunting number. 100 million. Have been mining rune like crazy (so much of it out of the wild now, but lots of competition) and I'm still only at 8 million. I know, its only been like 2 days.... but.......

Getting 92 million mining rune is not a fun thing to think about.

I guess I'll work on my DK skills. It will actually be fun to do some suicides down there. You still keep three items when you die, right???? lol

In Topic: Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

25 January 2012 - 01:39 AM

Well, that was unexpectedly fast. :P

Yeah, seemed too easy, right? Well, I just seemed to forget about one of my favorite weapons I used before the hack... Sara Godsword.

Yep, still need my SGS.

Wow. Bummer. They are like 100M in GE.

Yep, gotta replace the SGS. Maybe some of my old boss hunting buddies wanna see about getting lucky, and try for a hilt drop. I got the first one as a drop, but I'm so scardey-cat over all the changes, I"ll probably walk into the room and go... What the heck is this?? I don't know if they fixed the solo-ing.

You could stand behind a certain rock, and just long range the boss. It was very easy... I was doing like 10 per trip. Did they nix that?


I got a big item to get. THat's gonna take a long time. You were right. That was too easy.

In Topic: Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

23 January 2012 - 04:05 AM

Wow. Torstal is a goldmine.

When your slaying, there are assignments for guys that drop the seeds. Not that rare, for some guys. And since its the highest level herb,

(is that right still? I've heard alot of herblore coming back... well lets just say the chatter I hear I don't fully understand anymore. I have heard there is a new herb as well. And the different farming locations I haven't even been to yet. Anyway....)

So... I ask the question on elders chat about an herb that is just insanely over priced right now, and that rumor is why I was at GE. Someone mentioned Torstal, and my first thought was "no, that wasn't it. I'd remember that one", and then elder ones started talking about the prices on it.

So I had 28 torstol seeds, and 43 herbs. Just from saving them up as drops. Never even knew what potions they made. Just been banking them since they came out. plopped them in GE and wow...

Posted Image

So yeah. 8.6 million for the seeds, another 1.6 for the random herbs I've been keeping, and that price I got for the seeds.... was almost exactly how much dragonfire shields were going at. As you can see, I pulled the trigger, and have a DFS again.

And absolutely no more torstol, except the bank marker.


Posted Image

That's much better. Much much better! I feel whole again.

Seriously. I feel whole, done-kinda-whole.

I'm gonna search this blog for lists of things I needed, because I really feel done. I feel rebuilt. Is it true all I'm missing from before the hack is about 43M in cash? All items replaced, party hat excluded? I'll have to comb through the blog and see if I listed stuff I needed early on.

Rebuilding this thing was sooooo much easier than I thought. But dragon plate was 8M, for some reason, I thought it was 48M. The DFS was an herb I have no interest in I had laying in the bank. The dragon gear donations were unexpected, and officially the coolest part about this little adventure. Ya'll made that part of this blog very cool, very very cool indeed. Dragon weapons were all taken care of by ya'll. I didn't have to replace a single weapon, except breaking one of my rules about not taking free stuff. For those of you who randomly wanted to give me something in the past, might have gotten the "I don't take stuff for free" speech. I drew an exception on this adventure, and it was the most rewarding thing about this blog. Still trying to figure that out. #-o

Okay, new goal is just get the 50M cash and the account is recovered, minus the party hat. ( Man, that was the happiest thing about coming back. Seeing a red phat I got ages ago being so freaking expensive. But I always said I never would have sold it, and I never would have. )

So, I am so close to 99 slayer.....

Posted Image

...and I'm a little bummed out, because I thought I was closer. :D

What's gonna come first..... 99 slayer or 50M?

*edits* Oh yeah... gotta replace the fury.