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Member Since 13 Aug 2004
Offline Last Active Sep 29 2012 08:47 PM

Return and Recovery - :LEESTERS Blog

18 January 2012 - 03:25 PM

Hi folks!

Yes, its Leesters. After years of retirement, I have been lured back to the game. It took my account being hacked for that to happen, but I'm back.

This will be my recovery blog.

The sad part is that I will never recover my red partyhat, but oh well. Nothing is more useless, anyway.

The not-so-sad part is that I WILL recover my dragon plate, DFS, and the myriad of other things that were taken from me.

My account was left at GE with plenty of junk still in my bank, plenty of valuables taken, and 3M GP left on it.

So, thats a good place to start. This is my recovery blog.

I want my dragon plate back. I want my Barrows sets back. I want my 50M cash back. I want my runes back.

This is a blog about making money.

It starts with a 3M cash, a set of rune armor, and a daily goal of making as much money as fast as I can.

First thing I have to do is get my dragon weapons back. I'm gonna kill mith dragons until I get enough cash to get my weapons

So, here we go! Updates on money made, items replaced, and adventures had will be coming.

And to my boss hunting teams? Get ready!

Here we gooooooooo!

New Treasure Trails Wildy Co-ordinates

11 December 2007 - 03:31 AM

Okay, Tip.It has changed alot, so I'm not sure where to put this.

With todays new update, there is a new clue co-ordinate. So, I'm submitting to the crew, so they can update the Treasure Trail guide.

Move this to where it belongs, please.

The Coordinates are....

18 3 North

25 16 East

It is located in the wilderness, in some cage with deadly red spiders, just west of the new Clan War Arena. Its against the east wall.

Here is a picture.

Posted Image

LEESTERS REBORN - Lost in Albion - Last page.

22 July 2007 - 02:52 AM

Well, it was just a matter of time. They do the same thing every time. Right when I'm getting bored with updates that kept me going and stop playing, they knock a couple new updates out of the park.

Dragon Large? Dragonfire Shield? Mith Dragons? 30 rooms for my house??? Dark Beast Bow? Sold. I'm back.

And then it happened. The goals re-evolve. 99 Prayer? Before I left, it was a strong goal. On my return, its low on the list.

When I came back, Juna made me realize I'm only 4k exp away from getting my only skill under 70... level 70 runecrafting. So, I got the level, and looked at the bottom of my board.

Construction 80

Farming 80

RC 70

And then it evolved. I am now going to get every level on the board at 80 or 90. (I despise RC. 70 is good enough) Starting from the bottom up. Right now, the bottom two rows are all at 80 or 70. Except for Slayer. Its 88.

Hi Duradel. How ya been? Line me up some tasks, old pal, would you please? I'm going on a farewell slayer tour for my finaly level 90. One autograph per family, please.

And then the house.... Because I'm such a nerd, the house design must be perfect. And with 26 rooms, I was joyful in the possibilities. I planned a full dungeon. I planned a three story house. Upstairs is all the games and combat rooms. Downstairs is a really nasty dungeon. The bad news, is I had to tear out rooms with millions of marble in it, and redecorate. Now, I have two teleport rooms, that need 15 marble blocks. Gulp. (If you said "Huh?", marble blocks sell for 325k each)

I have to make money. Sounds familiar.

Hi Rex. How ya been? I'll be needing a few of those pretty axes if you don't mind. Thanks. Now assume your postion.

Rex, I said...Hey, where you going?! Uhh.... what the.... Rex!!

What are you doing?? You have new dance moves! You're not supposed to go that way. Straight line please! Did you forget? No, did I? No. Of course not. Ow! You missed me, eh? Ow! You're supposed to stand still and be a nice.. OW! Okay, thats it... click. I'm outta here.

One of many common moments making me feel like a newbie. There were too many conversations that had "Whats that?" in it.

And I just found out they have Dragon Arrows now? So, we've discovered the missing dragon ore rock? Or do we cheat and use dragonstone chisels?

And Hey! Whats this?? I spent a good dedication for sure to filling up my armor wardrobe in my house. And now there are three new outfits that MUST be added.

I enjoyed Temple Trekking for awhile. Thats where you get the Lumberjack outfit. Did you know the full outfit impoves your exp when woodcutting? I need to get to 83 WC to 90. I'm gonna need that, and I collect everything in the house wardrobes. Hopefully one day, I can see them completey full.

Anyway.... I enjoyed Temple Trekking for awhile. Lots of goodies. All of them for skills I need to improve. And I'm not talking dinky things here. Big rewards. Hundreds of bowstrings. Just from one reward. I have more silver bars than I ever have because of this game. And the things you pick up on the way. Way cool. Anyone need any Nail Beast Claws? Makes a really cool potion.

I enjoyed it for awhile. Until I piled up 5 boots, 2 hats, and not one leg or chest piece to be found. Its like Rogues Den all over again. If I call you a nasty name online, I'm getting another pair of boots. But I will keep trying. I have to.

So, this new game has me going to the Mith Dragons for the new goodies, all the other things I do to make money, and taking slayer assignments.

1) Mith Dragons - I'll update you on my trips. I'm getting better and better. I can do almost 10 dragons per trip. Ranging with uber mage defense and range bonus. Using Ruby bolts for the first half, and diamond bolts for under half hitpoints. 3 pray pots, 1 4dose range, and 1 4dose antifire.

So far, nothing but ancient pages (4 so far, one was an add for Bob's Axes. lol) lots of rune battleaxes, but no dragon helm or shield thingy. Visalage or something? Visage? Visal? Whatever. I'm gonna get it.

2) Slayer is down under 100k for level! Woot! Its slow exp, but the black mask is such a huge help. Improves training speed greatly! When I get 90 slayer, I have to add Dark Beasts to the list, because there's a new "best bow" in town, and I have to have it.

3) I have a 10 million dollar buffer. I don't wanna go under that and make myself poor. So, I've spent about 8 million on the new house. 4 million I had, and 4 million I've made. I have made some more, have about 2 million of incomes, and I have 11k deaths now, so I'll sell 10k. Thats 3 million. So, I'm good to finish my marble house. Minor touch ups aside.

Anyway... its nice to be back. If we were on each other friends list, and you deleted me because I was gone, I'd like to see you again.

Nice to see you all again. I'm looking forward to writing about my new adventures.

Here's one..... Trojann was on when I first logged on. Walked me through getting into the Mith dragons... Told me how to burn a log with a bow... I was just a blind man following.

Here, jump in this whirlpool! Okay

Here, come down here! Okay

Here, get killed by really nasty green dragons and waterfiends that attack you against whatever you're not praying and hit for 20. Okaaaay!

Here, take back your death pile. Whew.

Thanks for the fun!

Runescape is fun again. Join me.

The Perfect way to get 85 Fletching!

04 April 2007 - 03:59 AM

It was just perfect. I couldn't write a better script.

It was my last threshold goal on the board. The only one left. Being able to fletch magic longbows. 85 fletching.

The urge finally hit me. Its time.

Now, I'm one of those old timers that likes to earn their own levels. I mine my own ores. I kill my own dragons. And hence, I chop my own trees.

Well, it was painfully obvious, that I was going to have to avoid being stubborn here. Buy the logs and bowstrings, alch the bows, and start over. Its just the RS fletching way, beacuse chopping my own yew trees to get 500k in exp is out of the question. So, thats what I did.

But when I got to the end, I thought it would be fitting to chop one load of of my own yew logs and spin one load of flax to get the level. I'm just like that.

As Valerie was witness, I wandered out of Edgeville bank, and ceremoniously went to cut my load of yews.

Bam. Nest. Wow.

Bam. Magic Seed. WOW!

One load of Yews. One load to level to magic bows. One seed to make my own magic tree.


I got my sparkle, admired the pretty "You can now make magic long bows" in my chat box, gave my bows to Valerie as a level gift, and went to plant my new tree.

I planted it, and went to the bank to pay the farmer.

It takes 25 coconuts. I had exactly 25 coconuts in my bank.


What a perfect story. I shall never kill that tree in Falador park. Never.

99 Pryaer blog will continue again soon. As soon as I get to 78/80 hunting, 69/70* RC, and 76/80 construction. *levelnow/goal

71/80 agility and smithing can wait.

I have bones to burn, baby. I have bones to burn.

Drill Demon Fixed! Woot

03 April 2007 - 06:58 AM

Sometimes a hidden update will make me very happy.

I've been waiting for a drill demon random event for a year now. He just never showed up.

Have gotten the other randoms hundreds of times, but never that Drill Demon. My house is missing one outfit. Camo.

But as some of you may have noticed today, the Drill Demon is out of hibernation. Time to do your exercises, players, because he's baaaack!

I'm assuming there was a bug or program error that has been hanging around for awhile now taking the Drill Demon out of the random dice. I assume they fixed it.

Thank you Jagex. I need my camo.

Two pieces in one day. Did you get your camo today?