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16th 99 and 2300 total levels

15 July 2009 - 04:05 PM

I had gotten some Firemaking Brawlers so I decided to knock out another 99. Firemaking Brawlers are great. It took 4K Magic Logs to go from 94-99 FM.

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138/2200/99/99/99/20M/4 - Find out what they mean...

29 October 2008 - 08:33 PM

Here are some of my October Highlights

Started the month off with a maxed out combat level...

Posted Image

And my skilling kick got me these two levels (and a nice total level)...

Posted Image

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And then I decided to get my last combat 99...

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And just so you don't think I went soft, I still do some killing...

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And here is a pretty good Dark Beast task...

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99 #9 - SUMMONING!

06 September 2008 - 08:03 PM

I finally knocked out 99 Summoning!

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I was already 99 Slayer before Summoning, but I still did a lot of Slayer for Charms. I also did some Rock Lob bursting, but I limited myself by not buying any Death Runes. No idea how much it cost in total. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know :D . Just got a Red Dragon Egg. Time to go hatch it.


99 Slayer and 2000 Total Levels!!!

20 December 2007 - 06:55 PM

I was racing a Clanmate to 2000 Total Levels and I decided to end the competition in style...

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Complete Varrock Achievement Diary Guide

11 September 2007 - 07:07 PM

If you try to do the Varrock Diary tasks in the order that Jagex lists them you will be running around all over the place and doing a lot of needless, duplicate work. So I tried to group the tasks together and make routes that will help you complete the tasks a lot faster. This guide assumes that you have all of the necessary pre-requisites for each task and groups the Easy, Medium and Hard tasks together.

(TIP - If you are within 6 Levels of the Farming or Smithing requirements, you can try making Dave's Evil Stew. If you decide to do this, then catch Hellrats in Evil Dave's Basement. Hellrats count towards getting your Cat Medal and you can stock up on the spices you will need for your stews)

Some tasks couldn’t be grouped together. These include:

Select a colour for a new kitten – If you don’t have a kitten or non-overgrown cat, go to Gertrude’s house west of Varrock and talk to her while wearing a Ring of Charos(a). Buy a kitten and select it’s color. If you already have a kitten or non-overgrown cat, you must either wait for it to grow to an overgrown cat, release it, or trade it in West Ardougne for 100 Death Runes (if its not a kitten). Since you have to catch 100 rats with a non-overgrown cat, it’s best to get a kitten and let it grow into a cat before you try catching the rats. So you might want to do this first.

Teleport to the Digsite using a digsite pendant – Go to any furnace with a Necklace Mould, a Gold Bar, a Cut Ruby, 1 Cosmic Rune, and 5 Fire Runes/Fire Staff. Craft a Ruby Necklace, enchant it, and use it to tele to the Digsite.

Talk to Romily Weaklax and give him a wild pie – Romily Weaklax is located on the ground floor of the Cooking Guild and you need a Chef’s Hat or Cooking Cape to enter the guild. Wild Pies cost around 10K to buy from another player or you can make your own with 85 cooking, raw bear, raw rabbit, and raw chompy meat. Obviously the raw chompy is the hardest ingredient to gather as they require Ogre/Composite Ogre Bow, Ogre/Brutal Arrows, Bellows, and Toads. If you decide to make your own, you may want to make several and sell them, as they had a decent market before this (because of the +5 Slayer effect), and their demand has gone up. Also, since the cooking level is so high, you may want to use the Lunar Bake Pie spell so you don’t burn any.

Make a Varrock teleport tablet on a mahogany lectern – Luckily you can use anybody’s lectern. You wouldn’t want to create a mahogany lectern just for this as the lectern requires gold leaf.

Use the Home Teleport spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook to teleport to Edgeville – If you aren’t on Ancients, the easiest way to do this is to use a Pharaoh’s Sceptre and use the last teleport option to go to the Ancient Magic Temple. Climb down the temple, go in the back entrance, and pray at the altar. Then use the Home Teleport Spell. Then use the Pharaoh’s Sceptre to switch back to normal Magic. If you don’t have a Pharaoh’s Sceptre, you will have to use Carpet Rides or a Camulet to get to the Ancient Magic Temple.

I've grouped the rest of the tasks together, listed the items that are needed, and provided a route to follow:

Items Needed: Poison Ivy seed (if you don’t already have a grown Poison Ivy bush), any Pickaxe.

Start Location: Champion’s Guild south of Varrock (Combat Bracelet will tele you there)

Enter and exit the Champion’s Guild. Go to the bush patch just west of the Guild. Pick a Poison Ivy if you already have a grown Poison Ivy bush, otherwise plant a Poison Ivy seed (takes about 2 ½ hours to grow). Head southeast and jump over the Fence and back. Head northeast to the southeast mining location and mine one iron ore.

Tasks Completed in this section:

Enter the Champions' Guild

Pick poison ivy from your bush Farming patch in Varrock

Jump over the fence, south of Varrock

Mine some iron ore in the Mining spot, south-east of Varrock

Items Needed: Dramen/Lunar Staff, any Axe, Varrock Teleport Runes/Tablet, 10,000 gp, bone, Red Spider Eggs, Limpwurt Root, Hammer, Addy Bar, Family Crest Guantlets, 2 Dashing Kebbt Furs.

Start Location: Edgeville Bank

Head northwest to Oziach’s house. Have Oziach show you what he has for sale and cancel out. Head east over the bridge and make a waka canoe (do not use the canoe). Head south and use the Fairy Rings. Dial "DKR" to come back through the Fairy Rings. Head northeast and use the Spirit Tree to go to any other location and come back. Head east and use the shortcut under the wall surrounding Varrock. Pickpocket a guard in the courtyard in front of the castle. Enter the castle and pick a fruit from the White Tree in the garden east of the castle. Enter the Castle and climb to the top of the castle in the southeast corner. Teleport to Varrock. Buy a Varrock Herald for 50 gp from Benny just northeast of you. Head west to Zaff’s Superior Staffs and buy a Battlestaff. Head south to Thessalia’s Fine Clothes shop and have her give you a makeover. Cancel out of the makeover. Head south down the road until you run into a stray dog. Use a bone on the dog. Head west to the Apothecary. The Apothecary will give you a Strength potion for 5gp, a Limpwurt Root, and a Red Spider Egg. Head east to the Anvil Room just west of Aubury's Rune Shop and smith an Addy Medium Helmet. Go into Aubury’s Rune Shop and have Aubury teleport you into the Rune Essence mine. Leave the mine. Head southeast through the gate and go into Dimintheis’s house. Drop your Family Crest Guantlets and ask Dimintheis for a new pair. Go into the Fancy Dress Shop next door and trade your 2 Dashing Kebbit furs and 800 gp for a Spottier Cape. Head North to the East Varrock Bank. Buy or steal a cup of tea from Ye olde Tea Shoppe on your way.

Tasks Completed in this section:

Browse through Oziach's Armour Shop

Make a waka canoe near Edgeville

Dial to the fairy ring west of Varrock

Use the spirit tree north of Varrock

Use the shortcut under the west wall of Varrock Palace

Pickpocket a guard in the Varrock Palace courtyard

Pick a fruit from the White Tree

Find the highest point in Varrock

Use the Teleport to Varrock spell

Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald

Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear

Give a stray dog a bone

Have the Apothecary in Varrock make you a Strength potion

Smith an adamantite medium helm on the south-east anvil in Varrock, next to Aubury's Rune Shop

Have Aubury teleport you to the essence mine

Obtain a new set of Family Crest gauntlets from Dimintheis

Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a spottier cape

*WARNING - If you do not have a Charged Air Orb, you will be going into the Wilderness on this step. Do not bring anything you can't afford to lose*

Items Needed: 20,000 gp (more if you want to move your house back and/or restore your house’s finish), cup of tea, Rat Pole (if you have one), Cat, Slashing weapon, Battlestaff, Charged air orb (or uncharged orb, 3 cosmic runes, and 30 air runes/air staff if you don’t have a charged air orb)

Start Location: Varrock East Bank

Head northeast from the bank and enter the Museum. Speak to Haig Halen on the ground floor. Go down the stairs and talk to Orlando Jones. Leave the museum and head northwest to the Estate Agent. Pay the Estate Agent 15,000gp to give your house a tropical wood finish. Pay the Estate Agent 5,000gp to move your house to Rimmington or Taverly. (You can pay to move your house back and/or restore your house’s finish). Leave the Estate Agent and head northeast to the church. Go upstairs and use the cup of tea on Elsie to get her to tell you a story. Leave the church and go southwest and enter the Varrock Sewer. If you don’t have a Rat Pole, speak to Grimesquit and Phingspet to get a new one. Equip your Rat Pole and have your Cat chase the mice near the entrance. After your Cat catches 6 rats to fill your Rat Pole, continue on until your Cat catches 100 total rats (You don't have to keep track, your character will tell you when 100 rats have been caught). Follow the path around and slash the cobwebs with your weapon. Collect some Red Spider Eggs near the spiders and Moss Giants. Climb through the Agility pipe into the Edgeville dungeon. Go north to Vannaka and get a Slayer task. If you don’t have a charged air orb, head northeast into the Wilderness part of the dungeon and climb the ladder north of the Black Demons. Go up the ladder, charge the orb on the Air Obelisk, and go back into the dungeon. Use your Battlestaff with your charged air orb. Follow the path around southeast to the exit. After exiting the dungeon, enter and exit the dungeon again. Head to Gertrude’s house west of Varrock to get your Cat Training Medal.

Tasks Completed in this section:

Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 kudos

Speak to Orlando Smith when you have achieved 153 kudos

Give your player-owned house a fancy stone or tropical wood finish at the Varrock estate agent's Move your player-owned house portal to a different location using the Varrock estate agent's

Have Elsie tell you a story

Get a full complement of rats on your rat pole

Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers

Escape from the spider lair in Varrock Sewers with some red spider eggs

Use the pipe shortcut in Varrock Sewers, near the moss giants

Get a Slayer task from Vannaka

Craft an air battlestaff

Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville

Get a cat training medal from Gertrude

(TIP - If you don't have an Earth Talisman, try killing the Level 13 Earth Wizards near the Air Altar south of Falador. An Earth Talisman is a very common drop)

Items Needed: 20 Mahogany logs, 30K gp, any Axe, Tiara, Earth Talisman, Chaos Talisman/Tiara, Willow Log.

Start Location: Varrock East Bank

Head northeast to the Saradomin Statue. Talk to Anna Jones to get a Bronze Pickaxe and use the Pickaxe on the Statue. Crawl in and out of the crack in the Statue. Go east to the Earth Altar. Use the Earth Talisman on the Earth Altar to enter. Convert your Earth Talisman into an Earth Tiara. Leave the Earth Altar. Go North to the Balloon. Chop down a normal log and use the Balloon to go to Taverly. Use your Willow Log to go back to Varrock. Talk to Sawmill Operator and convert all 20 Mahogany Logs into Planks at once. Climb into the Lumber Yard and chop down a dying tree. Leave the Lumber Yard, and go southeast through the gate near the Earth Altar. Enter and leave the Soul Banes rift to the south. Head east and mine Limestone near the Rag and Bone man.

Tasks Completed in this section:

Take the Dagon-Hai shortcut to the chaos portal

Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman

Craft an earth tiara on the Earth Altar

Use the hot air balloon to travel from Varrock to somewhere else

Buy twenty mahogany planks from the Sawmill Operator in one transaction

Make a plank at the sawmill

Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard

Enter the A Soul's Bane rift

Mine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of Varrock

Items Needed: Skull scepter (if you have one), wet clay, several feathers, fly fishing rod

Start Location: Barbarian village

If you don’t have a Skull Sceptre, enter the Security Stronghold and kill Minotaurs on the first level until you get a Right Skull Half drop. Then go to the second level and kill Flesh Crawlers until you get a Bottom of Sceptre drop. Then go to the third level and kill Catablepons until you get a Top of Sceptre drop. Then go to the fourth level and kill Ankous until you get a Left Skull Half drop. Assemble the Skull Sceptre and use it to teleport to the Barbarian Village.

If you have a Skull Sceptre, use it to teleport to the Barbarian Village, go to the second floor of the Stronghold of Security and then exit the Stronghold. Perform the Flap, Head Slap, Stamp, and Idea emotes. Head south to the pottery hut and use the wet clay on the pottery wheel to make a bowl. Fire the bowl in the pottery oven in the same hut. Head northeast and fly fish until you catch a trout.

Tasks Completed in this section:

Use the skull sceptre to teleport to Barbarian Village

Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security

Perform the four emotes from the Stronghold of Security

Make a bowl on the pottery wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in the Barbarian Village

Catch a trout in the river to the east of Barbarian Village