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#5580447 Chronicle is out.

Posted by Sorator on 29 November 2015 - 07:41 PM

I like it. It definitely takes lots of features and ideas from Hearthstone, but it has its own unique gameplay. Definitely has potential.

Here's some beta keys for any other TIFers needing em (post when you use them, please!):


#5563258 [1-6-15] Tuska World Event

Posted by Sorator on 02 June 2015 - 06:04 AM

110% and 15 cd when used on a normal target (non-slayer etc)


And deal [slayer leve] x100 when used on-task, I'm told.


From my own fiddling and talking with others in node find: The best way to max fragments seems to be non-sparkly agility posts. Either the cap is time-based and sparkly posts have a lower frag chance, or the cap is xp based and each tick has the same frag chance - either way, nonsparkly agil is the way to go to max frags per day. You can get 600-800 points from frags this way in about two rounds of skilling. (Most I've actually seen reported is 163 frags for 815pts; frag totals in the 150s are fairly common.) Skill total doesn't seem to have anything to do with frag chances or frag capping, despite some rumors. Jmods have said that frag chance and capping is the same regardless of what you're doing, but that doesn't seem to actually be the case.


The rest of the islands are decently explained through the in-game help (? on the top right of the minigame bar interface thingy, explains the island you're on), but there are some tricks that aren't explained so well:


  • Holy island: burning the tentacles is the best and easiest method, but if everyone in your group is doing it, you may be better off doing souls. For souls, grab your relic, hop in the grave, find and claim the orange lost soul, then click a tormented soul near the exit point (over by the holy fire), kill the tormented soul (luring it towards the exit if you're using range or mage), exit to claim the tormented soul, then turn in the lost soul charge on your way back to the graves. You can cap the island with just souls this way, though it's a bit close.




  • Seed/flower island: Each flower only gives one seed, and turning in the seeds is the vast majority of your scoring for that island. Roots can grow into a square being blocked by a vine or tentacle; you may need to remove the blocking thing before continuing to nurture it though (haven't tried right-clicking, so I'm not certain if you have to). The team should focus on one or two roots at a time, not split among all three.




  • Agility course island, you teleport to wherever the blinking arrow is at the moment you press the button - the arrow stays put while the person with the gatestone is traversing an obstacle, so if you port to them during that you'll be at the start of the obstacle, not midway through or at the end of it. This is handy if you need to get to the island they're leaving; not so much if you want to get to the island they're going to.




  • Lightning island: General priority should be luring > traps > building pylons > combat. To lure, you should run to the other side of the center energy ball, not run up next to it. Any number of people can trap the same lightning spot and everyone gets the same credit for it. Lightning killed in combat will charge those fighting it, and lured sentient lightning will charge players near the center energy ball; a blue bar shows above your head, along with some instructional text. When this happens, go click the center energy ball to turn in your charge. Once capped for the island, focus on building pylons (and traps, if you want the hunter xp); leave the actual luring for those who haven't yet capped.




  • In general: Meteors are pretty much the best thing to do on any island (flower island meteors give lots of herbs; the others give straight points). Multiple people in combat with the same enemy can all get the full reward when the enemy dies, though there may be a cap to the number of people or a minimum damage threshold on this.




  • You can't get more than 25% per island completed, including your current one... but if you get, say, 15% on the first island, you can get 35% on the next before getting the "you can't get any more on this island" message. So falling behind on one island doesn't mean you can't get 100% for that run.



Harbinger title is at 5x 100% spear hits. You can also get the WE1 titles from skilling between rounds or when completing a round.


I'm told you only have two minutes to do the actual spear hit, once you reach Tuska's head; apparently if you don't, you burst into flame and get sent back down. I don't know how that affects your points.


There's a bug that sometimes you'll only get 999 points instead of 1000 at the end of a run; you can't make up that last point in a subsequent run. Hopefully they'll do a bugfix and round everyone's points up to the nearest increment of 5.

#5556918 [27-04-15] EoC/Legacy Mash Up

Posted by Sorator on 28 April 2015 - 10:04 PM

The thing with micro-t and jamflex is solomans is kinda alright its the shoved down your neck endless th promo items that actually affect gameplay tht suck


Agreed. Vanity items and overrides and such are absolutely fine. That's the main revenue model that League of Legends uses as well, and I think it's a fine way to earn some money from mtx without killing the game.


I'd be pretty okay with TH offering a faster way to get some stuff (like skilling outfits, silverhawks, spring cleaner, and the like), if they were also available in-game. I'm looking forward to the minigame spotlight thingy they've mentioned a few times now, even though I've picked up just about everything over time from free spins.


The heavily game-impacting stuff that you can only win from TH is the problem, as you said, along with the excessive amount of xp/bonus xp.

#5555347 Aquarium – Player-Owned House Update

Posted by Sorator on 22 April 2015 - 04:26 PM

A neat update, though it could in my opinion have been a bit more fleshed out. I would love to have seen some more varied ways to get the different items, as in maybe as a reward from Fish Flingers, perhaps? Now you just have to grind fishing.


I would've loved to see Flingers included in this update somehow; it's one of my favorite minigames to play, but I feel it has slightly lackluster rewards. A decent chance at golden eggs or prawn balls would've pushed it over the line into "excellent rewards" territory for me.




And yes it is mostly just cosmetic. You unlock a few perks like baitless fishing along the way but it may not be worth all the effort unless you're planning to do a substantial amount of fishing.


Well, in that case I should have stuck to my original decision on not reading the first post.



If you're not even going to bother reading the thread then feel free to extend that attitude to not posting as well because you're not contributing anything meaningful to the discussion.



I'll second that.

#5553958 Bank Tabs, Citadel Chat, and the JMod Toolbox

Posted by Sorator on 15 April 2015 - 07:14 PM

I think including rare item tokens was one of the things they did right with Vic.


I'm not buying them, because I don't care a whit for cosmetics, but I know that many others care about them a great deal, so it's nice to see them have a way of earning those rewards other than "buy more keys". (Especially since the tokens are so very, very rare.)


Now if only they hadn't borked the exchange rates all to heck and people could actually reasonably obtain the golem/ethereal outfit pieces...

#5549456 16-Mar-2015 - Ninja Graphical Updates | Skillcapes | Pyramid Plunder

Posted by Sorator on 19 March 2015 - 03:58 PM

I agree that the principle of "let's have a competition for everyone!" and then locking out 15k players from it is rather questionable.


But I doubt that this idea started as a competition. I'm betting it started as someone saying "We have a bunch of players who don't play quests. Why? What's the motivation there? And what can we do to encourage them to play through this massive facet of the game they're currently missing?"


I really think this was a genuine attempt to encourage folks who don't play quests to go play through some, in the hopes that if they do, they'll realize quests are awesome and then play more of them after the competition ends instead of avoiding them like they're the plague. And hey, that's a laudable goal.


I'm not incredibly happy with the results - they could've achieved the same end without insulting folks like me who have and are ridiculously proud of their quest cape - but changing the title definitely helps, and I'm willing to cut them some slack for having solid intentions.



Off-topic, but...

Well, I don't even bother anymore with that kind of crap they're throwing at us. Thr obly ones that win this titel are high levelled Players that kever bothered with lore or questd and are bow rushing through them for the title. That's nog what quests are for. Quests are there tot entertain you, tell a story, immerse yourself in the world, none of this Questival nonsense.

I can't help but wonder if you were commenting on a phone, with that extreme degree of typos... it made me giggle.

#5548809 Polls General Discussion

Posted by Sorator on 15 March 2015 - 11:09 PM

I can't help but notice that they didn't list fansites as an option!


I pass by the front page a few times each week, and I see the newsposts listed in the Lobby, but I generally read the content when it gets posted here, because I wanna talk about it too. Also nice to have the patchnotes easily accessible instead of being linked to the start of the stupid patchnotes thread. (Is it really that hard for them to link to the actual post?)

#5548700 [9-3-15] Boss Practice Mode | Instancing Improvements

Posted by Sorator on 15 March 2015 - 07:04 AM



Standing in corridor no longer counts as a kill and you won't be rewarded anything in the chest if you do that. It was fixed a long while ago.


So yes, you must participate in the kill to be awarded for it.

What we do now is have the leech go in with a yak, hide in the corner and just eat if they get hit while the player on their side solos.  Usually we'll just all hop over and pile the brothers.


Ah, so it's basically the same as leeching any other boss now. Eat up and not die, lol.


I still disapprove of leeching. Anyone, and I mean absolutely anyone, is able to get kills on any boss as long as they look up guides, ask people for advice/teams, and practice. Practice makes perfect, you can't get better at bossing if you refuse to even try. I'm new to PvM and I managed to get the hang of all the bosses in RS, and this is coming from someone who free-leeched a Rots kill for comp back when you could stand in the corridor. Decided to learn how to do Rots and did 10 kills with friends today (and gave them helper points).



I almost entirely agree with you - the only case where I'm not certain is that of Arraxor, and that's purely because I don't know if my arachnophobia can handle the degree of concentrating on [bleep]ing spiders required to successfully defeat those ones. And I don't expect that to be an especially common issue, nor is it necessarily an insurmountable one, and I'm absolutely going to try my best to surpass it myself. (And if I can't do it myself, I probably will just not get whatever in particular requires it and still be quite happy without - because I earned what I earned myself, not by leeching from others or getting them to do it for me.)

#5547586 2 March 2015 - Beta: EoC/Legacy Mash-up

Posted by Sorator on 07 March 2015 - 07:27 PM


"No one particularly cares, including Jagex, if lower level bosses are dead content or broken"
Perhaps that's a reason why not many new players sign up and stick around?


It might seem that it is a reason, but it isn't really. Runescape is a really really old game now, and growth has slowed down, and MMORPGs are sort of yesterday's news anyways. There was a time when through stuff like Miniclips there were all sorts of people signing up, but that was years ago.



There are definitely several contributing factors, some of which can be changed, some of which cannot. Low-level content being broken is one of the ones which can and should be changed. It's not going to turn things around immediately, but it will help, and that's absolutely worth doing.

#5547538 Ports - Guardians of the World

Posted by Sorator on 07 March 2015 - 06:05 AM

I'm enjoying my new laptop's keyboard, so I'll type out a bunch of ports advice for Vann. (Please forgive my lack of formatting.)
The first thing you need is to upgrade your office and hire a second captain and enough crew to send out two ships at once. You then want to build up 5 each of Morale, Combat, and Seafaring crew, 2 Solidarity and 2 Merchant crew, and two 100-chime captains (any specialty). That's your basic crew. After that, use the following upgrade order (tweak to suit your preferences):
Extra ships (office upgrades) > captains > rudder > crew/ship upgrades > warehouse > lodgings > shipwright > bar > workshop > portal
Extra ships (and captains to man them) are obviously the most important upgrade, since more ships = more voyages sent at one time = more progress made in a day. Plan ahead; use the wiki list to see when the office upgrades become available and stockpile resources ahead of time, so you can focus on collecting the new resource and unlock that ship slot ASAP. (Also, use the wiki ports info in general; that information is really useful.)
You want to eventually have 100-chime captains for Morale, Combat, and Seafaring, with two Seafaring and either two Combat and one Morale or two Morale and one Combat (personal preference as to which). Of course, with only one hireable captain per day, it may take a bit to get there - first focus on getting five 100-chime captains of any specialty, then worry about replacing any Speed captains or third copy of a given specialty. (Any 100-chime captain is better than any free captain, so ditch the freebies as soon as you can. This is true in later regions as well - the new tier of captains are almost entirely better than the old tier, so hire any new ones available.)
Speed captains are generally a waste - captains give a hefty boost to success chance, and there are other ways to boost your speed without harming that success chance. It's also far easier to hit the cap on speed than it is to hit the cap on success chance. So, don't hire speed captains (apart from the initial get-five-100-chime-caps spree, that is.) Try to replace any captains that have traits which lower stats when you can; otherwise, don't worry about traits until the endgame.
When you gain access to a new area, you'll gain access to new ship upgrades and new crew. Initially you'll want to prioritize crew over ship upgrades (except the rudder, which always comes first for faster voyages), but in later regions you may want to switch over and get ship upgrades before getting crew.
As far as priorities go on crew upgrades, I'd say it's Solidarity > Merchant > Seafaring > Morale/Combat. (I think you generally have lower Seafaring than the other two across the board, which is why I prioritise it slighty above Morale and Combat; YMMV.) Go ahead and hire whoever is available and better than your current crew, though; the above order is just for deciding between the three options presented. Do remember to use all 15 crew rerolls each day until you don't have any more possible crew upgrades - even if you can't afford the next crew upgrade, you can still line them up to be hired once you can afford them.
On special crew: You always want one Solidarity and one Merchant for each ship you have unlocked (so, max four of each), and you pretty much always want to send them on each voyage (replace the Merchant with stat crew when sending non-resource/trade good voyages, of course).
Merchants give a greater boost to average rewards than stat crew (the 10%+ boost to rewards on success is greater than the % boost any one stat crew will give to the voyage, generally speaking).
Solidarity crew tend to give a much bigger net stat boost than any normal stat crew, since they give their solidairty bonus to all four stats for each type of crew on board. The First Mate has a Solidairty bonus of +25, so on a voyage with a captain, the First Mate, and four stat crew, he gives +75 M/C/S/Sp (that speed boost is important!); with a Merchant and 3 stat crew, it's +100. This is obviously more useful on multi-stat voyages than on single-stat voyages; if you can get a reasonable speed on single-stat voyages without the solidarity boost, feel free to replace him with stat crew.
Pay attention to the available dual-stat crew - sometimes they're strictly better than the basic single-stat crew. In the first region, for example, the Cyclops has the same Combat as the Combat-stat crew, and also has 2/3 the Morale of Morale-stat crew. So, having 5 Cyclopses instead of 5 Combat crew mean you're no worse off on Combat voyages, and better off on multi-stat voyages and when sending multiple Morale voyages. (Put some Morale crew and some Cyclopses on each ship if you don't have enough straight Morale crew to cover all the slots, btw, for a bigger solidarity bonus.)
Don't bother unlocking Wisps in the Loop region, and you may or may not want to unlock the Oxhead and Horsefaces in the Pincers. The Wisps just have bad stats, so there's no reason to unlock them; O&H have low stats across the board, but they do have stats in all M/C/S, so you may want some for multistat voyages. (They used to be really, really good, but they got nerfed with Ports 2.0.) I personally wouldn't unlock O&Hs post-nerf. This not only saves you the one voyage it would take to unlock them (or more if you failed), it also means that they won't clog up your crew hire slots when you're looking for other crew later on. (The downside is that you'll sometimes waste a voyage reroll getting the unlock mission again.)
The other special crew are generally a waste of resources; they have worse stats than basic crew, and they don't provide useful effects.
When it comes to ship upgrades, get new hulls first (moderate boost to all ship stats), then deck items (high boost to one M/C/S stat), then figureheads/rams (small boost to either M or C). And as I said before, get rudders before getting anything else (except for new ship slots).
As far as building upgrades go, I do the warehouse first (to get more resources and chimes), then lodgings for better crew, then shipwright for the small stat boost, then the bar for more adventurer voyages. (I always prioritise the adv boost over the captain boost.) YMMV on what you want to do when, of course. (The portal is purely cosmetic, so you probably want to do that last, if at all.)
The workshop upgrades are very, very low priority because (after the first one) they only boost the XP you get for making ports items, which is a pretty low concern here. The first upgrade, of course, is a much higher priority; I'd place that just under crew/ship upgrades.
Build icons when you have the chimes to spare; either focus on the adventurers whose stories you're working on, or focus on the adventurers who give trade good voyages for the goods you need to build the ports items you want.
How to arrange your totems (once you have access to them) and how highly to prioritize them is really debatable, IMO. I personally went with 2x scroll and 2x resource totems until I hit end-game; now I'm on 2x scroll and 2x clue, and I'l swap the them over to trade goods once I have the relevant voyages done.
Of course, there's more to ports strategy than just upgrade order. As others have said, you want to send any scroll missions you have, because the time on those is determined by your furthest-reached region. I was dumb and prioritized story missions over scroll missions for quite a while, and it's taken me ages to make up for that. Don't make that mistake!
When checking completed voyages, check one ship, then exit the interface, then check the next, then exit, etc. etc. This maximises your chance to receive random events, which are important!
On that note, do all your random events. The ship buffs are generally not that great (and you shouldn't use them - see below), but the lifeboats and adventurer rerolls are super helpful, and bonus voyage/crew/captain rerolls can be handy as well. (You can use an adventurer reroll after sending out your current adventurer voyages to get more adventurer voyages without losing the ones you already sent out, btw, which is why all us end-game Portmasters want more of them. Lifeboats, on the other hand, are permanently added to your ship upon activation, and they ensure you don't lose a crew or captain when you fail a voyage; be sure to active these as soon as you get them!)
The reason not to use random event rewards: If you have the cap of a given reward, it slightly increases your chance of receiving the other rewards. So while the stat buffs can be somewhat handy, you should generally avoid using them so that you get more adventurer rerolls and lifeboats (especially since lifeboats are so rare now). If you're going to use stat buffs, try to only use them when they get you to 100% success chance. Use Fortune of the Sea on the last mission in each adventurer's storyline, and the last of each trio missions, to get extra trade goods. Otherwise, save them so that you can get better rewards. (Don't bother using the xp-boosting buff; it's not worthwhile.) Whether or not to use crew rerolls... I did, but that's probably debatable. I would go ahead and use voyage rerolls when you'll actualy make use of them (later on, voyages take long enough that they aren't really a useful reward). Save the captain rerolls for when you're hunting for 10k and 35k captains, but definitely feel free to use them then.



As for which rewards to go for first, that's really personal preference. I definitely would try and get scrimshaws eventually; they're usually the most profitable of ports items, even if you don't use them yourself. Of course, you want to focus on the items you can actually make first, and get the stuff you don't have the levels for later on.

#5545104 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by Sorator on 20 February 2015 - 12:40 PM

Y'know, it'd be cool if we could treat "I don't want to play this content because I don't find PvP fun" as a reasonable answer that had a response other than "NO SHUT UP GET IN THE WILDERNESS AND LET ME PK YOU". I mean... Are people allowed to not want to have to risk their gear and learn an entirely new metagame that they don't enjoy just so that they can keep doing something that they do like?

But apparently Jagex is the one making the latter comment, so what do I know

This. So much this. I don't like PKing; I don't like risk-based PvP. I don't especially like safe PvP either (like, castle wars and soul wars), but it can be okay. I suspect that, even if I invested the time and energy into learning how to be good at it, I still wouldn't like it. I definitely don't want to invest that much more energy just to be able to continue slaying (a normally non-PvP activity) without penalty. I don't think that's an unreasonable stance to have.

Ehh I don't think it's fair to say you dislike something without actually putting in a decent effort to learn it first. Everybody has a tendency to dislike things that they're bad at, after all.

I think it's perfectly fair. I'm well aware that I don't like certain sexual activities, despite never having tried them. I also know that I could be quite good at PvP, if I were so inclined. I'm just not.

If I want to test my skill against other players, or make tactical decisions in a head-to-head contest, I go play League. Not Runescape.

#5545058 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by Sorator on 20 February 2015 - 05:27 AM

Y'know, it'd be cool if we could treat "I don't want to play this content because I don't find PvP fun" as a reasonable answer that had a response other than "NO SHUT UP GET IN THE WILDERNESS AND LET ME PK YOU". I mean... Are people allowed to not want to have to risk their gear and learn an entirely new metagame that they don't enjoy just so that they can keep doing something that they do like?

But apparently Jagex is the one making the latter comment, so what do I know

This. So much this. I don't like PKing; I don't like risk-based PvP. I don't especially like safe PvP either (like, castle wars and soul wars), but it can be okay. I suspect that, even if I invested the time and energy into learning how to be good at it, I still wouldn't like it. I definitely don't want to invest that much more energy just to be able to continue slaying (a normally non-PvP activity) without penalty. I don't think that's an unreasonable stance to have.

#5544314 [16-2-15] Ninja Update – Return of the Wildywyrm

Posted by Sorator on 16 February 2015 - 11:25 AM

I find it odd that using a weapon on the new weps will partially repair it, but waiting for it to degrade and then using the wep to make a new one fully "repairs" it. What's the reasoning behind that?

Cool update for those willing to risk it; I'm curious to see what the new weapons look like in action. The concept art was delicious, as I recall.

Edit: Patch notes (feel free to add to first post)

#5543941 [9-2-15] Ninja Update – Responsive Combat

Posted by Sorator on 13 February 2015 - 09:45 PM

Again, if you hate the basics of the game so much, why play it? It will not change no matter how much you rant.

(picking this out because I disagree with it so strongly, but there's a lot you've said I disagree with)

Bullshit. The game is not some unchanging static thing which is not responsive to feedback. The game is changing literally every week, and a significant amount of those changes are community driven. The community forms a consensus (of some kind) based on discussion. Just because someone may be in the minority now doesn't mean they aren't allowed to talk about their views and try to convince others of their merit, nor does it mean they will forever be in the minority. (And I'm not even sure Yoko's in the minority on this anyway.)

Telling someone to shut up because you disagree with what they have to say, that them talking about it is pointless, and maybe they should just leave because they're clearly in the minority, is massively unacceptable, in my view. (And that's what you're doing, mate; you started with a relatively reasonable discussion, but you gave that up a while ago.) That kind of attitude has caused an enormous number of problems in our world, and it's no better in the small environment of Runescape than it is in a larger one. Please, clean up your act and adjust your tactics.

On the actual subject which y'all have been discussing, I definitely agree that some of the current pet drops are way too random to reward/encourage with a title like they've done. It is just a title, which means it doesn't have as much impact as it could, but it still encourages a certain mindset and rewards certain behavior; it's not like it has zero impact. Arguing that if you don't like a title you should just not try to get it because it's optional is silly - for one, all game content is optional; for another, cosmetic content has had a huge impact on the game. We became more efficiency oriented largely due to the release of skill capes, which are almost entirely cosmetic. That encouraged a certain line of thinking, both among existing players and among potential and new players, which became quite a self-sustaining cycle. I'm not saying that the efficiency mindset is a bad one (in extremes, sure, but most extremes are); I'm just using that as an example of how a cosmetic change can have drastic impacts on the game, and why they can be worth getting upset about.

I think requiring a 1/5k drop with no threshold (along with other relatively rare drops with and without thresholds) encourages an unhealthy style of play, and so even though I have absolutely zero interest in that sort of title regardless (bossing is really not my thing), I very much dislike that update.

I love the make-x changes; I noticed those when I was doing an urn challenge yesterday. Only had to switch from pot lids to urns once, and then it stayed on that thereafter. (I was using banked soft clay, not mining my own at all, which might have an impact.)

I like the sound of the Kiln changes! Standing around waiting was always annoying, though it *can* be useful if you run out of food and need to Regenerate to heal. Having the option was definitely the right move, instead of just making a change across the board.

I didn't notice any problems with combat or Revolution when I was slaying last (slight improvement, actually), but that was just derping around and killing basilisks for my mask; if they messed things up for more intense combat, or for other combat styles, they need to get on fixing that ASAP. Also, agreed that such widespread and complex changes should not be done by the Ninja team, though I can kind of understand how they might not have thought these were big complex changes beforehand. (It's not like anyone at Jagex has displayed good game dev sense in years anyway.)

#5541831 Ports - Guardians of the World

Posted by Sorator on 31 January 2015 - 04:49 PM


I didn't know that being a god lost your original race also, fail! 
Would you class things like dragonkin non-race due to not being able to reproduce? Or just when lack of numbers cause this?

Dragonkin are a weird case. I think I'd need to know more about how many of them there are before deciding whether they qualify as a race or not - if there's just a handful, then probably not; if there's a few hundred, then maybe.

It's complicated by the fact that in sci-fi and fantasy, we often use "race" as a combination of "species" and "civilization". They're clearly a species, albeit a sort-of manufactured one, but I'm not sure I'd call them a culture or civilization.

(If you're asking about my "dead race" comment, the question would be whether or not I'd call them a dead race, not whether or not I'd call them a race at all. I'd hesitate to call them a dead race without more information about them.)

Like you said, they are not a race but might be a species. A race would mean that they can reproduce with other races (like african people and european people can get children)
In real life something is considered a species when it is or was able to reproduce (or multiply), I know nothing of the dragonkin but it depends on how they came into being if they are a race. For example in real life a Mule is not considered a species, as they are not able to reproduce. However as this is  a game, one might consider something a species if it was able to reproduce or multiply in the past, but somehow lost that ability. If they came into existence from nothing (or from an elder god), than that is something not comparable to real life, which would make it more difficult.

All life in the Runescape world came into being from nothing or from an elder god. Heck all life irl came into being from nothing - whether you believe in creationism via religion or science and evolution we all became from nothing.
As for the Dragonkin all we know of them is they lived in the previous universe, hid in the abyss when it ended then pleaded with Jas for salvation resulting in them being enslaved to the Stone.
Nowhere do we have lore that says Dragonkin cannot reproduce - all we know for certain is to date we are only aware of males of the species surviving. The ones who lost the ability to reproduce are the Dragon Riders.
In regards to the race/species thing I think most fantasy worlds call all civilised humanoid beings races with the implication that they can indeed cross breed. There's certainly stuff floating around the game the implies as much for most humanoid species we know of - The dwarf in love with the human at gunnar's grun, the apparent romance between rhiannon the elf and dharmorac the human, Moia being a half-breed of mahjaratt and human, the myreque guy who seems to be part icyene.
Plus your notion of race meaning different parts of same species and species being separate things doesn't exactly hold true. Horses and Donkeys are separate species, not breeds of the same one, yet they can produce Mules. Lions and Tigers are independent species yet can produce Ligers and Tigons. What can interbreed is rather a messy thing and often being in the same genus but different species is enough, but then on other occasions different breeds within the same species have issue with interbreeding.

For what it's worth, two individuals having romantic or even sexual love doesn't necessarily mean they would produce viable offspring. And as essiw said, for the most part, species are defined as being able to produce "viable" offspring (aka children which can also reproduce). So donkey + horse = mule which can't reproduce, thus donkeys and horses aren't the same species. (Working on memories of high school biology, which was a while ago, but that's what I remember.)

I think you're right that "race" probably expanded to include elves and dwarves and the like because of the idea that they could breed with humans to produce half-elves and such. Whether or not it's maintained that meaning is questionable (I definitely can think of settings that "race" has effectively meant "sentient, communicating species" regardless of inter-breed-ability), but thanks for pointing that out!