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Crystal Mask + Priff Thieving

19 October 2015 - 12:37 AM

Does the Crystal Mask spell (from the Seren spells) affect thieving in Priff?


Does the Light Form prayer affect that spell at all? I know it interacts with Crystallise in ways beyond the prayer's description, for example.


Does Crystal Mask stack with the five-finger discount auras?


Edit: RS3, if that wasn't obvious.

Skill Calcs & Planners - Updating Outift Bonus XP

18 April 2015 - 03:15 PM

I noticed that the % bonus xp options on skill calculators and planners are a bit out of date; I tried to do a comprehensive listing of what needs to be updated.


  • You don't seem to have any of the TH outfits listed - Cooking, Crafting, Divination, Farming, Herblore, Prayer, Smithing, and Summoning each have 5-piece outfits, so they should have options for 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%/6%.
  • Construction has a maximum possible 7% boost, not 6%, because in addition to the standard outfit (1% for each piece * 5 pieces + 1% bonus for full outfit), you also can use a sculptor's chisel for another 1% (it does stack).
  • Hunter doesn't have an option for the enhanced yaktwee stick (5% boost). This should probably be a checkbox, not a dropdown menu. (I also noticed the page title & URL say "Hunting" instead of "Hunter", though the text at the top of the calc & planner is correct.)
  • Mining doesn't have the golden mining suit listed - it's a standard 5-piece outfit, so 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%/6%.
  • Runecrafting listings are out-of-date - it was updated to the standard 5% for a 4-piece set, instead of the listed 2.5% maximum, so it should have 0%/1%/2%/3%/5% options (or 0%/1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5%; see below.)
  • Woodcutting simply has a no/yes option, instead of a breakdown by piece - it should have 0%/1%/2%/3%/5% options (or 0%/1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5%; see below.)
  • Fishing and Thieving have the outfits listed (and calculated) as 1.25% per piece, instead of 1% per piece + 1% full outfit bonus. I actually don't know how the game calculates it. That may be worth testing, if you haven't checked it since the last relevant update in Sept 2012. This would likely affect the Runecrafting and Woodcutting outfits as well, since those are also 4 pieces instead of 5, and they might be doing something similar with the 5-piece outfits too (1.2% boost per piece).


All of these are true of both the skill's calculator and its planner. (Props for consistency!)

Plague's End guide minor fix

17 August 2014 - 12:53 PM

From section 4f. Lady Meilyr:

The clue is "Lady Meilyr brewed a map in the dungeon of the kin". Gwir tells you she doesn't know of any such dungeon in Elven lands, but thinks you may know of one. She does however give you a Meilyr potion recipe, which calls for a Cadantine and White Berries (super defence) potion to be mixed with one blue and one red ground elven mushroom to create the potion.

Leave Lletya, and you will immediately find red mushrooms. Pick one and grind it, then run south to the magic trees. Here you will find blue mushrooms, pick and grind one. Combine the two with a super defence (3) potion to create the Meilyr potion. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will then head to the undercity.


Take the potion to Daemonheim and drink it in the lobby, and a portal as above will appear. Step inside the portal and you will enter Lady Meilyr's personal dungeon room. Find her in the north-eastern chamber and talk to her. You have the chance to ask her questions, then tell her that you're gathering the Elven clan leaders. She will then head to the Undercity.

The sentence I put in bold should be deleted; it belongs in the last paragraph and is repeated there.

High level (70+) equipment guide

04 November 2013 - 07:33 AM

(for those who want to skip the intro and just get the link: voila!)
Since the Evolution of Combat changes, it's been a bit difficult to adjust and learn what is now the "best" equipment available to a player given their levels and cash to spend. I personally have struggled a fair bit in adjusting to the new system, though I do very much like how it was standardized and more consistently structured. Players who left sometime before EoC and later returned often are faced with the challenge of processing an immense amount of new material with little other than raw data to guide them.
So, to advance my own knowledge on the matter and to help others in a similar position (especially returning players), I made this: my equipment guide. Its use is simple - it ranks equipment in each slot for each attack style. It is not a comprehensive list of all equipment in the game; rather, it's aimed at players with level 60+ combat stats who just don't know what stuff they "should" be using.
I attempted to cover the best equipment for levels 60 and up, and tried to include something in each slot priced below 1mil (since not everyone has max cash stacks to spend), and went up from there all the way to the best equipment in the game.
Some folks will disagree with my rankings - that's fine! The rankings are just for those who don't want to delve into the data. But for those who do want to delve into the data, there still aren't any lists or spreadsheets with a comprehensive approach - the wikia has some lists for, say, all the two-handed swords, or all the magic staves, but those lists can be hard to find (I struggled with that while making these spreadsheets) and not every slot has them. They also don't account for comparing different weapon types.
That's why, in addition to giving a ranked list of this equipment, I also included all the relevant stats for each item, all in one place. So you can easily look at the data and form your own opinions and rankings.
The first page of the document is quick-use info - it's some basic information that explains what the document is for and how to use it. A lot of it is common sense, so if you want, you can probably skip that and get right to the meat of the document, but the Quick-Use Info and In-depth Info tabs are good to refer back to if you're confused about anything. Melee, ranged, and magic each have separate tabs/spreadsheets, accessed at the bottom of the page. There's also my personal equipment planner on the last page, which is mostly for my personal use, but it can also serve as an example of how you might make use of this information.
I plan to keep this updated as new equipment comes out, though I may only sporadically update the GE prices of stuff. Knowing me, though, I may or may not actually follow through with that plan - so do check the "Last updated" listing on the first page, and double-check the GE prices on your own before making any purchase plans!
Feel free to post any comments or suggestions here. Cookies may be added to the pile on the left.
(and in case you missed it: here's that link again)
Edit: Title should be 70+, not 60+, my baaaaad. Also, I'm aware that isn't necessarily "high level"; it includes everything from there and up, though, so regardless of where you draw that line, it's covered. As I said above, I had to keep going down in order to find stuff in each slot affordable for not-so-rich folks, which is how I wound up including a lot of tier 60 items.
Also: Reddit link on r/runescape - upvotes would be nice to help others find and make use of it, as that's one place where returning players often ask equipment questions.
11/4/13 - Initial version completed!
11/7/13 - Initial flurry of edits completed!
11/14/13 - Added the new super barrows equipment! Also updated the arcane/etc. spirit shield stats to account for the patch notes (all 75 def and prayer, instead of some being 75 def and 70 prayer).
3/17/14 - Added new equipment since the last update (WE2, Ports 2.0, Dragon Rider stuff) and updated all the prices.
5/28/14 - Added chaotic spear, top tier of dg necklaces, and crystal amulet.
6/2/14 - Added normal and superior kyzaj, from The Mighty Fall.
8/19/14 - Updated to account for Legacy changes, added the noxious weapons, t90 gloves, special attack descriptions to those weapons that have them, and other misc. changes.
9/8/14 - Updated Hydrix jewelry prices and description (can now be recharged with cut onyxes).
1/9/15 - Added/updated crystal equipment and Tirannwn quivers, as well as death lotus darts and blisterwood stakes.
2/20/15 - Added T85 wildywyrm weapons and ports weapons, minor error-fixing and formatting updates

3/17/15 - Added blood necklaces.

Mai Bank

04 August 2012 - 04:06 AM

Rate + give any advice on cleaning that you'd like to share.

Big pic

I'll be adding one with pricing info once I finish researching all of this junk, lol.

Edit: I max my MTK coffers whenever I visit (once or twice a month, roughly), and I have 158k in my moneypouch right now. Also all my barrows are at full charge or very close, and the gano is at like 20%. and my POH Costume Room has almost everything that can be put into it, apart from TT items and achievement capes. And I have a full toolbelt.

Edit2: Here's the pic including prices; total value is 100.955mil.
Another big pic

Space before cleaning: 84/88 and 467/468

Space after cleaning: 78/88 and 448/468