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In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

20 June 2013 - 10:01 AM

so easy to get around filters.

I don't see how that's at all relevant.

Why isn't it relevant? I mean, it is true: some will attempt to get around filters any way they can. We've probably got dozens upon hundreds of screenshots somewhere of censor evasion-- I know there's been a few sigs here as testament to that. Granted, I guess that's not sufficient proof to abandon filtering/censoring, but it does state that determined individuals will try to get around it.

The counter argument to just about every thread on "policing" the Internet is that parents should be taking more responsibility for supervising what their children do or see on the Internet. Please, don't get me wrong; I fully agree with that argument. However, by removing the censor, you remove one of the precious few tools they could use to fulfill that role.

Sure, I like to have a few tools handy to me as a parent, but I don't rely on them too heavily. I had a paragraph here explaining the technical details of what I do, but I decided to gloss over that in interest of space, for now. I'll say "blacklisting by .hosts file" and leave it at that. So my baseline argument remains the same: I will take some basic tools, but otherwise I'm going to work hard to discuss things with my kids.

Which way do you want your toast buttered: do you want more hopelessly flawed attempts at Internet policing, or more measures which operate on a personal level like in-game chat filters?

I should come clean about my bias. I really did a double-take when Mark Gerhard came on board, because he was under 25. I freely admit that I have a lot of trouble taking anyone under 30 too seriously (opposite of my parents' generational mantra- don't trust anyone over 30). How many Jagex staff are parents? Some of this filter business really reeks of miltiant helicopter-parenting moms to me. I had a very short stint on the Tip Crew sorting incoming messages and I really hated the ones that read something like "Dear Jagex, unban my son's account." (Some could have been forged, but... I doubt that was often the case.)

I know Jagex has written up a few articles addressed to parents, but I have difficulty taking any of it very seriously. They could use a major PR overhaul in that department, with clear boundary lines of where they stand, what they do... and what they will NOT do. They've been half-hearted about this for rather too long, IMO.

I've revised all this numerous times for length... if y'all decide you gotta ignore it all because it's not bite-sized, well... I tried. I wish some of the other parents (if they are still around) would say something.

In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

18 June 2013 - 01:25 AM

Of course the censor that mutes/bans people should be separate from the censor that stars words. If you give people that ability (to censor what they see), you don't need to have this automute for vulgarity.

^This, that is, I would that Jagex kept separate filters. They already do, or did have a separate filter for usernames that was stronger than the chat one.

The basic chat filter as I've seen it is pretty limited. It seems to be based on string values, i.e. it parses for strings of letters. I found that very frustrating if I happened to use a certain letter combination that Jagex was filtering. It'd be within perfectly clean and legitimate words, but because that letter combination came up, the filter would engage.

So understand, I'm concerned about Jagex's track record on the filter. I really do think that swearing and such should be left to the community to regulate as they desire-- I know some fc/cc's already do.

In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

16 June 2013 - 06:46 AM

So we've gone from a maturing player base back to being an adolescent one with Daddy Jagex having to hold our hands and cover our ears when swear words come back up on the screen?

I'm surprised no one picked up the ball and ran on this point alone, but so many are still splitting hairs on the example I did not include here, up to the replies before me. Cliff's Notes version for those whose eyes glazed over on my earlier lengthy reply: if I find out this ChatWatch filter applied to PMs was on account of uptight parents who aren't doing a very good job teaching their kids about swears... I'm going to be seriously pissed off. I already said I give my 11-yr old daughter (not my son just yet, but then he's 6 and has autism) a lot more credit than that.

I could be wrong and it may have been done mostly to combat RWT'ers (if Blyaunte's indications are valid), but even then, swatting a fly with a sledgehammer approach. Only serves to push things further underground.

In Topic: Jagex's chatwatch program automuting private messages/etc

12 June 2013 - 07:39 AM

Sorry to break the flow of your convo, guys... proceed but I'll be on a slightly different tangent.

I'm a parent, and my bet is that militant helicopter-parenting style moms squealed like piggies to Jagex again. Some people have just got to ruin it for others.

I had the swear talk with my daughter-- she chooses not to swear although I wouldn't have a problem with her using certain words as their meaning implies, not gratuitously for interjection's sake... by gratuitously, I mean, uses them like four-color Golden Age comic books uses exclamation points for every sentence without a period in site. Or someone that's like REALLY HAPPY!!!!! on FACEBOOK!!!! Anyways, I know she encounters plenty of words that are considered profane or offensive, and I choose to have her deal with it appropriately instead of trying to shield her. Better, I think, to empower her now than to try to suppress and see some sort of rebellious backlash. (She is fascinated with Runescape and will watch me play, but she's 11 and I'd like her to wait at least until she's 13 before she creates an account, to at least be covered by COPA on principle.)

I have the filter off, personally, but I think the only person it applies for is a player moderator already and he knows I'm not going to have convulsions about a swear word here and there, mostly because I'd be a damned hypocrite if I did (because I use colorful words now and then, too). But, I'm also horridly anti-social and I choose to have most of my Chat filters set to Friends. I'm really not interested in the blather of random players, and I generally don't talk to anyone I haven't been introduced to by someone I know, or isn't part of a community I am currently interacting with.

And if I am to believe the others... I am just generally not interested in talking about RWT or gambling anyways. Doesn't mean I don't have an opinion on RWT, or that I don't play games of chance, but... I don't know. I don't expect that this will effect me but I will be pretty pissed off if it does for some bizarre reason.

In Topic: Tip.It Times - 9th June 2013

12 June 2013 - 07:00 AM

Let’s not mince words. Dungeoneering isn’t a skill. It’s an abortion. And yes, I am aware at how offensive that word is, but it is the most apt description that comes to mind.

I don't agree with your choice of words. It may convey your emotional disgust and revulsion about how it was implemented, but I read nothing it in that conveys a more logical dissatisfaction, i.e., what you found wrong or incorrect about it. If you had said "It's a cluster****", I would have said, "Fair enough, they hastily crammed some leftovers from a failed project, and shoved it into the game at odd and awkward angles without any lube."

To say "Dungeoneering is an abortion" says to me that you were going for shock and word bomb value. It's not terribly articulate or precise, IMO. No, I would reserve "abortion" for the Squeal of Fortune, or at least "dungpile". Jagex came up with a concept, squatted down, and expelled it out. The items aren't worthless, but I find that whole wheel interface lazy, half-baked, and a stinking example of sloppy development (yes, I think it's sloppy design, sloppy code, etc.). In some ways it replaced Random Events but at least that wasn't such a farted afterthought, and the cleanup was decent (NPCs and monsters were folded nicely into various spots in the game-- Sandwich Lady at one of the Ardougne Square bakery stalls is one of my faves). Personally, I wish they'd go back to that sort of instanced implementation and shove the cosmetic items over to Solomon's, where they really belong. 'cept for that stupid Yelps hat... last person I saw wearing it looked like Willy Wonka on crack... perfect matching suit and everything.

Man, no one complained as much when Construction was released and it could only be trained in - guess what - only one location, which also happened to be an instance.

You also levelled up Construction and got access to resource dungeons oops I mean rooms which gave you special bonuses like boosted prayer training or free teleports.

I could go on and list the similarities but the last time I did that a forum mod locked my RSOF thread :mad:

Well, Player Owned Houses had been anticipated almost as long as the game had been out, i.e. this was an original Andrew Gower idea. I believe it was the extra houses in Falador were originally intended to be POHs, if I remember right... there should be some documentation of this in archives of the Rune Tips website, or something like that. Um, and from what I remember from old RS1/RSC screenshots, the skill was originally called "Carpentry" (it was gone, I think, by the time I started in 2003).

By the time Construction did come out, well, that was a rare time, I guess, that Jagex more or less met expectations, however much they had been building all that while. I'd also say that we still had plenty of the organization-management players at that time that ate it up, which I believe EoC has largely scared off. I mean, really now, a majority of players, especially here, talk a lot more about combat than rating banks and that old-school organization stuff.

Back on topic:

Yes, I'm biased, but I rather liked "Abundant Pixelated Characters"... I agree that Meg is a sly parody of the newb player in RS.