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#5406583 EoC Discussion

Posted by thejollyroger on 21 May 2013 - 07:22 AM

Really? I don't recall fatigue build-up being tied to agility level, but the amount of XP you were receiving for skilling/combat.
They also claimed that eating food reduced fatigue, but it was some puny and pointless amount.

Yeah I think agility level had about the same 'puny' effect on fatigue.

I appreciate the clarification. I should have made (and am making now) the disclaimer that I wasn't a member until after the RS2 beta. I'm just going by memory, mostly from material that was hosted at the website side of Tip.It. I specifically remember guides that said training Agility was rather frustrating, and if it was tied to XP gains, that makes much more sense. In fact, now that I think about it, the 100% fatigue error message was "You're too tired to do any more, you should rest!" or something like that. I looked things up again and I should have remembered that Fatigue and Sleep were specifically anti-botting measures that were later superceded (the captcha of sorts wasn't very effective). I also did see that specific formulas and rates for fatigue are still documented (http://runescapeclas...om/wiki/Fatigue)

It was Gnome cuisine (by way of "Gnome cooking", of course) that reduced fatigue, from what I remember. Had to dig through the Internet Archives (Wayback Machine) for this one, back here at Tip.It: the restore was 2-4% (http://wayback.archi...?page=gnome.htm)

So... again, my vote is leaning towards Energy.

#5397972 24-Apr-2013 - Charm Sprites: Catch Them If You Can!

Posted by thejollyroger on 27 April 2013 - 12:26 AM

I remember when charm sprites were first introduced-- it was explained that they were designed to be a non-combat way to gain Summoning charms. So I'm completely bewildered when players say "this combat method is faster"... NO. This was a concession to those players that didn't want to engage in combat to get them. By the same token, it was never presented as a prime method of training hunter, so expecting such with an update doesn't really follow, either.

#5389425 New Clan Chronicle: Spring 2013 (Issue #14)

Posted by thejollyroger on 06 April 2013 - 05:37 AM

A very interesting development, indeed. I really do think this segment could do much to improve Tip.It's standing within the broader player community, and promote some discussion that is more positive in tone.

I haven't had much good experience with clans at all, being a more solitary and distant sort. But the experience I did have seemed fairly well reflected in the articles, and not in any truly bad ways. All of the articles seemed relevant to what I remember, although I thought "Clans and Devastating Conflict" was especially important, because I've seen fights and rifts in clans over very trivial (IMO) things.

The other thing I starkly noticed was a lack of PvP voices. Please excuse me for a moment as I say quite harshly that I never much cared for the PK crowd, although I occasionally dabbled in it with players I trusted. It is my personal view that some of the worst immaturity and childish behavior rested with that community, but I must acknowledge the place it once had. It was very strong when I first came to Tip.It in 2004. Ironically, I think the recent emphasis on bossing is what damaged most all other niches of playing, and not just PvP. I'll leave examples for another time, but I was quite puzzled to read some PvM clans suggesting that the God Wars Dungeon should be added to "Old School" servers. As far as I recall, it was the beginning of not just bossing, but profit from it-- and all such profit should be directly sunk into non-combat skilling, with no circular means of return (straight moneysinks). That is not what those I know shifted to Old School want at all. GWD was the tipping point.

I found the "Interview with Louise" refreshing, however (Arceus, that should be 'non-combat Stealing Creation' in the first paragraph, not 'non-combat Soul Wars', right? All other references say 'Stealing Creation'). But I'm biased-- I rather like clans that keep open chats to the community... see, they allow me to continue to participate without any messy requirements that health, family commitments, and such might keep me from. Anyways, to strike straight on point, it was a nice sign that some players still quite enjoy cooperative play and find competition in some things an impediment. A grand and pleasant contrast to some crashing bore I used to know that claimed such chats were cheating and worthy of reporting.

#5388490 03-Apr-2013 - RuneScape Beta Programme: Registration Open

Posted by thejollyroger on 04 April 2013 - 04:11 AM

Hopefully Jagex accounted for this/ it doesn't matter to them.


Basically Google is changing how chrome runs.

I don't see how an open source browser rendering engine is going to have a negative impact on a modern markup language (specifically, the fifth revision of HTML -- Hyper Text Markup Language). Now... I'm not a coder, but what I am gleaning from articles about Blink and HTML5 is that there should be better standardization and more transparency on how the code works. Less stuff in proprietary black boxes/lack of documentation.

If the Wikipedia article I read is correct, and Ian Hickson (of Google) is HTML5's editor as of 2012, I'm not surprised Chrome/Chromium is at the forefront of all this, and that Jagex recommends players beta testing the Bestiary (which is in beta right now) to use that browser for testing.

Maybe someone who is much more conversant with HTML/XML and WebKit/KHTML (which is what Blink is based on) can clarify some things here. At best it might take longer for cross-compatibility, i.e. that Jagex may need more work to do for other browsers. I remember a statement somewhere that said Firefox might be doable by summer.

#5380121 What's wrong with playing RuneScape, honestly?

Posted by thejollyroger on 14 March 2013 - 05:44 AM

Amusingly you failed to provide your own definition as to what Introverted means, while insisting my own was inadequate.

People inclined towards Introversion generally find themselves most comfortable in their own company or small groups of people. They generally have no desire or need to be around groups of people small or large to be happy.

Extroverted people can view this as shyness or disinterest but they are simply two perfectly valid personality types. Extroverts by contrast, generally become bored in their own company and generally need to be around other people to be comfortable and happy.

Very generalised but that is essentially what the two mean.

Being introverted simply means you use up energy in social interactions and "recharge" in solitude. Extroversion is the opposite. It's a spectrum, with most people lying somewhere between the two extremes.

Yeah, I personally find this last definition best for me... loneliness and being alone are not necessarily the same. I treasure my alone time, because it DOES allow me time to recharge. I'm usually processing my social time during those periods, thinking about what people have had to say, and such. I do tend to prefer one-on-one or small group interactions to crowds.

Anyways, speaking more broadly: I'm 38 years old. I've played video games since 1980, pen and paper RPGs since about 1984, live action since about 2000, and Runescape specifically since 2003. What's been referred to as "the gaming culture" has been a large part of my life. Anyone that would tease me for that has been ignored a long time ago.

It's not my only hobby, though. I was involved in some team sports during my youth and young adult years. I really like to fly kites and I've worked with a local kitemaker of some minor fame. I have done gardening off and on since I was in high school. I was involved in computers and home audio for about as long. One very good friend I met through RS was a database administrator and now drives a truck long haul.

I know Runescape seems like the scapegoat of the MMO world... and I'm aware of what the kids think. I started Runescape about when I was starting a family. I went through some really hard times with disability. I was judged pretty severely by this community at that time, and even Silverion had some harsh words to say that ... well, he does not know me a whit, really. Was I in too deep? I probably was. But I knew what was truly important in life.

My daughter, a wee babe when I started, is now a J-pop obsessed "all arms and legs" tomboy and proud gamer girl. She snuck on FunOrb without me knowing, but she knows she's got to wait a few years before I'll let her make a Runescape account. She knows her mom (who had a presence here for a time, she doesn't play Runescape anymore) and I are dead serious about her schoolwork, although we had to jump some difficult hoops to get accommodations for some of her special needs. My son was born shortly before I left Tip.It for a time, and we learned he was high-functioning autistic a few years before I decided to be a little more active under this alias.

Both of them are amused by what I do in this game, but anyone that knows me well knows I work hard for these kids. They know I'm disabled and unemployed, but still do a lot to provide for them.

Don't blow your future on this game. It's not worth it. There's nothing wrong with spending some free time here, but it should be in measured, moderated amounts. Now, someone mentioned economics-- yep, here I go mentioning Duke Freedom again. I still believe that young man has got a future in economics... *if* he wants. He didn't seem particularly inclined to pursue such studies when I last talked to him, but that's okay. At best, though, a game or a simulation won't completely school you on any particular subject.

I understand the weight issue... I've got to lose at least 100# myself. A back injury and years of psych medicine has made that difficult-- but-- the others here have some wisdom to what they say. Consider doing what I did and talk to a dietician/nutritionist. I don't think any of them would counsel you to skip meals. They might suggest some healthy snacks while you play-- cut vegetables, nuts, things like that. Most of it, really, is finding out how many calories you need in a day (for me, it's about 2-2.2K calories) and then figuring out what lifestyle choices you can make to achieve that... forever. Changes can't be temporary; they have to be changes you'll live with.

I've been in the mental health community for 28 years (as a patient) and I have little to no shame saying so. Sure, I'm crazy, and I've got paperwork to prove it-- but there's nothing stopping me from having a fulfilling, productive life, and I have made good with some counseling, finally. I've met a fair number of cowardly and arrogant jerks in my time there, but... there's nothing wrong with asking for some help to get things sorted. You get out what you put in, I think, and I would agree that spending some time would be useful. I am reading a lot by what you say that does have me concerned... anything taken to an obsessive and compulsive degree really is not healthy, and I'm speaking frankly from my own experience.

Kudos if anyone has read this far. I'll leave it right here.

#5366516 Tip.It Times - 10th February 2013

Posted by thejollyroger on 14 February 2013 - 12:32 AM

It seems my article is already obsolete..
Sadly Jagex decided to make a poll..again..

Don't be too hard on yourself. The sentiment is still very valid, I think, even if the specific details aren't current.

Here's what I thought was the REAL kicker of the article:

Do not go backwards and make another Classic…

Brilliant reference. I don't know if Silverion kept the archives for the old RS1/RSC section; it'd be rather helpful if we still have it. The analogy is VERY good and it'd be nice to have some hard references about how the Tip.It forums responded to the RS1 -> RS2 transition. I don't see a lot of people anymore here from the early days-- I'll try to remember as best I can.

Interesting that you said "The best PKers of my clan had a bit of a problem adjusting". See, that's where the analogy is very apt. There were people that complained bitterly, comparing RS1/RSC pking to RS2 pking, i.e. that RS1 pking was supposedly superior. There were arguments concerning "catching"-- an old technique that if mastered, supposedly gave you the jump on another player. There were complaints about the new multi-way areas, and many complained about a change from player vs. player to player vs. pilejump, if that makes sense.

I hope that summarizes the best parts because it did go on and on, of course. So many changes to this game were driven by actions and reactions to Player Killing, from the earliest PK-anywhere years, to Duelling first being introduced, to the Duel Arena, and so on. Of course there was a brief fling with the PK-anywhere concept with PK worlds... I really was amazed that it came back and then was shut down so quickly. Scrying pools in POHs made more sense with PK worlds, for one, and since I don't really do Player vs. Player stuff... I hope that means something.

It would be a lot better idea to use the programmers that will work on this to fix things like the problems with the client, clancapes and vexes or the last Thok saga, in short problems we have with our REAL game.

Excellent point. I'm among those that believe EOC was rushed, and that there are so many things in the game that are still broken because of it.

Example: The Lunar spell Energy Transfer was removed from the visible Lunar spellbook, but it's still effectively there at Livid Farm. Because the special attack bar code was translated to Adrenaline, the Suqah attack on Pauline random event requires 50%+ Adrenaline. It's not impossible to get but seems odd that a non-combat minigame now requires a little combat, and in a very inconvenient fashion.

Good examples with the Thok sagas: it IS very noticeable with Thok Your Block Off.

I want to show support for the other Times articles, but I've rambled on enough as it is... maybe later. I think "War of the Clans" can use some writing improvement, but, please, I am glad that Tip.It is encouraging fan fiction more. Please keep writing, sacker3; I hope you will take my criticism as constructive and that you'll bring us more stories. Thanks.

#5359053 Tip.It Times - 20th January 2013

Posted by thejollyroger on 27 January 2013 - 12:32 AM

I liked the ficitional article as well. It was quite refreshing to read the perspective of the Entrana priest, as it's rather a stark contrast to Jagex's "take the piss" mocking attitude they seem to have towards organized religion generally, but more especially Anglican history (I suspect they draw on such for the Church of Saradomin).

As a writer-- I do understand good fiction draws on elements audiences are familiar with, but I am pleased when writing is more nuanced and avoids the same tired old clichés and stereotypes.

Re: Pushing the Boundaries: An interesting follow-up to ¨HAPPY NEW… game?" And an interesting point about the lodestones, too. I wouldn't be surprised if many players gloss over the details. It's quite a far cry from when spell teleports could fail, back in RS1, and I seem to remember players walking (running wasn't there yet) from city to city. It also reminds me of the idea of the Australian walkabout approach to playing the game-- I think it was mentioned in a Times article or on the forums here-- I can't remember for sure.

I still hold out hope that PoP is not all that Jagex has in mind for the Eastern Lands. I still dream that they might make a connection from Port Phasmatys, perhaps by way of Ak-Haranu (the bolt rack seller) and the ship with the broken ectofunctus. But I also hold on to the crazy hope that Jagex will give us more uses for ectotokens, too.

I was hoping some solutions might be offered (this is my tired old "think like a developer" line). I'll leave it at that; it would have rounded out the piece very well. Runescape does have a few less-developed areas-- I don't see many players seeking out solitude JUST yet. If I remember right, Jagex wants to work more on the existing world, and if they're sticking to this, solutions will lie on what they should work over next... and make more relevant, and not just crowded.

#5335240 Tip.It Times - 25th November 2012

Posted by thejollyroger on 30 November 2012 - 04:21 AM

Both articles: The Tip.It community is starting to look forward to future RS updates (with a measure of anticipation) instead of nostalgic lament for the past (and a short-termed memory at that).

Keep rolling on this momentum.
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#5331279 Tip.It Times - 18th November 2012

Posted by thejollyroger on 21 November 2012 - 11:25 AM

Yellow journalism?

Just because I focussed on the conservative bunch of RS that likes to keep things the way they are now? harsh much...

I'm not going to pull any punches.

It's not just you-- this site (the forums, to be more specific) has been pulling negative for a while. Or rather, it's been a strong tone for far too long. I don't think it started out that way; maybe you don't know who binyam is, but I believe him when he told me the Times was his idea although he didn't get much credit for it. He struck me as a fairly easy-going guy, not a malcontent.

I admit I'm being a bit cowardly as this isn't my main persona. But I'm going to say it, flat out, that the Times as a whole needs to move on somewhat. I think Jagex already has. Remember "Biased banning raises eyebrows"? WOW. I was on Staff when that hit, and I remember quite well that Andrew Gower took that pretty personally, and yes, he did threaten a lawsuit (which he recanted on). I don't think he was wholly unjustified; remember the encrypted thumb drives he later promoted? It's a legitimate corporate technology, but players practically crucified him right there on the RSOF, because his incentive dared to suggest microtransaction/RTW-- buy the thumb drive, get some bank space. So then later he sells his shares, makes a R & D company, and people here are wrung their hands "Andrew, you're abandoning us" and the Times can't get off the "Yelps and SoF is dishonorable microtransactions, Jagex lies, Jagex breaks our trust" spiral...

...six year history right there, but...geez, what does the whiny bunch in Runescape want?

Seriously, kids, I swear, you'll get jobs, you'll get more life experience, and this stuff will all seem like creampuffs and powdered sugar. Your employer, your acquaintances, maybe your family will pull worse crap than this, but the world goes on. Pardon my tired, trite, cliché expression, but it is just a game, and having serious fun is okay, but if complaining and moaning-- even under the pretense of reporting the complaining and moaning of others, gets tiresome. My life is already pretty stressful without worrying over a game I'm playing to unwind and relax by.

Love/hate relationship going here. I came to the forums in 2004 but was using the site guides when I started in 2003. Had to pull back after a while, speaking of the lawsuit thing and all the dirty politics that brought out... wow, I can still remember how w13 and Zybez/RuneScape Community jumped on that mess ("Jagex is talking about Tip.It in their news release, we're not like that", something to that effect), thought it was a rabbit punch then, I still think it's a low blow now. Jagex obviously is turning a blind eye now, they're big enough that it's so much chicken feed, but would you prefer another indirect backhand? Zybez/RSC was right, it was Tip.It leaking passwords (I trust my sources), the users did need to cowboy up and get serious about password security, but... c'mon, if you read this far, I think you should feel sick.

Muckraking may get you some short-term attention, but in the long-term, it's already bitten you (Tip.It collectively, I mean), I was there, I tell you, it's a bad plan.

#5305130 Tip.It Times - 9th September 2012

Posted by thejollyroger on 10 September 2012 - 10:02 PM

Ts_Stormrage: I'll bet donuts to dollars that, somewhere, Duke Freedom is laughing.

I do have to concede that he's right. There are many, many adult players who spend many microtransactions on games. Saw plenty of people my age and older do it on Facebook without batting an eye, on games that were easily more banal. I myself will laugh even harder if RS players ragequit in their stubborn youthful idealism to be replaced by adults that really don't give a crap. Yeah, news flash: at least the ones I talked to really aren't that worked up about it.

On a more serious note, a friend of mine asked some questions, got a reply from MMG himself if I remember right, saying that the Loyalty Programme would be connected over to retired SoF rewards (so they could be obtained over time, not just merely by chance) and also that Loyalty Points would be converted to RuneCoin at some point. Jagex usually doesn't tell players stuff (that I recall) that isn't meant to be discussed but I guess it's worth waiting for an official announcement.

Still, just mentioning the Loyalty Programme makes me scoff all over again, listening to kids cry about how it was so unfair (having to quit to focus on school, etc.)... sorry kids, the adults with steady incomes get to beat you there again too. Seriously, though, thinking more over the horrid recoils over just the game card promos gives me convulsions. Such whining when kids used to have to look at mall gift cards or other less desirable payment options. I mean, really, the news media is starting to cut you Millenials a break, saying you're optimistic and hard-working, and then I come 'round places like here and figure plenty are still acting like spoiled, entitled, whiny ingrates. Guess what, kids, when you get real responsibilities-- a career (not a job), a house, maybe some kids-- all this whining over the fairness of a game is going to seem like creampuff stuff to the concerns and labor all the other stuff I listed brings. You'll likely be an office jockey to a company that does everything you thought Jagex did unfairly, and then probably more.

Edwin: qeltar had a great article called "Don't Resent My Toilet". Some of us really don't want to go back to training methods that risk RSIs (repetitive stress injuries). Dunno where you'd find that article since he closed Truthscape down. Maybe he's still lurking around here and he'll say more about it. Oh, and of course I would hope that while the Order of Cabbage has had a quiet decline, that they still stand as a shining example of players that had tons of fun fooling around which often had no effect on progress in the game except maybe some laughs and goodwill in the community. The article is still a negative observation and it tells us nothing really new-- that people eventually figure that stuff needs to get done and games are just a fun way of killing time, which is as it should be.

sacker3: good on you... the Times hasn't had enough fictional work lately, I take it you'll have more with "Part" in the title.