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In Topic: Taking money out

25 June 2011 - 02:09 AM

Well, like everyone else here, I strongly agree with the second idea, but not so much with the first. I think that the coffin idea is great, with the exception of a few things. First off - who do you pay to unlock your coffin for you? Secondly, what about non-tradeable items you lost when you died. They don't have a set "value" so, if all you lost was boots of lightness, and a dragon defender, how much would it cost then?

1 - I think an option when you "Attempt to open coffin" will ask for payment. You simply pay the value whenever you choose to open it with the coins in your inventory - whether its when you go to the grave initially or at a bank. The mechanics of the actual opening would be interesting. I would initially say everything auto goes into your inventory and any extra falls to the ground. I wonder if it can be coded to where the highest "value" items auto go in your inventory or not. That would be something Jagex I think would handle. I would not like the idea of having stuff go into the bank automatically but that is a possibility with this. This idea could be tweaked a fair amount in different ways.

2 - I would actually expect them to not add to the price. Dragon defender doesnt have an alch value if I understand correctly and boots of lightness have a 3gp one so the effect would be minimal. I would say that they should not be given a set value in adding to the coffin or if they do add it equals their alch value. To put a "price" on these items would just seem weird/wrong to me. Items like Task items would still be lost just like they are in death now.

I have been told by many that the %'s for these ideas are far too high and that even a 1-2% on the GE and a 5% on death would be a great deal more understandable. If the %'s were that low would that make a difference with the idea for the GE and Coffin?

In Topic: Taking money out

20 June 2011 - 10:40 PM

Maybe it should only happen to stuff over a certain value? If i was to sell something for 1gp, i don't want to find it has taken that 1gp for itself....

That is something I could see happen. Maybe a value of 500k+ in the transaction. People could technically then just split a large transaction into a smaller one or they could just make it so that the fee is rounded down so it doesnt really effect low value transactions so much.

The selling fee would greatly diminish flipping, so I'm not in favor with that. You also stated that quicker bossing adds wealth into the game, which is also untrue. It adds items, not gold.

I do like the coffin idea, at least it would give a bit more of a penalty to death.

Uh wealth is added to the game from bossing. Whether it is GP or items there is more money in the game. The value of the regular Gold Coin is far down compared to what it used to be.

First Idea: Terrible - completely awful fantastically so! It would do even more harm to skilling and basically moneymaking in any form. I also don't see what your problem with merchanting is - in my opinion it is a perfectly valid part of the game.
Second Idea: Very interesting could do with some tweaks but the base is there. You still keep your three most valuable items yes? I think it could have a bad effect on the monster hunting world however...

To be honest I think inflation of prices is inevitable and something we have to deal with. It's not like we are still limited to 400k an hour being good money it is now easy to make money in line with the increased cost of things.

Harm to skilling is not a huge thing considering the amount of money you make from most gathering 99's is minimal compared to other means. I made 40m getting to 99 fishing doing rocktails. 5% of that is 2m. If you are merely skilling for money that really isnt the best option to be making money. I can understand merchanting as being a valid part of the game but I do think price manipulation is quite annoying and overdone. I am actually doing this idea more to find a decent way of taking money out of the game.

The GE was not always a part of this game and has made things far easier to sell. It could be a fee-based part of the game as opposed to being free. It is a valid way to have Jagex siphon money out.

In terms of my 2nd idea, yes in my opinion the protected items should be kept. If they changed that and made it as all items dropped then it would change the dynamics of the game too much. Jagex has really made it far too easy to get items back. You used to have 2 mins and then your stuff was free game to everyone. Now you can have upwards of 10 minutes and that doesnt even include blessing graves. You can get to almost ANY place in this game in that time and the only annoying part would be repairing anything that was possibly broken and lost charges.

People will still boss to make money as it is the best way to make money aside from merchanting in the game. There will be money lost from people dieing but isnt that kind of how it should be in the first place?

In Topic: How many sets do you usually lose in a fight?

19 March 2011 - 05:48 PM

Hmmm. It really depends on the fight. When we were going for top 10 I could lose 15 or so as a sniper.

Now its usually 5 or so? If in the main pile it can merely be 2-3

In Topic: [TWR]'The' vs Dragonwood Uncapped PKRI - Vid's added

14 March 2011 - 04:31 AM

Congratz THE, decide to loot while you had them regrouping? :P

Yea we allow looting only after we are pretty sure we are going to win as in the clan is down to like 30 opt piles or running to single.

Gratz on the win, we're not in TWR anymore however

Our mistake on that

In Topic: Tip.It War Ranking Changes

10 March 2011 - 03:06 PM

What happens if 2 TWR clans are warring in pvp and another TWR clan crashes?