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Mod MMG on RS Classic

18 March 2009 - 02:25 AM

I found this on the RSOF and thought you guys would be interested.


I recently received a number of questions from the RuneScape Classic community which I have tried to answer as best I can below


Q) (Ill Pun Ill) Will RuneScape Classic ever be reopened to the public, If so when and how?

A) I would love to see RSC open to the public again, whilst now comparatively “retro” in appearance by comparison to the current High Detail version of RuneScape it’s still a great game which posses a unique charm and we are still deeply proud of our ground breaking roots.

The key problem with opening up the game to the public is the absence of the anti-cheating and macro systems we have built up over the last few years, it is also the case that RSC contains all the features that were causing real world trading and therefore incentivising credit card fraud.

From above it is clear we simply cannot open the current RSC game to the public without some substantial changes. Our development efforts are almost exclusively focused on evolving the latest version of RuneScape and therefore I suspect it would be years before we could “fix” RuneScape Classic.

One idea that we are considering is perhaps opening the current RSC game to the public but providing everybody with the cheat codes to set their skills and inventory to whatever they liked. That way everybody could have whatever they wanted in game and there would be no incentive or advantage to cheat or bot.

Naturally the RSC account would be isolated to RSC worlds and could never interact with the current version of RuneScape.


Q) (Ill Pun Ill) Will RuneScape Classic ever be closely moderated again?

A) No, we currently continue to maintain the existing servers in recognition of our most loyal and ardent fans but all our support and development efforts are around the latest version of RuneScape.

There is a small but dedicated community of just under 500 active players on RSC, I would expect that unsavoury individuals would quickly become isolated in such a close nit community.


Q) (Caps Lock13) Will the bots be taken care of?

A) Hopefully implementation of the 1st idea above will negate the purpose of bots.


Q) (Mini Reddish) Will there be any RuneScape Classic events organised by Jagex?

A) I would love to see more community activity in all parts of the organisation, we are still looking into how we might do this with RSC


Q) (Hit Z) Will we get to have an RSC Cape to wear on RS2 and will we ever be allowed to transfer some of our items over to RS2 again?

A) Certainly no transfer of items to RuneScape, although I really do like the idea of distinguishing our most loyal players in RuneScape – this ideal is currently on our development opportunities list.


Q) (Legolas435) Will a RS2 item be released to show players still able to play RSC?

A) Yes as above we are looking at the possibility of a skill cape or another unique item such as a hat perhaps.


Q) (Ill Pun Ill) If avatars are added to the RuneScape, jAGeX forums. Can those of us who can play classic get are own, special avatar icon?

A) I can’t see why not, it’s a bit of work but I think we could do it


Q) (Ill Pun Ill) Will you dig-up the old RuneScape classic skill guides, world map *wild missing* and other features which were removed?

A) I’m not sure exactly what the public version of RSC might contain, I would expect it would be rather similar to the current version but I would need to come back to you on this one.


Q) (Ill Pun Ill)Will there ever be in game updates for RuneScape Classic, such as new quests, if no please state why, if yes i think it would be best if World 1 was for the updates world - World 2 stays as it is.

A) No, all our future development activities are around improving and evolving the latest version of RuneScape


Q) (R4ng3 P0w4) Will there ever be put together a full dedicated team to work with RuneScape Classic, just as with the current RuneScape, FunOrb and the new game MechScape?

A) No as above our future development activities are around improving and evolving the latest version of our products as well as developing completely new game types for our players as we did with RSC nearly 10 years ago.


Q) Will RuneScape classic ever be welcome on the front page again?

A) Haha without doubt, as before we are really proud of what we first achieved nearly a decade ago and if we did decide to open it up to the public again we would give all our players the opportunity to check it out.


Q) (Legolas435) Can we have a RuneScape Classic Day?

A) How do you mean?

QFC: 13-14-627-58540508

Is There a Limit to SC Points?

30 December 2008 - 07:29 AM

I seem to have turned into a Stealing Creation addict and was just wondering if anyone new if there was a limit on the amount of points (the ones used to buy the proto-tools and such) a person could have. I only have 8 bank spaces left (35 tools FTW) and I don't want to be having fun without any material rewards to go along with it. :P

Thanks in advance!

99 Mage!! (My 6th 99)

20 June 2008 - 06:20 AM

Title says it all. Here's the picture:

Posted Image

Oh, and my other 99's are in my siggie. :P

~Acenator's Blog~ \:D/ 99 Magic!!! \:D/ New Bank Pic!

07 May 2007 - 03:06 PM

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