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Lack of motivation?? or just temporary addiction to other things?

Posted by topham, 09 September 2012 · 1,651 views

I find myself this week having spent very little time playing runescape at all. I think I might have killed 10 Nechryaels, and then done one clue scroll. easy (hard) clue scroll, got about 100k reward, was pretty good for the amount of effort I put in really.
So I've been so hopelessly addicted to playing dark souls this week. I've absolutely beasted the game this weekend and built an insane character. I started from scratch, and made a sorcerer, and put most of my levels into intellegence. I managed to get the lordvessel and defeat the 4 kings, and meet Darkstalker Kaathe, I've been really interested into the Lore around the whole story and game world. I've put a lot of hours into this this weekend and its been hilariously addictive.
Also this weekend I restrung my guitar for the first time, which was interesting. And I also tested my triathlon time, with the 2.5km run, 10km cycle and 400m swim, in that order. A weird order I know, but I manage 41 minutes. Hopefully I can train hard and get the time under 40 minutes, which is likely. Next weekend is my first TaeKwonDo grading and I'm excited about that. This week I've got to try and study more as a week on wednesday I have a theory test. I've gotta study loads, I've still got a few sections still to go.
So I've been trying to get some recording done, but I keep getting distracted with other things (like dark souls)
And again, I've been hectic and my mind is everywhere, I think again this makes for horrible reading.
There should be a more coherent blog coming along any time, but where it is I have no idea.
Peace -x-

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