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    • It was Max Verstappen who won the race but not without a bit of scare at the end from Lando Norris.
    • The 7th race of the F1 season is happening this Sunday at Emilia Romagna. Will we see Max Verstappen get back to his winning ways or will we see another surprise?
    • First off, amazing posts Kdog.   Malicious Intent was the name of the clan you all made & did various wars with. Including destroying RSD (I was in it.. lol).  I just had the rsd leaders name in my head n already forgot.... [bleep]... it was LivinLarge21 or something.  He was a good pker I think, but basically gave it up for skilling/the clan.. though he was a bit older than most of us I think, so he likely had more rl responsibilities by then.   Many likely don't recall me but I was so very desperate to be a big known person back then.. haha.  I was a huge skiller up until 1300 total; then just dropped it for pking full time.  I was *only* level 110 w/ 92 hp though; so I was wrecked vs many named pkers,, even with RSC's random bs combat system at times.  That and I lived in a lil 2700 population town w/ only 56k internet, and I wasn't amazing at catching anyway... so I had some struggles holding me back. Looking back, if I'd have made an effort to befriend some bigger names, that'd have went a long way to improving my experience, though I always liked solo pking.  It sounds dad, but because I envied the big named & high level pkers.. I was likely too scared to talk to them.. haha.  Sounds dumb but most of us were 16-19 during those years, so th3 game carried a very 'high school' social atmosphere at times, especially among hardcore pkers. Anyway, I was so envious of the big tipit pk board posts & wars.. haha.  I remember when I made my first actual post; I had found Amer on low food n made a single West catch to kill him.  .... I got flamed pretty hard for that topic.. haha.     I actually messaged the Malicious Intent boards/Adx, basically begging to be allowed in. Of course I wasn't & I stayed in RSD, but eventually left because obviously it wasn't a pk clan in any way, & it got so big that it was always, "I'm xxx's friend in rsd! Truce!" When I'd be pking.  I didn't know Medusa but I think, while a great pker, they just had a lot of close friends in rsd & preferred staying vs being strictly a pker.  Medusa was low lv100s I think? So I didn't run into them much + I went mostly p2p after 2004, as I couldn't hang versus teams on f2p. Of course God mages & the wall made solo p2p pking tough too though, but yeah.  Eugene Ru was a blast tho definitely! I always was up til 3am+ on school nights pking, so id run into him & get caught dead a lot... but he'd always make it fun & not just wreck me mercilessly, being 99hp vs 92.  I'd try help him a lot when seeing him get ganked, but he was 1 of those guys that wouldn't really add you/ever know where you stood.. or so that's how I felt.  I could go on & on honestly.. I used to regularly make *all the level 110+s* lists on the long drives to hockey tournaments & such, so many names stuck with me 20 years later... haha.  Later on, all my friends would come over on a Friday night & we'd get stoned & game til 9-10.. then they'd leave to the local party spot. I'd always decline, fire up rsc, & start pking all night.     Many of you may have hated it, as I kinda did, but I eventually played rsce (priv server created by Luke/Kryptix [rip]) & the pking on there was insane.  No pID bs & able to catch all directions without connection issues.. it made me wonder how great many rsc pkers would've been w/o those limitations.  I'll always put many rsc greats on a pedestal in my mind, but after fighting ppl that are using 2-3 accounts simultaneously & making near every catch & cast.... yeah, pserver pking is a different beast entirely.  The downside is you need to have multiple accounts at least, to even compete... which is a [bleep] w/ how often servers reset.   Anyway, that's all I got for now. Glad I randomly decided to Google rsc ! 😜 
    • When I started playing RuneScape any real world trading was not allowed which is understandable.   But now you can buy items and exps with real world money via the wheel of fortune or whatever the hell it’s called now. How is this allowed? It’s very unfair towards players who aren’t billionaires and want to play the game legitimately.   This is not a new opinion btw I have had this problem since the wheel of fortune was introduced hell I even made a video about it.
    • Lando Norris won his first F1 race ever last week in Miami. Is he going to win more races this season? Share your thoughts.
    • There is no lore for moss, fire, or ice giants. Only hill giants thus far.   But there is a fun tidbit that the spinach roll is a body part of moss giants.. though I think that was removed a long long time ago. For a very long time, the only way to obtain a spinach roll was either through random events, or directly from the source. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Spinach_roll
    • For those who don't know, my favorite two enemies are moss giants and steel dragons, I fight both all the time. So my question is does anyone know the origin of moss giants? Is it explained in game? I doubt it is, but we can speculate.
    • What do you think about this?  
    • You are right, I rushed a rant on my YouTube channel which I deleted.
    • 10 or 20 years ago, sure. I'd agree. But now, every account is basically another flavor of social media account. That's why facebook retires people's pages when they die.   On the contrary, I feel like you should be able to designate someone to inherit your online accounts (if not just give them your login creds) for things like steam, where there are games and licenses tied in.   But... if you are going to die, how do you feel about someone taking your body, face and image, after the fact, and masquerade themselves as you? You are dead. Your friends and family know you are dead. They don't want to see someone pretending to be Blaze, trying to act like they are Blaze. Maybe try to commit some crimes and scam people as ex-Blaze. That wouldn't be cool, would it?
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