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  1. Same, I log in here once a while, but not much talking is going on, mostly bots. I think they could have slowed the death of the forum by condensing the forum, but in the end it would have turned out the same as now I guess... I have been on the website crew for some time here, lots of good memories.
  2. You can just buy it in a shop... Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop for example.
  3. Sad that the forum seems now overflown with spam, or accounts that at first hand seem legit but then have spam or fraudulent websites in their signature... seems like there are no mods around anymore at all?
  4. Sadly the salvage only works for armor and weapons that you had before the update. For reasons unknown to me it did not work on ores or bars. So your rune ores and bars have probably drastically decreased in value. For your other questions I would suggest to search them in social media, there are tons of people asking those same questions.
  5. Have you checked the new metal bank? It is in the new smithing interface. You probably deposited all your ore into the metal bank. This metal bank is not really a bank, but is accessible when you smelt at a furnace or smith at an anvil. This is so that you do not need to use your actual bank when smithing.
  6. Your steel ingots have probably been replaced by tickets, you can exchange your tickets (look in your inventory/bank for them) at the artisans workshop, either for the item of your choice (with a really low high alch value compared to what it was before) or salvage items which have the same high alch value as the previous items you had. The Artisan Workshop mechanics have changed, as well as how smithing works. You can probably find the ingots if you click on the metal bar of your choice in the interface, but make sure beforehand that you really want to make ingots (as I think they are now only used as a summoning ingredient, but I might be wrong). I would advice you to check this document for more info, it helped me a lot to grasp what this update has changed: https://runescape.wiki/w/User:Suity/MSRework
  7. You are confusing the evil tree's with spirit tree's. See this page: https://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/evil_tree.htm for more info.
  8. So if I calculated it correctly lynx titan has played on average just under 10 hours each day for the last 5 years. And that is by going by the fastest reasonable xp rates mentioned above. What a dedication to a game, wow. I understand that no one is close to him, the second guy has played on avarage 8 hours per day. Which is a big difference.
  9. I am back too, due to mobile and because I am finally getting a new computer (mine had become to slow for rs3...). But honestly if we want this forum to be alive we should just merge all of the inactive sub-forums into one so that it appears more alive, then people might come back and we can build it again from there. Leaving it like it is now makes it look like a ghost-town. Who would want to live in a huge town where only one street is active? I would not. But I would like to live in a small village, even if it is the size of only a few streets, if it is active.
  10. Happy birthday again!

  11. Ah :) But my comment was also meant for the comments above that one ;)
  12. ^I know there is a difference in harassment on the internet and in real life, but it is still harassment. You cannot decide for others how they react on it.
  13. The sad thing is that it would have been a really good update if it came out a decade ago. A decade ago I don't even know if Burthorpe actually existed. I don't even know if it was ever that popular to be considered 'good', even to members way back when. I'm all for not starving the Free to Play base but that's a bit hyperbolic don't you think? I remember that there were some people there at one time... not more than some though.
  14. hunter: - ingredients for herblore farming: - ingredients for herblore - personal woodcutting spots - ingredients for cooking summer pies and outclassed tuna potatoes thieving: - ironman - making farming ingredients for cooking useless by providing an unlimited number of summer pies because of arbitrary developer decision making Not going into detail for the other skills here, but why I said hunting is useful take for example: Ranged ammo/weapons Summoning ingredients (especially the cats are quite useful, or were... I may not be up to date) All kinds of skill additions (rabbit foot, thieving gloves etc.) All kind of pets (not really useful, but a nice addition) Eagle transportation network Hunting implings all over runescape.
  15. And they should combine that with farming. Like tuna potatoes, but make them worthwhile XP for the time you spend on making them, both farming and cooking XP, make them heal a lot more than easier stuff. I seriously don't know how they cannot see this simple thing...
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