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  1. Why on earth does the chat windows always appear every cutscenes and we have to close each of them one by one every time? More importantly, shouldn't we unable to interact with the background when the cutscene is playing? When I was playing a quest, I tried to close the chat windows and move the dialog box to somewhere else to see the cutscene clearly, but I misclicked the gound and my toon moved. There goes my cutscene. (Most other games disable the interaction with the background during cutscenes. Also, if you are going to skip the cutscene, just hit Esc button.) What were the devs thinking?
  2. Is there any way to counteract the camouflage effect such as camouflage potion, leeches. jungle/shadow spiders etc.?
  3. How about if they are converted to money prior to removal based on the type of the food? Also if you burnt the food, you discard it immediately rather than having it in your inventory, more logical isn't it?
  4. Then why are you keeping it? It's useless.
  5. Why Jagex have no plans of adding more G.E. Slots (>6 slots)? Based on the question above, why does adding additional slots cause negative impacts to the economy of Runescape? How negative will it be?
  6. [table] [tr] [td][/td] [td]Carapace[/td] [td]SnakeSkin[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]G.E. Price[/td] [td]933[/td] [td]1401[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Where to find[/td] [td]Level 52 Cockroach Soldier (non-aggressive)[/td] [td]Level 60 Snake Level 35 Snake (venomous, requires the completion of Cabin Fever) Level 80/109/139 Swamp snake from two dangerous minigames [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Head[/td] [td]2 carapace 33 craft[/td] [td]5 snakeskin 48 craft[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Torso[/td] [td]3 carapace 35 craft[/td] [td]15 snakeskin 53 craft[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Legs[/td] [td]2 carapace 34 craft[/td] [td]12 snakeskin 51 craft[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Hands[/td] [td]1 carapace 30 craft[/td] [td]8 snakeskin 47 craft[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Feet[/td] [td]1 carapace 31 craft[/td] [td]6 snakeskin 46 craft[/td] [/tr] [/table] Both sets of armor require 30 def and ranged to be equipped and their stats are identical, but take a look at the table, it is a lot more dangerous to obtain a piece of snakeskin than a piece of carapace. Plus you can craft a carapace armor directly without tanning. Also the material and skill requirement is much higher when making snakeskin armor compared to its carapace counterpart, making the former much less useful and less economical to make them. Snakeskin armor seriously needs to be buffed, otherwise its existence will be meaningless. P.S. Admin, can you please include a "table" option to the Special BBCode? I cannot create a table for comparison!
  7. I know it has been a while but most people never think about it. I think that all kinds of burnt food should be removed since they do not serve any purposes other than an encumbrance (C'mon! Why the heck would you put the unusable burnt food into your inventory instead of discarding/dropping it immediately? Don't you think that's illogical?). The burnt meat is required for the quest "Witch's Potion". With this update, the only way to obtain it is to cook the meat again. P.S. If you burnt a vile fish in a DG puzzle, a message will appear "You burn the fish so spectacularly there is nothing left of it." and no burnt fish will appear. Why doesn't Jagex make all kinds of burnt food work this way?
  8. Happy birthday :D

  9. This has been answred in a letter! You see, a magnet works by attracting whatever your undead chicken thinks is magnetic, because it works by magic. Thus Guthans works by sapping what you think is health. what about blood magicks and enchanted onyx bolts :?:
  10. since undead have no life to leech, enchanted onyx bolts do not work against them. but i wonder why do Guthan's set's effect and blood spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook DO work against them? jagex should fix it
  11. Haven't you noticed that out friendlist is limited?? That is F2P friendlist can only have 100 friends whilst the P2P friendlist can have 200 friends. Sometimes you need to check whether there are empty spaces for your other friends. But sometimes you won't notice that your friendlist is full already. And if you want to make sure it's full already, check out the friendlist limit counter. The friendlist limit counter shows you how many empty spaces left. Like this: 0/100 indicates that the friendlist is empty(for F2P), 134/200 indicates that the friendlist has 66 spaces left(200-134=66)(for P2P). The counter will be placed in this position: When your friendlist is empty or have friends, the counter will show in green: 34/100 (F2P) 128/200 (P2P) When your friendlist have only 50 spaces left, it will show in yellow: 75/100 (F2P) 188/200 (P2P) When your friendlist is full or have exceeded the limit, it will show in red: 100/100 (F2P) 105/100 (P2P player in free world) If anyone have any opinion, please let me know.
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