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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. I'm not active, but here's another name.
  3. 17k/hr on my diy account. I'm hoping it's because I can't do anything fast yet.
  4. 506 yews from a bloodveld, and I can't even use them yet. Maybe I'll skill more after this task. Oh, and the key half'll give me my 4th dstone (3rd if excluding the one used for RoW); I should probably start working towards glories.
  5. Thanks :P Anyways, rsc diying? Probably not for a long term goal, but it's still fun. Shame I don't have membs on my main for its rsc stats; I'd like to be a non-noob for once, but alas. Once I feel like doing a bloodveld task, I'll be back to RS2, now that exams are practically over for me (for now).
  6. Was much busier than I thought I would be this weekend, with 3 exams this week. I got to 72-73 Agil (can't remember which), and I didn't have a chance to train summoning. I think I only got down to 1.9 multiplier, so meh. Better luck next time I suppose. Didn't manage to get any pics, so here's an empty update.
  7. Congrats on rank 1 Suomi :thumbup:
  8. Finally got this out the way. Gonna get 70 fish+cook for RFD and Atoll tele next.
  9. Tired of questing for now, but I'm glad I'll be able to craft spirit birds for the bonus xp. For those that are interested, I'm training agility (again) during it, then switching to summoning at 1.1, then back to agility afterwards.
  10. Very annoying quest. I probably prefer MEP2 to it because of the controls. Anyways, got 51 Summoning with it. Void Dance + Summer quests should give me just enough to get 52.
  11. Yup :P and thanks! Finally 50+, still hoping to somehow get 52 Summoning before next weekend.
  12. This morning I was complaining about now having any hats on this account. Now I do. :thumbup:
  13. Thanks, but I'm not 50+ yet. I still have Summoning to go; I know I have the charms for it, but I'd rather not waste golds on granite crabs (the only 'feasible' way to train Summoning right now); I'm too poor to use greens (or better), so ToG and DG doors are going to suffice until terrorbirds are available. And yea, I'm generally lurking in there when I'm on :P
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