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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Hey guys, I just recently discovered that one of the old Purefreetoplay sites that I ran is actually still up & running - if any of you remember, we went through three different websites while I was list maintainer. We had meant to close all the sites down when I stepped down, but somehow this was forgotten, and I was unaware it still existed until I got an email telling me it would be closed due to inactivity soon. The site was very much broken - done on purpose during the move (I quickly fixed), and it now works. Before anyone asks, the site will not be updated, as I retired from the Lists / Highscores many, many months back, but several people requested that I leave it up for the sake of Nostalgia, and as the site itself costs me nothing, I decided I will. For any of you who were around during my time as list maintainer, you might enjoy browsing it for a few minutes for old time's sake, and to see how much you have advanced. Everything works, and is still linked up correctly as far as I can tell, and the forum is even operational. There's a few very basic spacing / look issues, but meh. www.purefreetoplay.comze.com (and the forum specifically) forum.purefreetoplay.comze.com (Just a heads up again that this site wont be updated, just thought i'd let people know in case they wanted to revisit it again for the sake of Nostalgia. The site probably has some lingering errors, bugs, and issues, which will not be fixed.)
  3. @DJ Ruli specifically, please remove me from your HighScores / Website entirely. We already spoke about this once in chat, a few months ago, but you did nothing at the time despite my express wishes. I do not wish to be associated with you or your lists. Again, if you are wondering why, it's because regardless of how lax Jagex has become on the subject as of late, I strongly believe Multi-logging (specifically with interaction) to be an extreme, unfair, in-game advantage, and negates the work of legitimate players who have put in the time and effort to gain levels and train without "bending" the rules. I did not force the issue previously, as several players (ones who were even on my banlist during my time as list maintainer) who specifically abused it for Dungeoneering (the most tangible, noticeable & sadly popular use of multilogging) were kept off of the list as you agreed it provided an "unfair in-game advantage", but seeing as several are back on your list, I will re-iterate that I would like to be removed, and do not want my name associated with or featured anywhere on your site. I am not trying to start an argument, discussion, or try and convince anyone on this issue. I am not saying this as a previous maintainer of the list, in an attempt to change things. It is your Highscores, to do with what you wish. This is simply my personal view in regards to a game I once upon a time spent many, many hours playing. I think your website is very nice, and also that you are doing a very good job at it, but I have no desire to be a part of your HighScores. Please respect my wishes, and remove me.
  4. Would just like to say I'm very impressed with the work that Lt_Wolfe and Dj Ruli have been doing (separately) with their F2P Highscores (and having more then 1 isn't a bad thing, now is it? :P). I very much like how a lot of my work, ideas, organization & different lists (skills, total exp, skillers, 200m list, records, achievements, gains, etc...) have been continued, and improved on. You both have my full support, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing where you two take your sites/highscores in the future. Best of luck, and again, to both of you, nice job :) ~Slaya
  5. I only see a top 9? :P There was a bug with the script that was showing P2P players. I have redone the script, and it will now include only those that meet the following requirements: No member skill either visible on the hiscores or above level 5 (whichever happens last)A minimum of 85m XP (level 90 or above in every F2P skill)Must currently not be a memberBreaking any of these rules will result in either your character not being added to the list, or being removed from the list (in the event of a person becoming P2P or gaining a visible level in a member skill). I am currently combing through the hiscores right now to repopulate the list, but initial trials of the script tell me that it's working as intended. Please, if any of you see a person on here that shouldn't be on here, let me know. I will remove that person from the list permanently. I cannot guarantee that this list is 100% perfect, nor 100% foolproof, so it will be on the public to notify me of any problems with it. If you don't see yourself on the list, and believe you should be, please let me know and I will manually add you. Future updates (in random order; release dates TBD), provided there is enough demand for this list: Daily update of known characters, to ensure list is always up-to-dateHistorical logs: we'll keep each update of the character in a log that will show the activity on the listStyling: better look to the list, with more information about each characterLet me know if you guys would support a list like this, or even updates like I mentioned above. The updates I mentioned are simply ideas of mine, and not something that will happen overnight. I'm just trying to fill a void that the community has. If you're serious about this, i'll send you a copy of the Banlist we used when doing the 250 list, I counted at least 10 massive rulebreakers (botters, etc) on your list already.
  6. Didn't realize it had been so long since I updated this. 109 Dungeoneering 75m Firemaking Experience 93 Prayer 110 Dungeoneering 94 Prayer / 1600 Total Level 111 Dungeoneering 20m Runecrafting Experience Was working on Firemaking for awhile, got it up to 75m, and then needed a break so have been doing Runecrafting, with the goal for it being 25m. After that, i'll resume Firemaking until 100m, and then probably work on getting some of my other skills up to 25m experience as well. Prayer is currently on hold, as I am currently 100k Big Bones banked shy of 99 (have the money for it, but the prices rose a bit higher then I'd like to pay, so have been waiting). I've been doing Dungeoneering on the side, whenever I've been lucky enough to find a decent party. 1600 was a real milestone for me, as it's been a goal I have had since Dungeoneering came out, really. Probably the biggest goal I have ever had, that I've managed to aschieve, thus far. Probably not as many level ups as usual for an update this long in the making, but really don't get as much play time as I used to :P 'Till next time.
  7. The final HighScores update has been completed, and I am now no longer your maintainer :)
  8. In response to: https://twitter.com/JagexBalance/status/449152994261880832 I am formally announcing that I will be stepping down as maintainer of the Pure F2P Highscores / 250 Lists. --- It's strange just how much can change in 2 short years. I officially started this venture back on the 16th of May, 2012, almost 2 years ago. I decided, after a lengthy conversation about the injustice of no longer having a High Scores to go by, to try and create my own. It probably wasn't the best idea, but it was one that I strongly believed in, and went forward with. Through emails, forum threads, and various other means, updates began pouring in. While many had deep skepticism about the idea, eventually even most of those began to contribute. And so, the Pure F2P Highscores, a.k.a the 250 Lists began to grow. I never intended to create a sense of competition, although even to this day many still believe I am some one who only cares about levels. Truly, I play the game RuneScape for enjoyment, in absolutely no way do I play for competition. My only goal with the F2P Highscores has ever been to have an account, a showing, of what many F2Pers like myself have managed to accomplish. In this manner, I'd like to think I have succeeded. Although a handful refused to participate, and many more had to be removed from them due to various reasons, I think it is safe to say I have managed to create and maintain a fairly accurate portrayal of the Pure F2P Community. So why am I stepping down, so suddenly, just when we have actually managed to get the Highscores back? A lot of reasons, really. Firstly, I feel like it no longer has to be me. Previously, the amount of work required to run and maintain the HighScores was a massive endeavour. It required networking, a knowledge of the F2P Community, ties to all the F2P clans, and a knowledge of code. Now, that the HighScores will be returned to us, virtually anyone with thirty minutes to an hour to spare a week can create and maintain their own F2P Highscores on a variety of websites. It no longer has to be me. Secondly, it has been a long time coming. To those of you who have followed the HighScores, you must have noticed the infrequency of the recent updates. The infrequency is due to a lot of factors, probably the main one being the fact that instead of being a young freelance writer who made his own working hours and had lots of free time (2 years ago, when I started the List back up) I am now currently an employed adult who works approximately 50+ hours a week at a physically exhausting job (that I love!). Besides this lack of free time... my interest in the game has been growing less and less as time grows on. I can't exactly put my finger on why, but I think it has to do a lot with the fact that at some point, everyone has to move on. While I still enjoy much of Runescape, more and more of late, I have become unsatisfied with the direction the game is headed, and the choices the creators are making in regards to it. This on its own, has led to a great decrease in interest in the game, and thus, maintaining the Highscores. I remember, back in 2012, not being able to wait to get on, to get those levels, to get closer and closer to my goals. Now... when I log on, that drive is totally absent. Some of this probably also has to do with the fact that I've changed much over the past few years. In the end, it all boils down to the fact that I just don't care about the game enough to keep up with all the changes anymore, and neither do I have enough interest in pouring many hours of my life into designing & running a Highscores for it anymore. Thirdly, I'm afraid that the workload for maintaining the HighScores and Pure F2P website has increased exponentially. For the most part, it hasn't really been anyone's fault, but the site was originally intended to be a team effort. In the end, it pretty much became a one-man show, with occasional appearances from guest stars. I never had any interest in running any lists other then the 250 Lists/Highscores (like the Skiller List, NHOR, record exp gains, skill rankings, etc) but as a result of the maintainers of these other lists backing out, or being too busy, I ended up with the responsibility anyways. On top of all the work I already spend on the main site and the HighScores, it really is just too much to handle for 1 person. To those who have helped me, especially in the last 6months, I truly thank you. Medieval Kid especially, when he was able, was a major help in maintaining the site. Unfortunately, though, just as I am not always available, neither are others. We all have lives, and they get in the way of running a RuneScape fansite, usually leaving the responsibility (and blame) to fall on my shoulders. And finally, I feel like my goal has been accomplished. All I ever wanted, really, was for the accomplishments of F2Pers, whether it be in skills, good deeds, miscellaneous, etc, to be recognized. With the return of F2P to the official HighScores, I feel like the biggest part of this will be taken care of. While I doubt the efforts of Purefreetoplay had much, if any impact on the return of F2P to the HighScores, nevertheless it's what we wanted. With this goal having been met, I feel like I can depart as maintainer with my head held high, with the community poised for a comeback. We survived this intermission, perhaps not as actively or thriving as we all might have hoped, but we're still here. The website, Purefreetoplay, as well as our Forums and HighScores, will be kept up for several more months. I will give everyone a fair warning, before they are taken down. I might try and compile something, not unlike Isthatok's F2P Archive, depending on whether or not I have the time, in the future, to commemorate all the work we put in. As for the future of the 250 Lists/Highscores, whoever wishes to take up the mantle as maintainer will have the full blessing of myself and the team, as long as they continue to follow the rules of the lists we, and the previous maintainers have set. If you wish to do so, please message me, either in game, through email or the forums, so that I can share a few crucial tips, and give you all the information I can to help you on your way. In parting, truly this has been an uplifting experience. The thanks, gratitude, appreciation and support from the community regarding what I have been doing these past 2 years has truly been heartwarming. As much as I wish I could be the maintainer forever, I think I recognize the signs enough to know when it is time to pass the torch. I bear no ill will to those mentioned above who were unable to help as much as promised, and hopefully you all bear me no such ill will for stepping down. I wish I could continue, but at a certain point, you have to accept your own limitations, mine being that I no longer have the time or the motivation to keep doing the HighScores. I would like to thank a great many people for all their time, whom I will try to list below. To any and all who have supported me that I miss, I am sorry, but know that I thank you as well, from the bottom of my heart. I would like to thank the following people, for joining the HighScores: Meneer Naab, Syzygy, Barto222229, Heksal, Gereed123, Skillz 2win, 3008jasper, Maddogonhog, D i v, Karl047, Sheerleader2, Mad Lurker, Lady Loxley, Krentje10, Rotekralle 1, Funk471, Tyr96, Arpe12, Wertyue, Arceusdark, Pietha, Poisonusking, Ocelotbren, Junitas13, Naruto1001, Love Affair, Hrick90, Howie101, Doolodes, Mr Floweropo, Iggyboy2, Hagar888, Killer15, Ibuki Fuko, Jaaco, Herr Mickey, Animorph 2, Dj Ruli, Muziekman1, Codejunkie81, Thx4thefish, Theriddle2, Bikla0, Sergji, Potion891, Heimsventus, Mixer 22, Poh Seng, Spaex, Frenk Master, Suzmuckett, All Lov3 Me, Levantius, G2gbye, Mousierbr, Medaragon, Redefinition, Georgesh1, Vesah0, Matko Macher, Uitslaper, Jhns455, Dartfield, Littlepele10, Sirhasenfurz, Carnicero, Cowboyjo, Gafelgafi, 23kingdavid, Sakuretsu 15, Gra Urke, Ssb830, Water Tablet, Edlurn Radmr, Westebroojke, Nje03, Yong07, Nepheltair, Dadi12345670, Eminem777, Great Mike10, Memphis388, Tna Tanker, Gp Hero, Serpentotia, Zjoezjoe, Gold Duckii, I Juco I, Pallboy1, 50screams, Ivar 0072, Lil Dan Def, Bsemaj, Dquhhq2un7xu (jeez, dat name ), Entomologist, Seankennedy7, Edgeomatic1, Flare Roy1, Orbitperson, King Evar, Sir Matej5, Tom Hoi, M S123456, Metalbolt0, Stormfire64, B L A I L, Fluhminator, Nervic0, Bui55, Asfer123, Doc Jerre, Dindiin, Tsakis, Flodesflo, Szczur91, Nichols420, Dajunk, Dragon Curve, Hapunius, Grzego55229, Killer 7276, Rusty Nail24, Sees All1, Dude54270, Economistic, 7zobhg 96, Drew Nutter, IloveMogTime, SoloZ2003, Nerd735, Madfighter48, Vivil F2p, Decebalus6, Sir Nerdsy, Wisdomed, Hindiman, Soo010, Hawaziki, Sou Lord Cbt, El Popo1, Loyij, Misticman108, 5quarecrow, Tazxc, Matrix Usa, Ep5, Dungeon Mak, Fazal11111, Pzykk, Krazy Golf, Sir Zariyaz, Oskilla2, hab a skiler, Robonon16, Icey Often, Jenul, Damn Chopper, 1 2 0, Elysian Xp, Island Music, Michael6491, A0R0X II, Callamari, Battery Pack, Stones Boy, Airazor101, Supremecow5 I would very much like to thank the following people, who supported and encouraged me throughout: Missoverflow, Tawrus, Saira1610, Makkaravelho, Lerua85, Deu Terium, Irmi2, Fire Hawk154, LogOnBeach, Rykx, Krazyck, Bond4evr, Bursaz, Lady Lorith, Possum39, Artiom145, Kaarmalord, I Am A Bahai, Sakkallis, Tripfist, Kaida23, And especially like to thank the following, who contributed/supported me through all this: Medieval Kid, Zenten3, Isthatok, 222champ, Azura Skyy, Hopefully I'll meet those of you I never had the good fortune to some time in-game, or in the fc F2P United, where I spend much of my time. Anyways, I think I've rambled on enough. For the final time as your maintainer, here's Lord Slayas saying: “Congrats to everyone on their level-ups and exp gains. Some awesome achievements you've all managed to get there ” ~Lord Slayas, Sixth Maintainer Of The Top 250 F2P Skill Total List -* On A Side Note *- To clarify, neither Medieval Kid nor anyone else on my team will be taking up the mantle as maintainer and continuing to do the HighScores in my place. ----There will be a final HighScores update Saturday, the 29th of March (in about 35 - 40hours from the time of this post). If anyone wishes to make it into the final update, feel free to send us in your pictures as always, we will be accepting them until the time we begin updating the site.---- (copied and pasted from our forums)
  9. Thanks, we added you! Sorry it took a couple of months, but as I said, we pretty much never check these forums anymore :P @I Eat Sub & Dartfield, you have been updated on our Highscores, tyvm.
  10. Figured I would do an update. Got my first level in 1.5 months+ earlier today, so seemed fitting. Currently in the process of a long move, so don't have regular internet access and don't get to play much these days :P Still, have managed to hit a few goals in the meantime. 400m Total Experience: Bank Picture 2013 (wanted to take this before I started going for 99 Prayer and burying my money away): 92 Prayer: Not sure when I'll be able to get back to playing, but hoping for the beginning of January. When I do return, my immediate goals would be 112 Dungeoneering (to give me the nice, even total level of 1600), then 100m Firemaking Experience (currently around 65m), and then 95 Prayer some time after that. Thanks Meda ^.^ (and I don't think fun is really the right word =p) Thanks Medi ^.^ (and there's only so long you can wait before the level up icon disappears, you slowpoke :P) Honestly, I think it got filtered or something? Not 100% on that one, but I do remember only bringing 7 bars.
  11. Since it isn't a combat stat, I'd have to say yes, you are still definitely a skiller. As for remaining "F2P", that's really up to you, it's a matter of how you view things.
  12. Haven't updated this in ages :P Made a fair bit of progress since last time. 91 Prayer: 93 Smithing: 94 Smithing: 95 Smithing: 96 Smithing: Medieval kid's 200m Cook Party: Pmod Spam (For lulz): 97 Smithing: 98 Smithing: And that's what i've been up to :P Getting 99 Smithing tommorrow, i think, and after that probably not going to be levelling much for awhile. I do plan on getting in the near future 92 Prayer (+1 level) and then 112 Dungeoneering (+4 levels) just so I can have a nice and pretty total level of 1600. After that, I will be focusing on Over-exping, mainly Firemaking & Smithing (if Smithing is profitable) to try and get them both up to 100m Experience, even with my Cooking Experience. Not sure how much Dungeoneering / Prayer I'll get done while doing that, but I'm in no rush to max anyways :P Till next time!
  13. The above post covered it all quite nicely, but i'd like to add: Woodcutting: Willows w/ urns up to at least 92 Maples w/ urns 92+ (optional, Woodcutting Island Resource Dungeon) Smithing: Superheating Rune bars when you hit 85 smithing+ for 500-1100 profit / bar (40-75k exp/hr) Or Artisans Workshop (around 3gp/exp, afkable, 35k/hr average doing Iron Ingot I) Mining: Powermining Iron w/ urns at 4 rock locations (Rimmington, Wilderness Hobgob Mine, Varrock Mine - between 45k/hr and 50k/hr) ---- For flipping, start with resources if you only have 36m to work with (+15%, -15% test each and every one until you find an item you like). After you get comfortable with it and have around 50m Cash pile, start doing Squeal of Fortune Rares as well (not the Fish Mask), and keep going. When you are 100m+ cash pile, start doing Rares. That would be my advice :P Good luck :)
  14. A few people have asked, so I figured I would address this. Yes, we still do check this forum thread here on tip.it, and yes if you post / submit a stats picture here, we will still update it on our site / the F2P Highscores. However, unless absolutely necessary, we do not post here anymore, as it seems somewhat pointless when we have our own Forums specifically tailored to our needs. So for those of you who want to update yourselves on the F2P Highscores and already have tip.it accounts, feel free to do so on this thread, and I promise you will still be updated even if we do not reply, but do not expect to see us (the team) posting much here about anything, as we have pretty much outgrown this place.
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