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  1. I just completed the quest! :) Have to say that I loved it,and I only died once which surprised me. Nice puzzles, and good rewards, can't wait for the city to come out!(along with that extra 300k xp!) :)
  2. Im calling it because araxxor requires it.Been done without it lol Been done without it, and no food. Check out Fumbra's video of it if you don't believe. That kid has talent.
  3. Not really. Alching is the main problem with gp creation in the first place, leaving that alone would be the worst in any attempt to stem gp creation. Plus the gp sinks clearly don't do enough since we still have rampant inflation - there is no reason they'd have to be altered as long as the change to gp creation was balanced against the existing rate of gp destruction. I don't know about alching being the main problem honestly... I mean yes, as far as being consistent and giving pure gp into the economy I agree that it does that. But As far as being the main proponent... I really doubt that. I don't alch things on a daily, or weekly basis, and I haven't heard of peopel alching to 99 mage anymore (especially not with glacors, slayer, and the abyss). However, I do believe that TH is a main proponent. You get two spins everyday, and rares about once a month. Many of the higher priced items directly input a couple million into the economy in pure gp. With a couple people doing this everytime they get good luck, and all the different accounts it happens to, I can easily see why we have inflation problems. @above ofc, one step forward two steps back in posting :rolleyes:
  4. Another option to explore would be to just bring food/antifires/pots and go at them with an hour or so worth of those and just use magic notepaper. But if you don't think you can last that way Your strategy is probably best. Honestly if you find it enjoyable and it makes sense to you and works well, then go for it. Something you enjoy is better than grinding something you hate to do.
  5. Bought Drygore Mace for 49,575,061. ^_^
  6. Look into Ahk its a powerful macro builder that allows you to do what you want with scripts. So lets say you want to use the F key to do a certain action, then .75 secs later another?It would look something like this in AHK F:: action1 sleep,750 action2 return Simple, easy to write, and very powerful. You can also make the script do mousemoves, clicks, and repeat actions. There are guides and such posted on the forums and its relatively easy for anyone to pick up.
  7. You might want to change the bold portion under the banner that reads Get Ready for: Dagannoth Kings ;)
  8. But this is Jagex we're talking about... they can't do that. Then what use is their precious Solomon's store? :rolleyes:
  9. Good guy award goes to Stev for the year haha. :-D Keep up the generosity!
  10. It would be pretty much the same thing except it would be called "boss" instead of "minigame". The main difference to me on this subject is that "minigames" give points for activities. Those points then can be turned in for a reward, that's why Dungeoneering is less a skill, more a minigame. However, a "boss" gives direct drops after the activity has been finished, such as barrows, QBD, or any monster killing. So in my opinion just as long as they don't give the skilling boss a store that they can buy things from, then I don't really mind what they do with the rewards from beating the monster.
  11. Skilling boss... hmmm you mean sort of like the giant chinchompa minigame? Where you have a monster that needs to be subdued somehow and you gather resources with others in order to keep the beast at bay and then defeat it? Maybe you could do this with other skills, and make it have a drop table sort of like the QBD with really rare chances of finding items to create the higher tiered items? Could be interesting to see different ways this could be implemented.
  12. If invention coming 2 years from now is how long you have to wait then I think compared to the wait of the Elf city people you should rejoice, sir.
  13. But the design documents clearly say lots about including pointy ears, horribly xp and afk training, and MAYBE a GE place don't they?
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