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  1. So... I can apparently remember my password 16 years later somehow. I am now 33 years old. Have a wife, a house and 2 beautiful children and might be going for a 3rd. I have actually logged into RS3 a few times over the past year because my wife mindlessly mines ore for some reason in the mining guild lol. So I have done the same. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT I actually spent some time in 2023 'decking myself out' in the best gear that I could afford to kill frost dragons and yes, I actually hardcored frost dragons for a couple days at the age of 33 lol. I had been playing Guild Wars 2 for the past decade but fell off of that game as well. Priorities when getting older, you know. Hello everyone. 🫡
  2. I only took a class about this type of thing once in grade 10 and didn't really pay attention. Anyway, how do I implement the type of style that this guy did in his post where it says Lyssa's Grimoire The Ultimate Mesmer Guide? I tried to figure it out myself for a while but couldn't get it to work. I tried right-clicking to inspect element; I ended up thinking that this should be how to lay it out: <div style="" class="flash"><span style="font-size:20pt"><ins><strong>Lyssa’s Grimoire</strong></ins><br><em>The Ultimate Mesmer Guide</em></span></div> Whereas this is a direct copy/pasta: <div style="" class="flash"><span style="font-size:20pt"><ins><strong>Lyssa’s Grimoire</strong></ins><br><em>The Ultimate Mesmer Guide</em></span></div> But regardless, my post ends up like this: <div style="" class="flash"><span style="font-size:20pt"><ins><strong>Lyssa’s Grimoire</strong></ins><br><em>The Ultimate Mesmer Guide</em></span></div> Their forum uses textile and "normal" bbcode. Both of which I am clueless about.
  3. Has a gasless push rotary mower (blades spinning horizontally, not vertically) not been invented or something? I am looking for a non-electric and non gas mower but all I can find are the reel mowers which cut vertically like scissors but fail to cut high grass and weeds. A rotary style mower shouldn't have that problem since it would be the same idea as 99% of the gas mowers out there, but I can't seem to find one?
  4. Let's say the last time I played RuneScape or was even a member was many years ago; around the time of Nex armor release era or when Solomon's store was just starting to take off. If I become a member today, what am I missing out on from the ridiculous introduction of Solomon's store? (Ridiculous because what kind of game has P2P and a cash shop?) Am I missing out on a ton of features if I just become a member and don't use Solomon's store? Is that thing a pay-2-win issue nowadays? What is Solomon's store all about?
  5. So, apparently Guild Wars 2 allows macros because there is nothing they can do against them. Simple ones, that is. How do I create a little macro that can't be detected, such as this?: -I press F. -0.75 seconds later, this automatically activates 1 other key. I'm unsure of the exact timing I would need, but I would need to fiddle around with it. This little macro would allow me to get a guaranteed Lich Form stomp off, which, although is humanly possible to do, is almost impossible to pull off because of the precise timing required.
  6. So... Aero Snap is able to make programs like Guild Wars 2 fill the entire screen EXCEPT for the taskbar which is amazing. But I have to drag/drop it everytime I want to do it. It's not a big deal but it would be handy. Is it possible to somehow make a window automatically Aero Snap itself when you open it?
  7. I've always loved ancient history. It's the only history that's interesting to me, whether it be ancient ruins, lost knowledge or mythology. Personally, I believe there is actually some truth to mythology when you get deep into it. Hard to believe that of all history recorded, mythology was all made up by men. If there's anyone else out there who likes ancient history as well then you'll surely know of the hundreds of ruins out there and the fact that there are no explanations for how any of them were built other than that somewhere down the line, we somehow lost a significant amount of knowledge. There are some structures with stones weighing over 900 tons - stones we don't even have the technology today to lift. Our "technology" today is pathetic, primitive and its embarrassing to be living in this era. We are the stupidest humans to have existed in the entire history of the human race. Sure, getting to space is new, but we did it with pathetic technology. The common theme with lost knowledge is basically geometry/triangles, space/planets, math, anti-gravity and other things that the last person to have utilized wasn't even that long ago... it was Edward Leedskalnin in 1951 who built Coral Castle. This then goes further into religion and then illuminati or free masons, which pretty much all tie into each other, but what I'm wondering is how the hell does an important amount of knowledge get lost to the entire human race when thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands had this knowledge or witnessed this knowledge in the past? It doesn't make sense to actually lose this kind of knowledge. It's really curious. And if we should ever recover this knowledge again I'm sure we'll all be like, "Well, that was obvious."
  8. I only ever died on a slayer task dcing at Mithril Dragons like 2 years ago.
  9. Let's say I haven't play in ~4 years. Is there anywhere that lists the general changes? I can't seem to find anything about PoHs which is disappointing
  10. My epic layout I made after returning to RS today. Only spent 4 hours messing around with it. Btw you should give that 160M to me since you're obviously rich and I'm obviously poor. :) I logged on and had no [bleep]ing idea how to play this game anymore so I made it possible understand wtf is on my screen.
  11. So annoying <.< . I always laugh about how "advanced" they say the world is but simple things like this can't even be done. Another annoying this is having to manually switch playback devices between using headphones or speakers. My old 6 year old computer that was windows vista could switch automatically. My $1700 4th generation build? Can't do it automatically... lol...
  12. So this keyboard has 3 different colors it can be which are pink, blue and red. Red is the default color. My favourite is the blue color because it matches my setup. Everytime I shut down my computer and turn it back on, it goes back to red. How do I fix this?
  13. It's my first PC build and it's for gaming. The first one is one I made after lots of researching a bunch of stuff: http://pc.ncix.com/pcbuilder/index.php?action=getprice&id=4124706&platformid=1000 And this one is one that my local computer store is recommending compared to the one above (he doesn't think I need a heatsink other than the built in one): Intel i5-4670k Haswell processor with Intel heatsink Intel DH87RL Haswell motherboard EVGA GTX 660 Ti Graphic Card with 2 Gb DDR5 memory Gigabyte onboard network card and Integrated sound card Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system Western Digital 1 TB Black hard drive (deduct $25 if you go with blue drive) Crucial 128 Gb M4 CT128M4SSD3 solid state hard drive 8 Gb Kingston DDR3 memory Thermaltake case (red front as you viewed in the store) plus Antec 650-watt power supply Two year hardware warranty
  14. 4:10 mark I like this kind of music. (Though I'd prefer it in english)
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