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  1. Curious: is the fix w3c compatible (will it validate)? E: I am not a staff member. Just a curious board member. In case that's not clear >_>
  2. This is like your third time introducing yourself lol Wb
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/4m7ay6/teamviewer_has_been_hacked_they_are_denying/ News articles: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/06/01/teamviewer_mass_breach_report/ http://bgr.com/2016/06/01/teamviewer-hack-security-break/ http://www.csoonline.com/article/3078000/security/teamviewer-users-reporting-unauthorized-access-hack-suspected.html Official statement denying breach: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/company/press/statement-on-ransomware-infections-via-teamviewer/ As of right now the official statement from TeamViewer is that everything is fine. It's unlikely any vile individuals will give a rats ass about Runescape players, but I know quite a few people who use TV to play on their mobile phones. (especially old tipiters) The reddit thread has recommendations for other programs to use as alternatives, though I'm unsure if they'll serve the same purpose for mobile playing. Note to mods: While this is more pertinent to Tech and Computers, for visibility and RS account security's sake I'd urge you to leave this in GD.
  4. :twss: Just kidding that board was bad.
  5. Oh my god, you're back! <3

    1. Kaida23


      Kim! I can't believe you're still here. I saw that you retired and figured you'd have gone to moderator Valhalla where you do nothing but lock threads and ban noobs all day. :P Glad to see you still pop in once in a while.

  6. do you like dicks

    1. Kimberly


      Yes. I also like fish sticks.

  7. You've got to talk to Jagex, not a fansite. Good luck. You wouldn't happen to have any account offenses do you?
  8. I was a beta tester for Maplestory. (Still got the mark of the beta cap, SCRUBLORD/falsesuperiority) It was never particularly phenomenal, but it was a damn lot better than the shit it is now.
  9. IVP either owned or had majority share in Nexon, makers of Maplestory. They held the majority shares for Jagex as well a little bit ago. I don't know if they still do.
  10. I want to cry. Every game I've ever played that was passed into the hands of these essentially strip-mining (no puns intended) companies has gone down the shitter in a massive way. I really sincerely hope this doesn't go through, but I've resigned myself to cancelling my subscription at the first sight of ridiculous shit.
  11. A vote for Saradomin_Mage is a vote for Democracy.
  12. Did they? Thank you. I didn't see a follow-up Q&A anywhere, so I greatly appreciate the information.
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