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  1. It was August 13, 2005. Death240 and his colleagues got together and created Divine Forces, a clan that would go on to take the Runescape world by storm. Rising to the top within a few years of its inception, DF would stabilize as one of the wilderness powerhouses, remaining at the top ranks of F2P for years to come. And while DF has dominated the clan world, won some big fights and created a culture of winning paralleled by few, DF's strongest point would come in its tight-knit community, one unrivaled by its peers as well as the catalyst for our long-term stability. Today we celebrate 11 years of Divine Forces. Our clan couldn't be any prouder of the milestone we have reached today. http://df-rs.com/topic/1809/ Our historyYearbooksAll officials everAll MOTM'sAwarded membersDF's AwardsCurrent memberlistMemberlistsThe archiveLegendary images
  2. Start by doing quests that give combat experience. You can get like 30 atk/str from doing Waterfall then do some smaller ones like Fight Arena
  3. Thought I'd post a topic here. Been looking for some additional forums to post on. Hi I'm David. I lead a clan called Divine Forces since 2012 and have been affiliated with the clan world since 2007. I've never really posted around here before but some of my previous clans (Unknown Bounty Hunters & Crimson Raiders) posted topics here and there. Hey.
  4. Our topic: http://rs-df.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=125160
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