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  1. Thanks. no I don`t have seismics. Had all nox weapons but last I played but sold everything in January before stopping for small break. I stopped exactly when invention came out.
  2. ok so might dedicate some time to runescape again after about 6 months or so. I need to level invention...any guide to level fast ? What are the best weapons for gwd2 nowadays ? noxious scythe ? bow ? or seismics ?
  3. Thanks for the update :) Which would you recommend for say Nex or Araxxor ? Seismic or noxious ? Mage or range ? Same for the jewellery...which is best for pve ?
  4. have not played in last 2 years or so. I dont know what is new. Last I played was when the shields came out. So what is new ? I like to solo bosses....are seismics still worth it say for nex ? any new and better armour and weapons ? Suggestions for new bosses ?
  5. am 90K left for 98 summoning.....so what is the fastest way for me to achieve 99 ? dont have much charms at the moment though.....
  6. ok so I have not done the world event 2 and just heard about devotion being OP in PVM :) I have just joined the bandos group....what is the fastest way to get the ability and how do I get it ?
  7. can you explain to me about melee than as I just got malevolent and drygore longs and was thinking of trying to solo nex this weekendNot trying to be a dick here, but how do you have the best gear for both melee and ranged and have no clue how to use abilities :o Malevolent and drygores are like 250 mil for both weapons and all three armor pieces if you make them yourself. 250 Mil isn't considered very hard to get these days. He also could very easily have just come back from a break and sold a rare or two to get back into bossing. He also mentioned he had sirenic and ascensions which is anohter ~550m. Anyways here's a pic of my range and melee ability bars: http://gyazo.com/f6783313882e0ac21097a2442894020e.png http://gyazo.com/ddaccf25dd61f02572b0323f33b1e148 The general strategy I follow is to use slice, punish, slice, any basic, slice, punish, etc. For range the same applies, but with piercing shot and needle strike. As for Nex stuff. Seismic is definitely better than drygores for dpsing. You shouldn't go right into Nex soloing. The general rule of thumb I've heard is to be comfortable lasting a 2 ovl flask trip before soloing. YouTube guides are of course massively helpful. This guys videos might be helpful to watch for nex solos: http://www.twitch.tv/stefanssb/profile Tried searching Youtube for some guides and nothing came up. Other tip I can give you is to simply practice. Join forums teams for 4 man or 3 man and just keep going. Also a clan that goes on Nex events or has people that Nex a lot would help you. (Shameless plug, I'm in a relatively small PvM clan. We'd love to have you join, feel free to PM me ingame for more info- username is Wa Ve.) I had a white phat which I sold and got myself a seismic wand and made some good cash when the new shields came out with flipping on the first 2 days :) I joined a clan around 2 months ago and we did some nexing so am comfortable already with that.... Tried some solo`s as mentioned above with full tectonic, seismic wand and vbook (infact have a post few posts down) but couldnt manage the blood phase and was panicking a bit as well. Since I sold my seismic wand yet again 2 weeks ago now am trying my bet with full malevolent and drygores.........besides am gathering more info on EOC as I am thinking that I am doing something wrong which surely I was as yesterday I did some qbd with ascensions and sirenic taking in consideration the suggestions from this thread and managed to make 3 kills and leaving me full inventory of rocktails
  8. can you explain to me about melee than as I just got malevolent and drygore longs and was thinking of trying to solo nex this weekendNot trying to be a dick here, but how do you have the best gear for both melee and ranged and have no clue how to use abilities :o For melee, i can post my action bar when i get home. Look up a guide on youtube for Nex solos. Melee is similar in a way to range (basics with slice in between every attack) Destroy and assault should be your go to threshold for Dps. Slaughter is also good if you step on top of your target to make them move. For ultimate, berserk, frenzy, and massacre are the best ones. Berserk is great for Nex, as is massacre (not on the blood phase thohgh) as is frenzy. Edit: also slayer is a great way to start getting used to abilities. Much less pressure than pvm. I returned back to RS around June after a long break. Obviously I did some bossing like nex, bandos, qbd etc but to be honest I usually watch videos on youtube and just copy the ability others are using. I was spamming basics till thresholds pop up but since I used to play as well world of warcraft and we used to not only spam abilities but rather counting the dots for high dps I am just asking if runescape is just a spam basics till thresholds pop or if I need to take account of dotting as well and prioritise abilities. Unfortunately runescape is not like WOW that is in WOW I used to train say a mager and use same account for all bossing which is not the case of runescape where certain bosses require maging and others meleeing or range so you need to look after 3 different combat styles not like pre EOC. Even though I prefer the EOC style than how it was before :) I am asking as well as I tried several times to solo nex with full tectonic, seismic wand and vbook and could not out dps NEX on blood phase besides I prefer melee in runescape :)
  9. can you explain to me about melee than as I just got malevolent and drygore longs and was thinking of trying to solo nex this weekend
  10. Thanks.... is there a particular sequence or just spam basic abilities till thresholds/ultimate are available ? I used to play World of warcraft and we used to take care of dots and had a rotation ....does this apply as well for runescape ?
  11. Still trying to learn eoc.... Switched to range with full sirenic and ascensions... So what is the best ability bar setup to have for say qbd and maybe ROTS . And what rotation is best to use ?
  12. Managed to get sunshine but still am stuck in blood phase
  13. Sunshine as yet I dont have...I can go with scrimshaw of the elements instead of vamp
  14. ok so today I tried some solo`s but I was surely doing something wrong as I was only giving few amounts of damage and for example my last fight I did took me arnd 4 minutes to pass the first phase. My armour is as follows: full tectonic, virtus boots and gloves, arcane necklace, seer`s ring, magic cape, swans and book using as range switch royal chow with sac bolts. Had penance or runic acc auras with either vampirism or elements scrimshaw. Now its either I was using wrong abilities or something is totally wrong ...... UPDATE: Ok found my damage problem as I forgot to set the offhand spell..... now am stuck a bit in blood phase but will look that up
  15. Thanks for the info especially from an expert like you :) forgot to mention that I have as well scrimshaw of the elements and runic accuracy aura...... Finally on which phase is the shield used as most solo`s I saw on youtube and guides don't refer to a shield.....
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