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  1. Fresh content is fresh content. :shades:
  2. Happy birthday! Really happy to find myself on one of the pictures. http://i.imgur.com/EnmtidU.png
  3. Kaur


    Checked ports just in case. Can confirm, you can't make them.
  4. Entire Windows 10 is spyware, start with installing 7.
  5. Just look at her, how can anyone possibly think this is hot? I can find cuter frogs in the pond behind my house.
  6. Yes, but nexon being a shareholder of Jagex? Saradomin Mage is on drugs again? Poor guy.
  7. 1. Any high level summoning pouches or scrolls, whichever you can get for the cheapest. 2. You can't augement fire staves. Here's a list of items that you can: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Augmentation 3. Currently it's combat only.
  8. I get that location every second elite clue...
  9. Vote for the other political party.
  10. If you level the weapon up to at least 9 and then disassemble, you get quadruple materials.
  11. There is no alternative. Got to disassemble your whole bank for them.
  12. You realise eoc and rs3 are the same game right? EOC is not a game. Eoc is an OPTIONAL part of rs3. If we are talking about rs3 player count we need to add eoc users and legacy combat users.
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