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  1. Lower Levelled


    The ole devils threeway, eh?
  2. Lower Levelled


    Doesn't matter had sex
  3. Lower Levelled


    I didn't like it. Again, felt it was too corny, just like foa
  4. Lower Levelled


    When Estonia ever gets to 50 degrees in the summer, let me know. Till then, comparing your weather system/tolerance to mine is pretty much irrelevant. you should be aware by now, Estonians are utterly flawless
  5. Shouldn't annoy you. To elaborate.. not her prerogative to immediately inform you of a significant other. Shockingly, humans are allowed to speak to one another without [bleep]ing.
  6. Lower Levelled


    Someone tell me what wtf allo means
  7. Lower Levelled


    I've never understood why some guys are unwilling to have period sex. My wife refused to even talk about it for a while because of her experiences in past relationships.Put down a blanket for easy clean-up, and shower afterward if you feel like you need it. Even without menstruation, you're not all that far from bodily waste exits anyway. Don't shame someone for having natural bodily function; jump in and embrace it. Then again, I like the taste of blood. Ehh I've had good and bad experiences with this. Good: some girls are hornier and more willing to try new things Bad: my first one night stand in college was a girl on my dorm floor who didn't tell me she was on her period, woke up the next morning to a murder scene
  8. Lower Levelled


    Wow I want to play aoe 2 now. Can it run on mac?
  9. Lower Levelled


    Just get a 3.0 gpa and call it dandy
  10. Lower Levelled


    The poor white support of Trump was remarkably high where I live, per usual
  11. Lower Levelled


    No problem.... Anyway, I get what you're saying about bush, but really; what did he do in his second term that was so awful? The Iraq war was already underway (that was a first term thing) and the financial crisis was not really *his* fault. I just think it's easy to get sucked into overreaction to every little thing a politician does when you don't align with them (I've certainly fallen into this trap before) but their actual policies end up not being nearly as bad as the initial panic projects. My Bush issue is No Child Left Behind.
  12. Lower Levelled


    Does Trump believe vaccines cause autism ?
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