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  1. Useful information for those who have maxed or have 4 skills + any combat skills left to max. You are currently able to complete a daily challenge, turn the challenge in and then reroll/extend the same challenge. Obviously you'll need to less than 5 or less skills left to max (all combat skills are considered as one challenge) so you know that when rerolling you know for a fact you going to get the skill you've just completed. I've just got around 900k Dungeoneering experience this way and I can get way more if I choose to buy more Vis wax. I can see this getting nerfed very soon. Forgot that you only get one per challenge day. Only seemed good at first because I had 4 challenges outstanding in skills I didn't want to do... so once those were rerolled you ended up having nothing left.
  2. Does anyone know how many times you can use the Vis wax to extend auras? Is it just the once per day or as many times as possible? I know that the JoT etc. can only be resetted once so I presume extensions are limited too.\ EDIT: The answer was right in front of me on the main update article... :blink:
  3. The simplest way to put forward my question... which mode gives the fastest XP rate? I haven't touched combat since Legacy mode was released so I have no idea how comparable it is to EoC. Thanks in advance!
  4. I use the official RuneScape client and have to keep manually restoring a specific window size to get the game's interface back in order each time the client is re-opened. Is there a way to keep the same window size? Thanks in advance!
  5. Very true. Was just following a strategy guide in which magic (3x3 spells) is used and seems to be very fast method for killing them so just asummed it to be a weakness, or a least an effective slaying method.
  6. I'm currently slaying Abyssal Demons and using Tetsu because I want the highest lifepoint bonus. Their weakness is magic... if I was to switch melee weapony to mage, are there any 'hidden' penalties that would impact my damage output? I say hidden because I don't see this on the loadout interface. I don't have access to full Seasinger yet, but I want the highest defence possible but with the highest damage output. EDIT: A better example of what I'm trying to get at: At the moment I'm trying to get my attack and strength level up so this is the attack style I'm going to be using wherever possible when slaying. So let's say the monster attacks with magic, I would want to use range tank armour to provide the best defence bonus but attack with melee for the best damage bonus (disregarding the monster's weaknesses). EDIT 2: Did some research on wikia and my question has been answered! Feel free to add useful information and advice if you will. Also the reason why I couldn't see reductions with my damage accurary on the loadout interface is because I was using the same class armour for the same class weapon (accidental!) :oops: Thanks in advance!
  7. This is regarding the 4 hour buy limit of items... Before, I could buy an item that had a buy limit of 10k/4 hours and sell those items straight back and that would reset the 4 hour limit. However, doesn't seem to be the case right now. Has there been any recent changes for this mechanism? Thanks in advance! Leoo
  8. you need to redo the event this year Meaning I'll be given the option to claim 2013 and this year's xp? No you should of claimed the 2013 xp before the event started No, it just says use the xp before you start the 2014 event. I must of used it already somehow because the gain-xp option is not there, but I only used 10% of my boots from 2013.
  9. you need to redo the event this year Meaning I'll be given the option to claim 2013 and this year's xp?
  10. In regards to claiming last year's bonus xp, I have the Hati paws and Skoll boots retrieved from Diango and there is no option to gain the outstanding xp. I definately did not use all the exp last year...
  11. I won this item from SoF quite a few weeks ago now and didn't realize the bonus experience is stackable. I believe this is the only Slayer mask worth using? Aside from that, what is the most efficient way of maximizing the experience from the Abyss mask (using the daily guaranteed task). My plan is to use Prized pendent of Slaying as well as using the Slayer Contracts. Is there anything else that could help increase the experience? Also I have these questions to add: - Does the bonus experience from the mask remain forever? -Does the bonus experience apply to Abyss Slayer contracts? Any of pointers and advice are welcomed. Thank you in advance!
  12. This did cross my mind a few times. I think I'll start recruiting crew from the highest region. Thanks!
  13. I've unlocked all the ship upgrades, thus; using the best upgrades possible. The crew rooster isn't providing crew that have higher stats than the ones I've got recruited. I can't think of any other way of increasing my success percentage on voyages. I average around 60-80 percent success. Any ideas on other ways of increasing the success average? Thanks in advance!
  14. How does the reset work for Varrock Statue/Strange rocks? I know you're entitled to build one per week, but how does this work? Does it reset weekly like penguins and the circus with a set time, or does it work like Tears of Guthix where its a week from the last time you did the activity? Thanks in advance!
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