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  1. So since I spend most of my time AFKing on RS I thought I would start doing Castle Wars again. Apparently w48 is no longer a tie game world and w24 is the only active CW world but it's controlled by a FC. What fun. 115/650 gold tickets 133M DG exp
  2. Fail, was thinking of The Reaper :oops:
  3. The darts don't count for comp/trim reqs
  4. Now I want it for the shattered heart bonus :P
  5. There was some guy who recently pulled off a max-comp-trim in under a minute, which I assume Joe is also trying to do. Having this as a comp req would kind of throw a wrench into those plans :P Pretty much this, assuming I don't forget anything though I think I'm screwed when Elf City comes out with Shattered Heart as I'm too close to Herblore for 32 weeks of exp. :P
  6. Champion's tackle box purchased! Finally done with shitty 2flingfish FC Now that I'm done though here is my quik (c wat I did there) guide to 4 medals: I stand at the SW corner of the Docks closest to the lobby (the one everyone goes to) and once I have the 100% I stay there until I get a big fish. By this point normally the lake has been found so I go there and if there is enough people (normally 5-10) I stay for the 2nd big fish if not I move on to the river. Now the third fish will probably not show up at the river unless you camp it, I prefer going to the beach one the river clears out and people tend to camp the beach over the river anyway.During all of this make sure not to stand on top of other people and while you're waiting for the next big fish (1 minute minimum between big fish appearing) work on collecting all 6 perfect combos and the 6 assists.
  7. Honestly, it might take two hours to do at most, since you already have the skills at 99 for the comp cape. It'd be a pretty minor addition, especially for those who are still working towards comp. I'm not maxed ;)
  8. Oh Runescape and its love of shiny things. I'm just glad this isn't a completionist req.
  9. 477/500 medals, only 8 games max remaining. Oh and 131M DG exp
  10. 130M DG experience EDIT: 20M Fishing experience and 443/500 medals
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