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  1. Re-"Maxed" finally. No current goals besides general gains.
  2. 82 Mining: Progress from 81: +26 +14 +10 +2 +1,177 +671 +756 +273 +0
  3. I haven't been this disappointed in since Jagex since free trade removal.
  4. Going to be having dinner with my SO's family later on. Normally I'm ok with these kinda things but her family is very extended, I'd be lying if I weren't a little anxious. Any way to not be terribly socially awkward in such settings? I figured I would just eat my food and smile and nod.
  5. gl on your goal of 100 Strength Amulet (t) from clues :^)
  6. Fire Cape on Tranquilizer, so stoked about this. 116 Dungeoneering on Tranquil, wasn't aware I would level from today's daily.
  7. Because I already took too many prayer potions as it is :P
  8. Will be going for a fire cape on my Summoning tank, see you in a couple of hours!
  9. How much moneys did you needs? i could probably give you some of my osrs cash since I haven't been playing on it
  10. Should be able to get 77 summoning with slayer weekend leading to 99 defence/hp afking at hellhounds. Not much progress on Tranquil/osrs
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