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  1. OK so, What I've been doing since I came back. Monkey Madness 2 is a thing, and Ballista is busted, so I decided I'd get that. And that was a lot of skills. From the post above you can see I got em, and I did indeed do the quest. Was really fun actually, thoroughly enjoyed it. My current aims are to get 94 range, and do Ardy Hard. Long term goal is Ardy elite, which would be sexy af on a 83~ cb account...
  2. That's right I'm back! Again... Here's an imgur of my levels since my return in mid-April. I tried to get it in some semblance of order but imgur done imgur'd me. http://imgur.com/a/DlqmR
  3. Got a bunch of levels (mainly 57-62 wc), did Regicide/Roving Elves, did first cloo from a Turasks task (so slow for me). Assorted screenshots.
  4. I have no real idea, but I'm gonna assume that that's stupidly impressive. NJ!
  5. Highly unlikely, but will there ever be TMHT events for OSRS?
  6. skills needed - 42-65 Def (left to end ofc) 47-50 RC 57-59 Agi 53-58 Theive 60-65 Smithing 58-71 WC
  7. I have my new goal for actual OSRS now folks. Quest cape with 60 attack 70 def. Quest Cape Req is: My Stats are: (79 CB 181 QP) I am 26111 xp away from 61 attack, and I have two attack exp quests left - Fremennik Trials (2812 xp) and Knights Waves (20000 xp) so that leaves me some leeway. So yeah. Might actually play more now I have a reason to.
  8. Well the annoying thing is, range got super expensive somehow, I have 15m or so and I doubt I'd get particularly close to 90 range with that if I was chinning. So no idea how much I'd need, weird that I'm probably as rich as I've ever been on rs and I still can't do what I need to :p I can however almost certainly afford the mage level I need, which is nice.
  9. Real life happened folks, plus I was getting demotivated on RS due to the amount of time I'll need to put in to actually be able to PK/Boss... DMM brought me back a little. Not been in the Hyt chat much as there is zero OSRS content in there :P Might go back to good ole osrs if I can figure out a non awful way of getting my range/melees up with the fairly limited cash I gat
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