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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. KSP 0.22 is out! This update introduces "Career Mode", where the player earns science research points from missions to unlock new parts. So far it's pretty fresh way to play the game, but it is a work in progress for future updates. Also, there's mods that let you add night lights and clouds to planets now, they look amazing from space: Have fun!
  3. KSP 0.21 has been released, some minor changes but laying the groundwork for Career and Resource systems: * Revised Flight-End scene flow. In preparation for Career gameplay, we've redesigned the way flights are ended. Gone is the 'End Flight' button in the Pause Menu, cause of many a tale of accidental space station deletion. Now, you'll either get to return to the Space Center (as before), or when applicable, Revert to an earlier state (to launch or to the editors). * New Space Center Scene. The most underdeveloped part of the game finally gets its much deserved overhaul, featuring new models for nearly all the facilities, plus a couple of new ones as well. Keep on reading for more details on them. * The Astronaut Complex Facility. Another huge feature in the making, the Astronaut Complex is a new building at the Space Center, that gives you an overview of all your available victims brave explorers, and lets you recruit new ones from a list of applicants. * Crew Management Along with the Astronaut Complex, this adds the ability to select the crew for a vessel before launch (from the launch sites or from the editors). Pick from the list of available crewmembers, and assign them to any (yes, any) part on the vessel. * New VAB and SPH Interiors. The insides of the construction facilities are also completely re-done, the models are not only vastly better-looking than before, they're far more efficient as well, so there's no performance tradeoff here. * PSystem. This was one of the biggest code overhauls we've ever pulled off. Now, instead of having everything duplicated in each of the game's scenes, all common elements like the scenery, game logic, ambience and the planetarium are created once and get reused. This means the world you see at the space center is now exactly the same as the one you see in flight, and in the tracking station. It also means much slicker transitions between scenes, as we don't have to respawn everything again. * Overhauled SAS Flight Control Sytem. Veteran players (and new ones alike) will be happy to know we’ve done away with the old Stability Augmentation System (or Sickness Avoidance Solution or whatever you want to call it) we had, which caused more flight stability problems than solutions sometimes, and re-built it completely from scratch. We can’t overstate how much of an improvement over the previous system this is. * Much Improved terrain on Kerbin, the Mun, and other places. New procedurally generated craters on the Mun, low hills around Kerbin, and a lot of other tweaks and optimization make for a much more interesting landscape to fly around and crash into land at.
  4. Feel free to send me a PM Albel, YouTube has some very good tutorials available as well. This game has been changing so much that they updated the Demo Version to the new graphics/parts. Another news bit: They opened an official KSP merchandise store! As a big fan of the game, I got a Jeb Kerman 3D model: (Papercraft created by me) Also a mousepad :P
  5. Update 0.20 came out a little while ago, brings the following features: Patchnotes: 7 new Parts and 2 IVA Spaces: Cupola with IVA Small Lander with IVA 2 new Probe cores New large docking clamp New Medium wheel Attachable command seats for kerbals Customizable flags!
  6. Lots of updates! Update 0.19 came out, bringing us Re-entry effects and rover parts, so now we can make some crazy wheeled contraptions: And burn them all up in the atmosphere: Also, the game is on STEAM! This will make it easier to keep up with the game updates: http://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/ Hope you all get to try this game out, it keeps getting more fun the more the devs add to it :)
  7. Update 0.18 is out! Docking, flight planning, new parts, electricity, and new planet/moon!
  8. New 0.17 update has been awesome, pretty tough to get to some of these planets and moons.
  9. Nice stories Randox, it's impressive to land such a big lander back from orbit intact. I have yet to do so. Semi-related, Curiosity rover landed on Mars! Semi-related because Mars will soon join us in KSP..
  10. misterxman


    ^Picture of the actual rover landing on Mars, taken from an orbiting satellite overhead.
  11. Yeah go for it :) I suspect that perhaps you're burning your engine at a point that puts you with too much velocity relative to Kerbin, and hopefully can be fixed by just picking a better burn location.
  12. After many crashed and flipped rovers, I finally found the second Munolith: This was a nice challenge, definitely having fun with the new terrain update, and the plug-ins like the cart/truck are awesome
  13. You can launch any time to get to the Mun :) The key is to set yourself in a circular "parking orbit" around Kerbin (80 km - 100 km) so your ship aligns itself until you reach the best point to burn for the Mun. From experience, the best time to burn for the Mun is to wait when it rises above Kerbin's horizon as you orbit east around Kerbin. The end result is an orbit that has an Apoapsis that is around 45 degrees ahead of the Mun, but will align exactly with Mun's position.
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