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    Slinking in shadow, finding site/forum bugs to kill...
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    Clobbering Jerks... (and this one enjoys it!!!) ....... Also, preventing insanity from the "human condition"... (Suicide ain't a good idea for anyone...)

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  1. 21267 Is it just me, or are some of these Forum Games on 'Life Support'? I mean, I know I'm "out of sync" with things around here, but something just seems off about the traffic. :( ~D. V. "2 Months, 6 Days later... but it seems too quiet..." Devnull
  2. If the words you speak are true, you have but only one choice, and it's not one taken lightly. You'll need to take your computer, in its' current state, and storm into Jagex HQ. You'll have to demand to speak with the Lead Staff of RuneScape, the Community Management, and anyone else involved in handling of bans & appeals. Do not alter it in any way from its' current state, so you can show them very perfectly that you were not Macroing. This will be the only way in which you can get your account protected from this happening again in your lifetime. :( ~Mr. D. V. "Sorry, but this is the only good solution which I have for you, pulled from tales of old..." Devnull
  3. 21293 I see 'Ms. @List' has joined the 'Count Down from 30k' game!!! Welcome to the thread. We'll be glad to have you along for the many months/years/'potential decade' that this game has left to run. May you find your niche in the numbers you land on, as there are interesting ones to be posted. :D ~D. V. "Always looking forward to new people joining in..." Devnull
  4. I'm having a bad day... 6666 ...because ending up with a cold is no fun, and the last week of my existence has been a mess due to it. I might be getting over it now, but the damage is already done. -.- ~D. V. "I mean, really bad day..." Devnull
  5. 1132 A salute to the USA's Veterans, albeit early... May they rest well... |^_^| ~D. V. "Now if only we had an actual salute emote..." Devnull
  6. 21 -- *BURP!* -- 345 Okay... I guess we can call that "punctuation"? :wacko: ....... Pardon me while I go be embarrassed in a corner... This is what I get for eating from In-N-Out in the middle of the night. :oops: ~D. V. "Hello, over-oiled French Fries..." Devnull
  7. 21348 I see someone's taken on the persona of "Shinya Kogami" from "Psycho Pass" over in the 'GTPTGTPBY' Thread. An interesting, surprising, smile-causing, yet confusing choice, at least in my own opinion. :? :) ~D. V. "A strange mix, being happily confused..." Devnull (p.s.: Now, could somebody deny them the success of finding me posting next, and keep the thread running? I want to see that thread travel a little bit before I post again. Same goes for the "You're Banned" game, as I'm getting a little depressed that nobody thought of something to post after me over there!)
  8. 21350 Sounds like you might have had an air bubble in the gas tank... At least, I hope that's all it was. :blink: ~D. V. "I would not want you to find it was worse..." Devnull
  9. 21353 ...zzzZZZzzz... -_- ~D. V. "Asleep in the brain..." Devnull
  10. [*Ping!*] 21355 ~D. V. "Phew... I'm still alive..." Devnull
  11. You're banned because you didn't notice the restaurant waiter failed to keep your pancakes covered, and a fly crawled all over them. :o ~D. V. "Looks like you'll be sending those back to the cook now..." Devnull (p.s.: Thanks for reviving this thread. I appreciate it!)
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