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  1. Probably Starcraft again, but don't know who said them "That tunnel is a direct link to the city. It's full of rats, if you know what I mean, but it beats swimming"
  2. :?: /10 Forgot I posted AC/DC earlier Black Sabbath
  3. Isn't this forum basically some kind of spam?
  4. I notice that I grabbed bread instead of cheese, eat the bread, grab the cheese, and hide out with Osama
  5. Granted, but the ansewr was yes, meaning your organization can be easily penetrated I wish nobody would take the word penetrated the wrong way :wink:
  6. Why do we have time limits between posts in the forum games?
  7. *gets a fully loaded automatic rifle with enough power to punch holes straight through a car, charges, and hits wizjany in the head with it because the trigger broke*
  8. People who don't look at the forum rules Coke
  9. Alright, no more of those then Granted, but you were caught spying on the police trying to learn why I wish I knew why I didn't make a wish in my last post
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