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  1. Probably Starcraft again, but don't know who said them "That tunnel is a direct link to the city. It's full of rats, if you know what I mean, but it beats swimming"
  2. :?: /10 Forgot I posted AC/DC earlier Black Sabbath
  3. Isn't this forum basically some kind of spam?
  4. I notice that I grabbed bread instead of cheese, eat the bread, grab the cheese, and hide out with Osama
  5. Granted, but the ansewr was yes, meaning your organization can be easily penetrated I wish nobody would take the word penetrated the wrong way :wink:
  6. Why do we have time limits between posts in the forum games?
  7. *gets a fully loaded automatic rifle with enough power to punch holes straight through a car, charges, and hits wizjany in the head with it because the trigger broke*
  8. People who don't look at the forum rules Coke
  9. Alright, no more of those then Granted, but you were caught spying on the police trying to learn why I wish I knew why I didn't make a wish in my last post
  10. Banned for assuming I knew which one when I get mixed up between them (I belive it's One for the Road)
  11. Granted. All the DVDs were pirated, and you got caught by the police
  12. Banned for not knowing it's from one of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour movies
  13. Still don't know Skippin' my quote, eh? "Commander Sheperd, can I have a moment of your time?"
  14. Banned for not specifying the quote you're talking about
  15. I jump up from behind when you exit the room, knock you out, take the bread and use the Camouflage equipment
  16. Not if they build a bridge
  17. Banned for expecting one man to check over 18 thousand posts for those following the incorrect format
  18. That History Channel Civil War game? I forget the name of it "A fresh scent. It must be close. Spread out! Track it down"
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