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  1. <---- Is a Member Would like to see f2p get skill capes, and maybe add a F2p Quest Cape? ~Bargong
  2. I'm putting my little two cents on this issue... I have never seen f2p flaming, but apparently it is bad. Flaming someone just because they aren't a member is awful. I have not done it, i would prefer not to, as i usually keep to myself (and never go to f2p worlds... no offense). But when I sometimes see petitions for more updates for f2p, I have to think to myself for a tiny bit. Jagex supports the game using (as far as i know) only the 5$ a month from members. Of course, most of the f2p upgrades benefit members as well. But sometimes I think that f2p players *not all of them* forget that Jagex maintains this game on a low budget per player. (Probably will forget about this thread, and never come back =/) ~Bargong
  3. I would choose computer programmer if i was given those four choices... Sounds like the most fun. You can trick out your computer for free (except for parts), and you know how to do it! SCREW YOU GEEK SQUAD! But I want to be diverse, maybe an astronomer or a cook. I dont know yet.
  4. Fingers: bargong Nose: ggqroht (wow) Elbow: baZtrfgfgvongh Ear: m548 wdc5uide 6765 (more like top of head)
  5. /\ RAWK < PWNED \/ WHAT EH?
  6. granted... But i ate it first. I with to get rid of thith lithp.
  7. *sigh* this is probably gonna be giant/bad... My favorite moment so far, was on my class trip to DC. Not only did we get evacuated from the capital, my Social Studies teacher got searched at both airports, both times. He had an invalid driver's liscense, it expired and they hadn't sent him a notice telling him. It was funny, i got pictures at Manchester, and one of my friends got a video of him getting searched. Too bad our other team teachers weren't there to see it, they were with the girls going through security. Post yours!
  8. OMIGOD!!!!! I need shirts, and shoes for service, but no pants? NO PANTS!
  9. KEEP IT GOING! (Just try to hit other members!) *Punches Flying for using a bomb*
  10. Just in a little response to that, if we post here, we can get all sorts of different view on things, whereas you might be in a locked room with three or four people (depends on who is involved). @Fudgy: I understand how you feel. I try to do some work at camp and i need to keep 15+ kids in order. But... Some other things that should be a *little* bit downsized are: Buy/Sell (a few times over a good period is fine) Quest Help* Skill Help* *- Only reason for these, Quests: Don't spoil it for EVERYONE. If you need quest help, go to the site. Skill: You could get a million different replies. If you KNOW that you will NOT get stormed by replies, then go ahead. Thats all from my Point of View. Chat is going great, nice job everyone! ~Black
  11. How could i forget... Kratos/Zelos and Kvar ~ Tales Of Symphonia
  12. Connection Lost.... Wow, your pretty smart to highlight this text. I thought i outsmarted you... Well, you really didn't lose your connection perse, but more over I took YOUR connection, and made it say, Connection Lost.... Connection STILL lost...
  13. *Tackles Goldphishies for not doing anything to another member*
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